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Proceedings of the 1994 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1994 Conference on Graphics Interface
Editors:Wayne A. Davis; Barry Joe
Location:Banff, Alberta, Canada
Dates:1994-May-18 to 1994-May-20
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISBN 0-9695338-3-7; ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI94
Links:Conference Series Home Page
Target acquisition in fish tank VR: The effects of lag and frame rate BIB 1-7
  Colin Ware; Ravin Balakrishnan
Fitts' law with a virtual reality glove and a mouse: Effects of gain BIB 8-15
  Todd Johnsgard
An image space algorithm for morphological contour interpolation BIB 16-24
  William Barrett; Eric Mortenson; David Taylor
Multiresolution tiling BIB 25-32
  David Meyers
An algorithm for continuous resolution polygonalizations of a discrete surface BIB 33-42
  David C. Taylor; William A. Barrett
Multiresolution modeling for fast rendering BIB 43-50
  Paul Heckbert; Michael Garland
Stochastic rendering of density fields BIB 51-58
  Jos Stam
Post-filtering for depth of field simulation with ray distribution buffer BIB 59-66
  M. Shinya
An adjustable gradient filter for volume visualization image enhancement BIB 67-74
  Michael E. Goss
A comparison of four methods of numeric entry on pen-based computers BIB 75-82
  Craig McQueen; I. Scott MacKenzie; Blair Nonnecke; Stan Riddersma; Malcom Meltz
Contextual animation of gestural commands BIB 83-90
  Gorden Kurtenbach; Thomas P. Moran; William Buxton
Evolving line drawings BIB 91-100
  Ellie Baker; Margo Stelzer
Tactile computer graphics BIB 101-111
  Martin Kurtz; Thomas Strothotte; Doreen Kugas
Putting metaphors to work BIB 112-119
  John Carroll; Mary Beth Rosson
Object-oriented paradigms for graphical-object modeling in computer aided design: A survey and analysis BIB 120-132
  Sandeep Kochhar
Multimedia for authoring motion pictures BIB 133-140
  Alan J. Rosenthal; Ronald M. Baecker
Timelines: An interactive system for the collection and visualization of temporal data BIB 141-148
  Beverly L. Harrison; Russell Owen; Ronald M. Baecker
A model for coordinating interacting agents BIB 149-156
  Paul Lalonde; Robert Walker; Jason Harrison; David Forsey
From the look of things BIB 157-164
  Alain Fournier
Explicating implicit surfaces BIB 165-173
  Brian Wyvill
Free form surface design with A-patches BIB 174-181
  Chandrajit L. Bajaj; Jindon Chen; Goulaing Xu
Faster evaluation of quadratic bivariate DMS spline surfaces BIB 182-189
  Ron Pfeifle; Hans-Peter Seidel
Intelligent camera control in a virtual environment BIB 190-199
  Steven M. Drucker; David Zeltzer
Nsail: Behavioural animation using constraint-based reasoning BIB 200-207
  Sang Mah; Thomas W. Calvert; William Havens
Virtual wind-up toys for animation BIB 208-215
  Michael van de Panne; Ryan Kim; Eugene Fiume
Intelligent graphical user interfaces to complex, time-critical systems: The intelligent zoom BIB 216-224
  Lyn Bartram; Russell Ovans; John Dill; Michael Dyck; Albert Ho; William S. Havens
A space of presentation emphasis techniques for visualizing graphs BIB 225-234
  E. G. Noik
Application of graph visualization BIB 235-245
  Stephen C. North; Eleftherios Koutsofios