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Proceedings of the 1992 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1992 Conference on Graphics Interface
Location:Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Dates:1992-May-11 to 1992-May-15
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISBN 0-9695338-1-0; ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI92
Links:Conference Series Home Page
An implementation of multivariate B-spline surfaces over arbitrary triangulations BIB 1-10
  Philip Fong; Hans-Peter Seidel
Interactive solid geometry via partitioning trees BIB 11-18
  Bruce F. Naylor
Fast algorithms for rendering cubic curves BIB 19-28
  Benjamin Watson; Larry F. Hodges
Parameterization in finite precision BIB 29-36
  Chandrajit L. Bajaj; Andrew V. Royappa
Hyper-rendering BIB 37-43
  Jürgen Emhardt; Thomas Strothotte
Program auralization: Sound enhancements to the programming environment BIB 44-52
  Christopher J. DiGiano; Ronald M. Baecker
A framework for describing and implementing software visualization systems BIB 53-60
  John Domingue; Blaine A. Price; Marc Eisenstadt
Volume rendering using the Fourier projection-slice theorem BIB 61-69
  R. Marc Levoy
An extended cuberille model for identification and display of 3D objects from 3D gray value data BIB 70-77
  Xiaoqing Qu; Wayne Davis
Annotating the real world with knowledge-based graphics on a see-through head-mounted display BIB 78-85
  Steven Feiner; Blair MacIntyre; Dorée Seligmann
Algorithms for the detection and elimination of specular aliasing BIB 86-93
  John Amanatides
Hierarchical Poisson disk sampling distributions BIB 94-105
  Michael McCool; Eugene Fiume
Performing in-place affine transformations in constant space BIB 106-114
  Ken Fishkin
Working together, virtually BIB 115-122
  Jin Li; Marilyn Mantei
Telepresence: Integrating shared task and person spaces BIB 123-129
  William A. S. Buxton
CSCW -- WCSC: Computer-supported cooperative work -- What changes for the science of computing BIB 130-139
  Marilyn M. Mantei
Movement time prediction in human-computer interfaces BIB 140-150
  I. Scott MacKenzie
ARCBALL: A user interface for specifying three-dimensional orientation using a mouse BIB 151-156
  Ken Shoemake
Designing video annotation and analysis systems BIB 157-166
  Beverly L. Harrison; Ronald M. Baecker
A data parallel algorithm for raytracing of heterogeneous databases BIB 167-175
  Peter Schröder; Steven M. Drucker
Object space temporal coherence for ray tracing BIB 176-183
  David A. Jevans
Ray tracing polygons using spatial subdivision BIB 184-191
  Andrew Woo
Parametric height field ray tracing BIB 192-200
  David W. Paglieroni; Sidney M. Petersen
Partitioning tree image representation and generation from 3D geometric models BIB 201-212
  Bruce F. Naylor
Escape-time visualization method for language-restricted iterated function systems BIB 213-223
  Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz; Mark S. Hammel
The object instancing paradigm for linear fractal modeling BIB 224-231
  John C. Hart
Algorithms for intersecting parametric and algebraic curves BIB 232-241
  Dinesh Manocha; James Demmel
An interval refinement technique for surface intersection BIB 242-249
  Michael Gleicher; Michael Kass
Physically-based methods for polygonization of implicit surfaces BIB 250-257
  Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo; Jonas de Miranda Gomes; Demetri Terzopoulos; Luiz Velho
Matrix animation and polar decomposition BIB 258-264
  Ken Shoemake; Tom Duff
Generating natural-looking motion for computer animation BIB 265-272
  Jessica K. Hodgins; Paula K. Sweeney; David G. Lawrence
Beyond keyframing: An algorithmic approach to animation BIB 273-281
  A. James Stewart; James F. Cremer
A minimalist global user interface BIB 282-293
  Rob Pike
A multi-layer graphic model for building interactive graphical applications BIB 294-300
  Jean-Daniel Fekete
A linear constraint technology for interactive graphic systems BIB 301-309
  Richard Helm; Tien Huynh; Catherine Lassez; Kim Marriott
Non-uniform patch luminance for global illumination BIB 310-318
  Buming Bian; Norman Wittels; Donald S. Fussell
A two-pass physics-based global lighting model BIB 319-328
  Kadi Bouatouch; Pierre Tellier