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Proceedings of the 1973 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Third Canadian Man-Computer Communications Conference
Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dates:1973-May-30 to 1973-May-31
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI73
Links:Conference Series Home Page
Computers and visual literacy BIB 1.1-1.6
  G. B. Thompson
Computer speech synthesis: An overview BIB 2.1-2.7
  L. R. Morris; J-P. Paillet
A system for processing digital pictures BIB 3.1-3.9
  W. A. Davis; R. N. McPherson; M. W. Smith; N. Tsang
Towards animating computer programs: A first progress report BIB 4.1-4.10
  R. Baecker
GRAPPLE-Graphics application programming language BIB 5.1-5.10
  D. L. Williams
GRAPPLE applications BIB 6.1-6.9
  R. B. Duncan
Implementation of an interactive graphics language BIB 7.1-7.9
  B. Pieke; G. Schrack
Applications of the interactive computer graphic language, ICPL BIB 8.1-8.15
  H. G. Brown; W. A. Hartman; R. E. Warburton
Implementation of the ICPL graphics language on the PDP-15 computer BIB 9.1-9.7
  C. D. O'Brien
Le langage graphique GASTON BIB 10.1-10.5
  G. Ferran
Interactive graphics on low-cost CRT displays BIB 11.1-11.9
  P. M. Carey; N. C. J. Tate
Towards inexpensive computer graphics BIB 12.1-12.5
  A. L. Brown; S. Sanyal
Xerox computer graphics BIB 13.1-13.15
  T. K. Dudley
Iinteractive graphic applications at Carleton University BIB 14.1-14.4
  R. Mallett
PICADE-Prompt interactive creation of active display environments BIB 15.1-15.8
  R. Trivett
Display of three-dimensional curvilinear surfaces BIB 16.1-16.8
  J. Raymond; P. Tymchyk; H. Vandette
Artists to computers BIB 17.1-17.6
  L. Mezei; T. Britton
A concise language for the computer generation of kinetic art BIB 18.1-18.9
  C. Playfair; B. Wills
Animation of continuous computer simulations with ANIM8 BIB 19.1-19.7
  C. M. Woodside; R. Mallett
Image quality considerations in computer animation BIB 20.1-20.8
  N. Burtnyk; M. Wein
Editing computer-animated film by computer BIB 21.1-21.5
  T. Britton
Graphics simulating logic circuits BIB 22.1-22.7
  R. S. Ahluwalia; I. A. Gargantini
An interactive cellular array simulator BIB 23.1-23.13
  D. Seeley
Application of interactive computer graphics to the analysis of physical problems BIB 24.1-24.8
  D. H. O'Hara
DYNIS: A dynamic interactive simulation program for three-dimensional mechanical systems BIB 25.1-25.10
  G. J. Savage; G. C. Andrews
Three-dimensional data smoothing for the interactive design of sailboat hulls BIB 26.1-26.12
  J. D. Pfeiffer
A minicomputer geographic information system BIB 27.1-27.8
  A. Boyle
Experiences in displaying sequence-of-events information BIB 28.1-28.6
  J. D. A. Griffin
Implementation of design aids for electronics in a nuclear research and development establishment BIB 29.1-29.8
  G. Yan
The McGraph system BIB 30.1-30.5
  A. S. Malowany; K. C. Campbell; T. McNeil
A system for graphically generating Arabic characters BIB 31.1-31.4
  S. S. Hyder; H. K. Urion
Experiences with a satellite graphics system BIB 32.1-32.10
  C. H. M. Griffiths
Initial use of a plasma display panel BIB 33.1-33.7
  R. S. McLean; W. P. Olivier
Mechanical characteristics of binary plotting devices and the transfer function of relevant control systems BIB 34.1-34.9
  T. Bjornstad
General purpose contour plotting routines BIB 35.1-35.21
  P. J. Zsombor-Murray