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Proceedings of the 1975 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Fourth Canadian Man-Computer Communications Conference
Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dates:1975-May-26 to 1975-May-27
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI75
Links:Conference Series Home Page
System independence for interactive computer graphics application programs BIB 1-1.11
  H. G. Brown; C. D. O'Brien; R. E. Warburton; G. W. Thorgeirson
An experimental plasma display terminal BIB 2-2.10
  J. W. Brahan; A. M. Hlady; J. Humphries
Psychophysiological data analysis using a low cost computer graphics system BIB 3-3.10
  S. J. Kubina; E. Cerny; M. F. Malik; H. Thwaites
Interactive graphics in performance measurement BIB 4-4.10
  B. N. Martensen
Automatic measurement of hailpad impressions BIB 5-5.11
  W. A. Davis; N. Tsang
An interactive image processing, display and programming system BIB 6-6.7
  M. D. Levine; A. S. Malowany; J. Leemet; S-F. Luk
A color graphics video system BIB 7-7.10
  A. S. Malowany; M. D. Levine; D. Dodd; R. Hum; D. Monteith
Human factors in interactive computer graphics BIB 8-8.12
  A. Simanis
Development of engineering application packages for interactive design of electronic systems BIB 9-9.8
  R. R. Shah; G. Yan
A computer-based interactive image processing system for high-speed image analysis BIB 10-10.14
  R. S. Poulsen; R.deB. Johnston; W. P. Storey
Man-computer procedures for image retrieval preliminary findings BIB 11-11.6
  P. S. Licker
An environment for computer-based animation BIB 12-12.11
  B. C. Ferris; D. A. R. Seeley
Un langage pour terminal graphique intelligent BIB 13-13.9
  J. Raymond; D. K. Banerji; J. C. Gavrel
A device independent input structure for a high level graphics language BIB 14-14.12
  C. D. O'Brien; H. G. Brown
A simple language and plotting system to teach descriptive geometry BIB 15-15.14
  P. J. Zsombor-Murray
Interactive graphics using Appel's technique in teaching engineering drawing and geography BIB 16-16.8
  D. G. Beattie; J. A. Love; J. M. Stein
SINTRANS (Animating mathematical concepts) BIB 17-17.8
  R. Mallett; H. Allan
WATCMI -- The Waterloo computer managed instruction BIB 18-18.11
  B. L. Wills
A computer animation facility for research and educational filmmaking: Design and application BIB 19-19.11
  R. M. Baecker
Video, un systeme conversationnel graphique BIB 20-20.9
  J. M. Lavoie; D. Savard
An interactive graphics system for modelling and research by non-programmers BIB 21-21.13
  D. Seeley; D. Chedda
Dynamic graphical display of data BIB 22-22.7
  P. P. Tanner
A remote interactive graphical information retrieval system BIB 23-23.8
  P. A. V. Thomas
A high order graphics console BIB 24-24.11
  M. Blake-Knox; C. H. M. Griffiths; G. C. Morris; L. G. Woolsey