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Proceedings of the 1982 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1982 Conference on Graphics Interface
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dates:1982-May-17 to 1982-May-21
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI82
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A framework for the design, evaluation, and implementation of user-computer interfaces BIB 1
  James D. Foley
Cognitive schemata and the design of graphics displays BIB 3-11
  Michael I. Mills
From task to interaction: What the user must know BIB 13
  Thomas P. Moran
FLAIR -- User interface dialog design tool BIB 15-21
  Peter C. S. Wong; Eric R. Reid
Software for device-independent graphical input BIB 23-27
  Griffith Hamlin
A graphics interchange protocol and format, including system tools BIB 29-35
  Kevin Weiler; Greg Glass
Towards a user interface prototyping system BIB 37-45
  Mark Green
Trends in algorithms for realistic imagery BIB 47
  Franklin C. Crow
Hierarchical approaches to hidden surface intersection testing BIB 49-56
  Norm Dadoun; David G. Kirkpatrick; John P. Walsh
Computational techniques for parametric curves and surfaces BIB 57-71
  Brian A. Barsky; Alain Fournier
Efficient polyhedron intersection and union BIB 73-80
  Wm. Randolph Franklin
Computer recognition of plosives in running speech BIB 81-88
  B. Tang; C. Y. Suen
A computational model of music listening BIB 89-96
  M. Piszczalski; B. A. Galler
Graphic display of the structural composition of chemical compounds BIB 97-102
  W. M. Verbestel; C. Y. Suen
New techniques for teaching musical instrument performance BIB 103-106
  Martin Lamb
Ssa/Aids: A graphic, interactive system for structured systems analysis BIB 107-114
  Richard D. Hoffman; Linda N. Harris; Brett W. Bickham
The graphics software family BIB 115-118
  Mark G. Rawlins
Global analysis and description of the observable changes of a moving cell BIB 119-122
  Martin D. Levine; Youssry M. Youssef
Linear quad- and oct-trees: Their use in generating simple algorithms for image processing BIB 123-127
  Irene Gargantini; Zale Tabakman
Curves for modelling chromosome shapes BIB 129-130
  C. M. Merritt
A computer aided system for car body design BIB 131-152
  P. E. Bézier
GRIMBI -- A combination of interactive graphics methods and CAD database techniques for functional modelling BIB 153-160
  K. Leinemann
A low-cost CAD system for manufactured housing BIB 161-168
  Cyril M. Coupal
Case study: An interactive design program for modular building elevations using a microprocessor BIB 169
  Donald W. Collins
DSG: A CAM-oriented solid modeling interface BIB 171
  Farhad Arbab; Larry Lichten; Michel A. Melankoff
The computer simulation of meta structures BIB 173-185
  Donald W. Collins
MDM-I: A computer aided mold design and manufacturing system BIB 187-193
  Akio Yajima; Hirofumi Jonishi; Junji Tsuda; Norio Osada
Was Leonardo da Vinci the first computer artist?: Computer animation in the 80's BIB 195
  Judson G. Rosebush
An advanced data generation system for use in complex object synthesis for computer display BIB 197-204
  Wayne E. Carlson
Representation of complex animated figures BIB 205-211
  David Zeltzer
Techniques for frame buffer animation BIB 213-220
  Kellogg S. Booth; Stephen A. MacKay
An object editor for a real time animation processor BIB 221-225
  S. P. Ressler
The simulation of human movement BIB 227-234
  T. W. Calvert; J. Chapman; A. Patla
Development of a low-cost 3-Dimensional computer graphics training system BIB 235-241
  Lawrence S. Finegold; Anthony J. Asch
Spatial information management -- A survey BIB 243-250
  Martin Tuori
Microcomputer based spatial information system BIB 251-254
  George Moon; Tim Lehan
Some problems associated with the use of color in cartographic displays BIB 255-259
  Michael W. Dobson
Automated polygon creation from DIME network files BIB 261-266
  Jean-Margret Hynes
Research into an interactive spatial information system BIB 267-270
  Greg Blair
A graphics interface to large, shared databases: A summary paper BIB 271-274
  Mark Friedell; Jane Barnett; David Kramlich
A videodisc based terrain map display system BIB 275-281
  Richard D. Rhode
On the use of fractals for efficient map generation BIB 283-289
  F. S., Jr. Hill; S. E., Jr. Walker
Artistic reflections on man-machine interfaces BIB 291-293
  Duane M. Palyka
Constructing graphical user interfaces by example BIB 295-302
  Henry Lieberman
On the graphic design of program text BIB 303-311
  Aaron Marcus; Ronald Baecker
Colour principles and experience for computer graphics BIB 313-322
  Susan M. Goetz; John C. Beatty; Deryl J. Rasquinha
An informal study of selection positioning tasks BIB 323-328
  William Buxton
Communicating with computers in human terms BIB 329-335
  George Board; Jack Scully
"Visual thinking" reconsidered: Some implications for computer graphics BIB 337-338
  Michael I. Mills
Evaluation of graphics on videotex by inexperienced users BIB 339-344
  Jo W. Tombaugh; Richard F. Dillon; Nancy L. Carboni
The use of object oriented languages in graphics programming BIB 345-353
  Mark Green; Paul Philp
A high-performance raster display system BIB 355-364
  Roger Bates; Jay Beck; Terry Laskodi; Ed Reuss; Marc Wells; John Beatty; Kellogg Booth; Larry Matthies
Dynamically alterable videodisc displays BIB 365-371
  David S. Backer; Steve Gano
A VLSI-oriented architecture for real-time raster display of shaded polygons BIB 373-380
  Donald Fussel; Bharat Deep Rathi
Considerations in the design of a laser graphics system BIB 381-386
  Ken Deaton