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Proceedings of the 1971 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Second Canadian Man-Computer Communications Conference
Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dates:1971-May-31 to 1971-Jun-01
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI71
Links:Conference Series Home Page
Engineering computer graphics BIB 1-5
  C. W. Pidgeon
An interactive computer graphics facility using a low speed digital computer BIB 6-13
  P. A. V. Thomas
An industrial graphical design aids system BIB 14-19
  D. Court-Hampton
A disc oriented graphics display system BIB 20-29
  A. Malowany; M. D. Levine; M. A. Marin; R. Fabi; V. Bakerdjian; V. T. Nguyen
Designing a language for interactive control programs BIB 30-39
  M. A. Maclean
A display overlay for computer input BIB 40-45
  A. M. Hlady
Computer aided map compilations BIB 46-52
  A. R. Boyle
The use of an interactive display unit to simulate the data manipulation and display needs of an air traffic control sector BIB 53-60
  M. L. Constant; J. K. Cook; G. J. Savage; J. G. Wilson
Graphical exploration in electrical circuit and model design BIB 61-70
  R. Spence; A. J. Drew
The use of computer graphics in the stiffness approach to stress analysis BIB 71-80
  C. R. Carman; R. Hangartner; R. J. Pick
  K. A. Steele
The electric chicken, a learning robot BIB 85-90
  W. Armstrong; G. Phung; C. Schneegans; P. Vaillancourt
Man-machine interaction in pattern recognition BIB 91-105
  T. Kasvand
Polyphonic composition BIB 106-112
  P. Tanner
Filmit: A computer aided animation system BIB 113-123
  G. J. Savage; J. K. Cook; M. L. Constant