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Proceedings of the 1985 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1985 Conference on Graphics Interface
Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Dates:1985-May-27 to 1985-May-31
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI85
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A theoretical and empirical analysis of coherent ray-tracing BIB 1-8
  L. Richard Speer; Tony D. DeRose; Brian A. Barsky
Frame buffer algorithms for stochastic models BIB 9-16
  Alain Fournier; Tom Milligan
Specifying stochastic objects in a hierarchical graphics system BIB 17-20
  Brian Wyvill; Craig McPheeters
The interactive planning work station: A graphics-based Unix tool for application users and developers BIB 21-28
  Richard Bournique; Ronald Candrea; Don Hartman
Computer graphics for multivariate data BIB 29-36
  Robert Cléroux; Yves Lepage; Normand Ranger
Interfacing interactive circuit simulation with standard graphics facilities BIB 37-43
  P. Gillard; W. M. Zuberek
Computer analysis techniques for the temporal evaluation of cardiac wall motion BIB 45-49
  Osman Ratib; Alberto Righetti
A computerized system for spot detection and analysis of two-dimensional electrophoresis images BIB 51-56
  R. Appel; M. Funk; C. Pellegrini
A new basis for automatic foetal topogram analysis BIB 57-60
  Carlos Hernández
An image management kernel for the design of relational and pictorial data bases BIB 61-68
  Philippe Chassignet
Spatial trees: A fast access method for unstructured graphical data BIB 69-74
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen; Carol N. Cooper
Graphics interaction in databases BIB 75-81
  C. Frasson; M. Erradi
ANIMENGINE: An engineering animation system BIB 83-90
  Tsukasa Noma; Tosiyasu L. Kunii
3D computer animation: More an evolution problem than a motion problem BIB 91-96
  N. Magnenat-Thalmann; D. Thalmann
Using dynamic analysis to animate articulated bodies such as humans and robots BIB 97-104
  Jane Wilhelms; Brian A. Barsky
Towards an integrated view of 3-D computer character animation BIB 105-115
  David Zeltzer
Research issues in generating graphical explanations BIB 117-123
  Steven Feiner
An integrated system for printing and publishing applications BIB 125-132
  S. Cavaliere; M. Fantini; A. Turtur
Reconnaissance et mise au net de schémas électroniques manuscrits BIB 133-146
  Martine Silbermann; Pierre Deschizeaux
Issues and techniques in touch-sensitive tablet input BIB 147-149
  W. Buxton; R. Hill; P. Rowley
Efficient recovery and reversal in graphical user interfaces generated by the Higgens system BIB 151-158
  Scott E. Hudson; Roger King
A model for graphics interface tool development BIB 159-165
  Kenneth I. Joy
Using percent-done progress indicators to enhance user interfaces BIB 167-170
  Brad A. Myers
The scientific and technical issues in integrating remotely sensed imager with geocoded databases BIB 171-177
  W. Murray Strome; Berne Grush
Selection of segment similarity measures for hierarchical picture segmentation BIB 179-186
  Jean-Marie Beaulieu; Morris Goldberg
A general purpose image processing package BIB 187-194
  Michel Caplain; Claudine Metral; Christian Pellegrini
A new approach to linear quadtrees BIB 195-202
  Wayne A. Davis; Xiaoning Wang
An analysis and algorithm for fill propagation BIB 203-212
  Kenneth P. Fishkin; Brian A. Barsky
Hologram-like transmission of pictures BIB 213-219
  Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz; Mark Christopher
A multi-touch three dimensional touch-sensitive tablet BIB 221-222
  S. K. Lee; W. Buxton; K. C. Smith
The "CADME" approach to the interface of solid modellers BIB 223-229
  Carlo Bizzozero; Umberto Cugini
An innovative user interface for microcomputer-based computer-aided design BIB 231-235
  Larry Lichten; Ronald Eaton
A geometric modeller for turbomachinery applications BIB 237-244
  B. Ozell; R. Camarero
Architecture of languages for large CAD systems development BIB 245-251
  Clive K. Liu
A graphics interface for interactive simulation of packet-switching networks BIB 253-258
  J. L. Houle; L. Richardson
Design and implementation of an interactive route editor BIB 259-263
  Guy Lapalme; Michel Cormier
Project management using graphics BIB 265-272
  Fabio Pettinati
The automatic labeling of geographic maps -- A problem in computer aesthetics BIB 273-281
  Herbert Freeman
How map designers can represent their ideas in thematic maps: Effective user interfaces for thematic map design BIB 283-290
  Takuya Yamahira; Yutaka Kasahara; Tateyuki Tsurutani
Applied computer graphics in a geographic information system -- Problems and success BIB 291-296
  C. L. MacDonald; I. K. Crain
A user-friendly computer-aided construction of boundaries BIB 297-301
  K. Grundey; U. Schweitzer; R. Neuser
Image synthesis: Optical identity or pictorial communication BIB 303-308
  Michael I. Mills
Strategic use of business graphics: A stakeholder approach BIB 309-312
  Albert Lejeune; François Bolduc; Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Colour spaces and colour contrast BIB 313-320
  Avi Naiman
Colour coding scales and computer graphics BIB 321-328
  A. M. Heath; R. B. Flavell
A simple but systematic CSG system BIB 329-336
  Tosiyasu L. Kunii; Geoff Wyvill
Geometric continuity with interpolating Bezier curves BIB 337-341
  Alain Fournier; Brian A. Barsky
An intuitive approach to geometric continuity for parametric curves and surfaces BIB 343-351
  Tony D. DeRose; Brian A. Barsky
Building an octree from a set of parallelepipeds BIB 353-359
  Wm. Randolph Franklin; Varol Akman
Interface abstractions for an naplps page creation system BIB 361-363
  Ernest Chang
Developing graphical tools with minimal GKS BIB 365-372
  Robert Sabourin; D. A. Lowther
Designing a graphics application interface BIB 373-380
  John L. Wilson; Stuart S. Chen; Steven L. Sadofsky
NAPGEN -- automatic NAPLPS page generator BIB 381-383
  Michel Plante
Non-rigid body motion BIB 385-389
  Andreas R. Dill; Martin D. Levine
Multi-robot assembly of IC's BIB 391-397
  C. Michaud; A. S. Malowany; M. D. Levine
Low cost geometric modelling system for CAM BIB 399-406
  W. B. Ngai; Y. K. Chan
The dynamics of articulated rigid bodies for purposes of animation BIB 407-415
  W. W. Armstrong; M. Green
Shadow volumes for non-planar polygons BIB 417-418
  Philippe Bergeron
Computer animation in distance teaching BIB 419-423
  Joel M. Greenberg
Generative design in architecture using an expert system BIB 425-433
  Eric Gullichsen; Ernest Chang
Knowledge engineering application in image processing BIB 435-441
  Kazuo Mikame; Naomichi Sueda; Akira Hoshi; Shinichi Honiden
Heuristic rules for visualization BIB 443-446
  Laura Scholl