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Proceedings of the 1983 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1983 Conference on Graphics Interface
Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Dates:1983-May-09 to 1983-May-13
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI83
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Software tools for microprogrammed graphics processor design BIB 1-4
  Lawrence D. Finkel
A low cost image compression test bed system BIB 5-9
  T. Baleshta; B. Harron; S. Shlien; K. Takikawa
A parallel scan conversion algorithm with anti-aliasing for a general-purpose ultracomputer: Preliminary report BIB 11-21
  Eugene Fiume; Alain Fournier; Larry Rudolph
An algorithm for generating anti-aliased polygons for 3-D applications BIB 23-32
  Ni Guangnan; Peter Tanner; Marceli Wein; Grant Bechthold
Design and analysis of a parallel ray tracing computer BIB 33-38
  John G. Cleary; Brian M. Wyvill; Reddy Vatti; Graham M. Birtwistle
An interactive and user-oriented three-dimensional graphics editor BIB 39-46
  Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann; Andre Larouche; Daniel Thalmann
Active messaging in the office: A lamp unto my feet BIB 47-53
  Paul S. Licker
Transcoding between the virtual device interface and Telidon standards BIB 55-63
  Hannah Newman
"USIPS": A Telidon picture creation station BIB 65-70
  Eric Neufeld; Paul Sorenson
NAPLPS implementation: Hardware and software issues BIB 71-75
  Leo Lax
Measuring text-graphic activity BIB 77-83
  Fred H. Lakin
Robot vision and visual inspection BIB 85-95
  T. Kasvand
Robotic vision and graphical display based on the IBM PC BIB 97-101
  M. Feeley; N. F. Stewart
VEGA A geometric modelling system BIB 103-109
  Robert F. Woodbury; Gregory John Glass
Computer graphic animation tools for robotics BIB 111-112
  Stuart J. Kretch
Computer visual inspection of liquid crystal displays BIB 113-117
  Sven J. Dickinson; Louis M. Gaiot; Marvin E. Jernigan
Interactive computer graphics and the design of woven textiles BIB 119-122
  J. A. Hoskins; M. W. King
Interactive creation of Chinese characters BIB 123-127
  Dennis B. Ward; Xiaoning Wang; W. A. Davis
Three dimensional display of objects from planar contours BIB 129-131
  J. Lawrence Paul
High-level language for an interactive graphics work station BIB 133-134
  Richard Heuft; Arlen Schmidt
Advanced concepts for high-level graphics languages BIB 135-142
  Gunther F. Schrack
Programming language prograph: Yet another application of graphics BIB 143-145
  Tomasz Pietrzykowski; Stanislaw Matwin; Tomasz Muldner
Computer-assisted mapping for census collection -- Application experiences BIB 147-153
  Joel Z. Yan; D. Ross Bradley
Is half the life of knowledge of a digital cartographer now less than one year? BIB 155-159
  A. R. Boyle
Visual fidelity criterial in a 3D homogeneous color space BIB 161-167
  Bernd J. Kurz
MENULAY -- An automatic program generation module for a user interface management system BIB 169
  William Buxton; Martin Lamb; David Sherman; K. C. Smith
Colour selection, swath brushes and memory architectures for paint systems BIB 171-180
  P. Tanner; W. Cowan; M. Wein
Visibility in the STAR user interface BIB 181
  David Canfield Smith
Personalizable directories: A case study in automatic user modelling BIB 183-189
  Ian H. Witten; Saul Greenberg; John Cleary
Continuous hand-gesture driven input BIB 191-195
  William Buxton; Eugene Fiume; Ralph Hill; Alison Lee; Carson Woo
Reaching the color blind with computer graphics BIB --
  D. S. Raker
Computer animation at Lucasfilm BIB 197
  William T. Reeves
Computer assisted filmmaking: A review BIB 199-202
  Tom Calvert
Actor and camera data types in computer animation BIB 203-210
  Daniel Thalmann; Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Dynamic graphics and the low bandwidth communication barrier BIB 211-214
  John Amanatides
A structured motion specification in 3D computer animation BIB 215-222
  Philippe Bergeron
Controlling the shape of parametric B-spline and Beta-spline curves BIB 223-232
  Brian A. Barsky; John C. Beatty
Analysis of a 3D design language BIB 233-240
  David P. Makris
A research perspective on solid modeling BIB 241
  Robert B. Tilove
Programming facilities for user modification of solid modeling systems BIB 243-248
  Gregory John Glass
Locating, replacing and deleting patterns in graphics editing of line drawing BIB 249-255
  Daniel Thalmann; Louis-Philippe Demers; Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Experience with a graphical data base system BIB 257-270
  Mark Green; M. Burnell; H. Vrenjak; M. Vrenjak
New requirements for user interaction with CAD/CAM databases BIB 271-279
  F. Vernadat
CAD/CAM at Mitel BIB --
  M. Caughey
On tailoring the drawing system for various styles and practices in design BIB 281
  Clive K. Liu
Realizing benefits following the acquisition of a CAD system BIB 283-290
  Lynn Sveinson
Automatic speech generation and understanding BIB 291-299
  R. De Mori
The future of speech processing technology BIB 301-309
  Alan L. Bridges
Creation of an automated natural resources data base BIB --
  H. Walters
Geographic applications for satellite data BIB 311-312
  George Nagy
Recovering the meaning of diagrams and sketches BIB 313-317
  Alan Mackworth
Computer recognition of handprinted characters based on syntactic and semantic analysis BIB 319-325
  Y. Mong; C. Y. Suen
A system for acquiring, editing and analyzing optical microscope data BIB 327-328
  F. G. Peet; T. S. Sahota
Enhancements to the progressive transmission method BIB 329-334
  S. E., Jr. Walker; F. S., Jr. Hill
Matching and intersection of random curves BIB 335
  T. K. Poiker; J. J. Little; R. Lubensky
Office automation in the languages of the world BIB 337-344
  Brian R. Gaines