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Proceedings of the 1981 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Seventh Canadian Man-Computer Communications Conference
Editors:Peter P. Tanner; E. I. Swail
Location:Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Dates:1981-Jun-10 to 1981-Jun-12
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI81
Links:Conference Series Home Page
Computational video: Television as a human interface BIB 133-137
  A. Lippman
Graphic languages for policy models: Diagramming global model structures BIB 139-144
  S. Marcus; B. Moore
A computer animated explanation of internal sorting methods BIB 145-146
  R. Baecker; D. Sherman
Ediger -- an editor for digitizers BIB 147-153
  J. P. Curley
Tree data structures for graphics and image processing BIB 155-162
  R. Gillespie; W. A. Davis
Digital convex hulls from hierarchical data structures BIB 163-171
  M.-M. Yau; S. N. Srihari
3-D geometric databases using hierarchies of inscribing boxes BIB 173-180
  W. R. Franklin
An interactive microcomputer based 3-D animation system BIB 181-191
  R. Hackathorn; R. Parent; B. Marshall; M. Howard
Title Unknown BIB 192-208
  Author Unknown
Speech at the interface BIB 209-216
  R. A. Bolt
Title Unknown BIB 217-238
  Author Unknown
A Canadian view of graphics standards BIB 239-244
  M. Wein
The relationship of Telidon and computer graphics standards BIB 245-249
  H. Newman
Title Unknown BIB 250-260
  Author Unknown
Implementing the GSPC CORE language recommendations in an existing CAL language, NATAL BIB 261-269
  R. A. Orchard
Goal-directed movement simulation BIB 271-280
  D. Zeltzer; C. Csuri
Image processing algorithms for graphics BIB 281-282
  T. Pavlidis
Linear transformation is bad for the coding of graphic images BIB 283-290
  S. T. Vuong
Title Unknown BIB 291-296
  Author Unknown
Euclidean spherical representation of a 3-D object BIB 297-302
  R. Mohr
Title Unknown BIB 303-342
  Author Unknown
Pixel-planes: A VLSI-oriented design for 3-D raster graphics BIB 343-347
  H. Fuchs; J. Poulton
Hardware enhanced 3-D raster display system BIB 349-356
  T. Whitted
A prototype laboratory instrument for video motion analysis BIB 357-358
  R. Baecker; D. Miller; W. Reeves
Revisiting Watkins' algorithm BIB 359-370
  J. C. Beatty; K. S. Booth; L. H. Matthies
A proposal for a four-dimensional graphics system BIB 371-375
  A. Fournier
A system for designing and animating objects with curved surfaces BIB 377-384
  M. Green