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Proceedings of the 1990 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1990 Conference on Graphics Interface
Location:Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Dates:1990-May-14 to 1990-May-18
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI90
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An adaptive subdivision algorithm for crack prevention in the display of parametric surfaces BIB 1-8
  David R. Forsey; R. Victor Klassen
Real-time hidden-line elimination for a rotating polyhedral scene using the aspect representation BIB 9-16
  Harry Plantinga; Charles R. Dyer; W. Brent Seales
Image and intervisibility coherence in rendering BIB 17-30
  Joseph Marks; Robert Walsh; Jon Christensen; Mark Friedell
Colored noise inversion in digital halftoning BIB 31-38
  Robert Geist; Robert Reynolds
Evolution of User Interfaces in Multi-media BIB --
  D. Nagel
Issues in the automated generation of animated presentations BIB 39-48
  Peter Karp; Steven Feiner
Towards generalised motion dynamics for animation BIB 49-59
  Charles Herr; Brian Wyvill
Goal-directed human animation of multiple movements BIB 60-67
  Claudia L. Morawetz; Thomas W. Calvert
Robust ray intersection with interval arithmetic BIB 68-74
  Don P. Mitchell
Approximate ray tracing BIB 75-82
  David Elliot Dauenhauer; Sudhanshu Kumar Semwal
Octant priority for radiosity image rendering BIB 83-91
  Yigong Wang; Wayne A. Davis
Imprecise computation and load sharing in computer generated imaging systems BIB 92-99
  Marc Berger; Wei Zhao
Understanding visual effects in a windowed environment BIB 100-107
  Frankie K. Sun; William B. Cowan; Kellogg S. Booth
CTS: An interactive technique for manipulating structured text BIB 108-112
  A. Michael Burbidge; Dan R. Olsen
A taxonomy of uses of interaction history BIB 113-122
  Alison Lee
The datapaper: Living in the virtual world BIB 123-130
  Mark Green; Chris Shaw
Twenty-four years of computer graphics at NRC BIB 131-137
  Marceli Wein
SCULPT: An interactive solid modeling tool BIB 138-148
  Bruce Naylor
The concept and design of a virtual laboratory BIB 149-155
  Lynn Mercer; Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz; James Hanan
A prototype system for design automation via the browsing paradigm BIB 156-166
  Sandeep Kochhar
Toward reliable polygon set operations BIB 167-174
  Mark Friedell; Sandeep Kochhar
Shaded rendering and shadow computation for polyhedral animation BIB 175-182
  W. Brent Seales; Charles R. Dyer
Using convex differences in hierarchical representations of polygonal maps BIB 183-189
  Ari Rappoport
Constructing orientation adaptive quadtrees BIB 190-195
  Bradford G. Nickerson; Sri Hartati
Exploiting temporal coherence in ray tracing BIB 196-204
  J. Chapman; T. W. Calvert; J. Dill
A ray tracing method for illumination calculation in diffuse-specular scenes BIB 205-212
  Peter Shirley
Voxel occlusion testing: A shadow determination accelerator for ray tracing BIB 213-220
  Andrew Woo; John Amanatides
Some regularization problems in ray tracing BIB 221-228
  John Amanatides; Don P. Mitchell
Pruned Bézier curves BIB 229-238
  Phillip J. Barry; Tony D. DeRose; Ronald N. Goldman
An object models development tool to support image understanding system BIB 239-251
  Ke Chen; Zhongrong Li
An intuitive description of parametric splines in computer graphics BIB 252-266
  Brian A. Barsky
Visualization of the development of multicellular structures BIB 267-276
  F. David Fracchia; Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz; Martin J. M. de Boer
Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams and TableTalk BIB 277-284
  Richard Gary Epstein
Definitive interfaces as a visualisation mechanism BIB 285-292
  Meurig Beynon; Yun Pui Yung
Visualizing the execution of multi-processor real-time programs BIB 293-300
  Scott Flinn; William Cowan