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Proceedings of the 1986 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1986 Conference on Graphics Interface
Location:Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Dates:1986-May-26 to 1986-May-30
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI86
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Computer graphics and the fashion industry BIB 1-6
  Jane Nisselson
Some implications of dynamic structural analysis BIB 7-10
  J. A. Hoskins; W. D. Hoskins
An encoding scheme for presentation graphics with animation BIB 11-14
  Howard J. Ferch
Kinematic and geometric modelling and animation of robots BIB 15-19
  Hoda A. ElMaraghy
Semantic network reasoning for picture composition BIB 20-25
  Rafail Ostrovsky; Brian R. Gardner; Mark Holyński
Experiences with using Prolog for geometry BIB 26-31
  Wm. Randolph Franklin; Margaret Nichols; Sumitro Samaddar; Peter Wu
The inference machine laboratory: Graphic tools for knowledge management BIB 32-36
  J. W. Lewis
PORTRAY -- an image synthesis system BIB 37-42
  Darwyn R. Peachey
An adaptive subdivision by sliding boundary surfaces for fast ray tracing BIB 43-48
  Keiji Nemoto; Takao Omachi
Profiling graphic display systems BIB 49-55
  Peter Schoeler; Alain Fournier
Using caching and breadth-first search to speed up ray-tracing BIB 56-61
  Pat Hanrahan
What are visual programming, programming by example, and program visualization? BIB 62-65
  Brad A. Myers
An editing model for generating graphical user interfaces BIB 66-70
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen
Automatic generation of graphical user interfaces BIB 71-76
  Gurminder Singh; Mark Green
A fast algorithm for general raster rotation BIB 77-81
  Alan W. Paeth
A cel-based model for paint systems BIB 82-90
  Terry M. Higgins; Kellogg S. Booth
Design and experience with a generalized raster toolkit BIB 91-97
  Alan W. Paeth; Kellogg S. Booth
Graphics tools in Adagio, a robotics multitasking multiprocessor workstation BIB 98-103
  Stephen A. MacKay; Peter P. Tanner
Exploiting classes in modeling and display software BIB 104-107
  Turner Whitted; Eric Grant
Applications of world projections BIB 108-114
  Ned Greene
Animating human figures: Perspectives and directions BIB 115-120
  Norman I. Badler
The interactive specification of human animation BIB 121-130
  G. Ridsdale; S. Hewitt; T. W. Calvert
Goal directed animation using English motion commands BIB 131-135
  Karin Drewery; John Tsotsos
Speech and expression: A computer solution to face animation BIB 136-140
  Andrew Pearce; Brian Wyvill; Geoff Wyvill; David Hill
VIRYA -- A motion control editor for kinematic and dynamic animation BIB 141-146
  Jane Wilhelms
Near-real-time control of human figure models BIB 147-151
  W. W. Armstrong; M. Green; R. Lake
Modeling and animating three-dimensional articulated figures BIB 152-157
  Danny G. Cachola; Gunther F. Schrack
Constraint-based modeling of three-dimensional shapes BIB 158-163
  Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz; Dale Streibel
The stochastic modelling of trees BIB 164-172
  Alain Fournier; David A. Grindal
Methods for stochastic spectral synthesis BIB 173-179
  J. P. Lewis
Interactive 3-D modeling with personal computers BIB 180-185
  Robert W. Thornton; Gregory J. Glass
Psychology and the user interface: Science is soft at the frontier BIB 186-187
  John M. Carroll
Learning graphics programming by direct communication BIB 188-192
  Martin Tuori
VLSI and graphics at the pixel level BIB 193
  Henry Fuchs
Hardware assistance for Z-buffer visible surface algorithms BIB 194-201
  Kellogg S. Booth; David R. Forsey; Alan W. Paeth
Eliminating the dichotomy between scripting and interaction BIB 202-206
  John F. Schlag
Survey of texture mapping BIB 207-212
  Paul S. Heckbert
Keyframe-based subactors BIB 213-216
  L. Forest; D. Rambaud; N. Magnenat-Thalmann; D. Thalmann
The representation of water BIB 217-222
  Geoff Wyvill; Andrew Pearce; Brian Wyvill
Part structure for 3-D sketching BIB 223-228
  Alex P. Pentland
Interfacing image processing and computer graphics systems using an artificial visual system BIB 229-234
  James M. Coggins; Kevin E. Fogarty; Frederic S. Fay
Connected component labeling using modified linear quadtrees BIB 235-240
  Xiaoning Wang; Wayne A. Davis
Asterisk*: An extensible testbed for spline development BIB 241-246
  Jonathan R. Gross; Tony D. DeRose; Brian A. Barsky
Graphical applications of L-systems BIB 247-253
  Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
Fractals, computers and DNA BIB 254-259
  Peter Oppenheimer
A knowledge-based approach to computer vision systems BIB 260-265
  Martin D. Levine; Wade Hong