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Proceedings of the 1977 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Fifth Canadian Man-Computer Communications Conference
Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dates:1977-May-26 to 1977-May-27
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI77
Links:Conference Series Home Page
Man-computer communications and CAI BIB 1-20
  S. Hunka
The use of WATCMI to implement a structured approach to CAI courseware design BIB 21-28
  B. L. Wills; J. G. Wilson
Touch sensitive digitizer (TSD) BIB 29-30
  R. Prytula
A video terminal for interactive graphics BIB 31-44
  N. Burtnyk; P. Carey; K. Steele; M. Wein
Selection of the most legible matrix characters in computer-man communications BIB 45-52
  C. Y. Suen; M. G. Strobel
Interactive digitization of sounding values on charts BIB 53-62
  R. Bolton; A. R. Boyle
GOMADS -- An interactive editing system for hydrographic charts BIB 63-72
  J. L. Kestner; S. R. Oraas
A data sub-language for casual users BIB 73-82
  I. A. Macleod
CHOREO: An interactive computer model for choreography BIB 83-92
  G. J. Savage; J. M. Officer
Interactive graphics as a vehicle for the enhancement of human creativity BIB 93-102
  R. M. Baecker
Computer graphic aided music composition BIB 103-112
  T. Goldberg; G. F. Schrack
The characteristics of a standard man-computer interface BIB 113-114
  R. B. Williams
User template mode for interactive graphics BIB 115-124
  U. G. Lama
A minimum configuration microprocessor based data acquisition, postprocessing and reporting system BIB 125-158
  P. J. Zsombor-Murray
A program structure for event-based speech synthesis by rules within a flexible segmental framework BIB 159-172
  D. R. Hill
Synthesizing British English rhythm -- a structured approach BIB 173-186
  I. H. Witten; A. Smith
Machine aided analysis and recognition of speech BIB 187-196
  D. C. Levinson
Application of a multi-purpose computer system with interactive graphics BIB 197-208
  S. J. Kubina; C. W. Trueman; A. Skalina; E. Cerny
Automated visual representation of linear graphs BIB 209-218
  R. B. Maguire
Stereo space, shading and shadowing BIB 219-230
  K. S. Andonian; S. Toida
Interactive graphics for the design of feedback control systems BIB 231-242
  J. M. Wells; W. H. Lehn; W. Podaima
The dichotomy between market needs and what computerized image processing can provide BIB 243-252
  T. Kasvand
The computer as an artistic tool -- an attempt to program aesthetic concepts BIB 253-263
  L. Sveinson