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Proceedings of the 1988 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1988 Conference on Graphics Interface
Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Dates:1988-Jun-06 to 1988-Jun-10
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI88
Links:Conference Series Home Page
Real-time 4D animation on a 3D graphics workstation BIB 1-7
  Clifford M. Beshers; Steven K. Feiner
Techniques for interactive manipulation of articulated bodies using dynamic analysis BIB 8-15
  David R. Forsey; Jane Wilhelms
MML: A language and system for procedural modeling and motion BIB 16-25
  Mark Green; Hanqiu Sun
Joint-dependent local deformations for hand animation and object grasping BIB 26-33
  Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann; Richard Laperrière; Daniel Thalmann
A system for conducting experiments concerning human factors in interactive graphics BIB 34-42
  L. R. Bartram; K. S. Booth; W. B. Cowan; J. D. Morrison; P. P. Tanner
Squish: A graphical shell for UNIX BIB 43-49
  Tyson R. Henry; Scott E. Hudson
A hypertext environment for UNIX BIB 50-55
  Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz; James Hanan
A graphical perspective on robot workcell programming BIB 56-61
  P. Freedman; G. Carayannis; A. Malowany
A graphical data model for CASE BIB 62-70
  Andrew J. McAllister; Paul G. Sorenson; Jean-Paul Tremblay
Realistic presentation of three-dimensional medical datasets BIB 71-77
  R. A. Reynolds; P. Decuypere; S. M. Goldwasser; D. A. Talton; E. S. Walsh; B. A. Holshouser; E. L. Christiansen
Display of 3D medical images BIB 78-86
  Yiu-Wing Tam; Wayne A. Davis
Parallelism in rendering algorithms BIB 87-96
  Franklin C. Crow
D.A.V.O.S.: A computerized videodisc animation with synchronized speech BIB 97-104
  Paul Girard
Combined graphic- and natural language-interaction BIB 105-111
  K. H. Hanne; J. Ph. Hoepelman
An evaluation of 3D object pointing using a field sequential stereoscopic display BIB 112-118
  Haruo Takemura; Akira Tomono; Yukio Kobayashi
Using the BAT: A six dimensional mouse for object placement BIB 119-124
  Colin Ware; Danny R. Jessome
Local refinement editing of B-spline surfaces BIB 125-126
  David R. Forsey; Richard H. Bartels
A modeling testbed BIB 127-137
  Kurt Fleischer; Andrew Witkin
From wire-frames to furry animals BIB 138-145
  Gavin S. P. Miller
Physically-based models with rigid and deformable components BIB 146-154
  Demetri Terzopoulos; Andrew Witkin
A browse/edit model for user interface management BIB 155-159
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen
TéléMac: A remote-controlled user interface server BIB 160-167
  Gilbert Gagnon; Jean Vaucher
Eva: An event driven framework for building user interfaces in smalltalk BIB 168-175
  Jeff McAffer; Dave Thomas
Constraint grammars in user interface management systems BIB 176-184
  Bradley T. Vander Zanden
Virtual control panels BIB 185-191
  Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz; Craig Knelsen
A grid-based approach to automating display layout BIB 192-197
  Steven Feiner
Decoupling pointer and image functions of cursors in space, time, and availability BIB 198-202
  Michael J. Muller
The challenge of human figure animation BIB 203-210
  Tom Calvert
The application of area antialising on raster image displays BIB 211-216
  Yu-Tse Chen; P. David Fisher; Michael D. Olinger
Attractors and repellers of Koch curves BIB 217-228
  Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz; Glen Sandness
A general algorithm for 3D shape interpolation in a facet-based representation BIB 229-235
  Tong Minh Hong; N. Magnenat-Thalmann; D. Thalmann
Theoretical results on the priority approach to hidden-surface removal BIB 236-245
  Peter Egyed