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Proceedings of the 1995 Conference on Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of the 1995 Conference on Graphics Interface
Editors:Wayne A. Davis; Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
Location:Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Dates:1995-May-17 to 1995-May-19
Publisher:Canadian Information Processing Society
Standard No:ISBN 0-9695338-4-5; ISSN 0713-5424; hcibib: GI95
Links:Conference Series Home Page
Simulation of human diving BIB 1-9
  Wayne L. Wooten; Jessica K. Hodgins
Autonomous animation and control of four-Legged animals BIB 10-17
  Evangelos Kokkevis; Dimitri Metaxas; Norman I. Badler
Scripting interactive physically-based motions with relative paths and synchronization BIB 18-25
  Alexis Lamouret; Marie-Paule Gascuel
Fitting triangular B-splines to functional scattered data BIB 26-33
  Ron Pfeifle; Hans-Peter Seidel
Optimized evaluation of box splines via the inverse FFT BIB 34-43
  Michael D. McCool
Constructing partitioning trees from Bézier-curves for efficient intersections and visibility BIB 44-55
  Bruce Naylor; Lois Rogers
Volumetric hyper-reality, a computer graphics holy grail for the 21st century? BIB 56-64
  Gavin Miller
Interactive surface rendering for medical visualization BIB 65-74
  Anthony Fang; Kelvin Sung; Heng Pheng-Ann
Edge preservation with space-filling curve half-toning BIB 75-82
  John W. Buchanan; Oleg Verevka
A general and multiscale model for volumetric textures BIB 83-91
  Fabrice Neyret
Improvements on the pixel-tracing filter: Reflection/refraction, shadows, and jittering BIB 92-102
  Mikio Shinya
Massively parallel radiosity in the presence of multiple isotropic volume scattering BIB 103-108
  Michael S. Langer; Pierre Breton; Steven W. Zucker
Discontinuity meshing and hierarchical multi-wavelet radiosity BIB 109-115
  Kadi Bouatouch; S. N. Pattanaik
System support for OpenGL direct rendering BIB 116-127
  Mark J. Kilgard; David Blythe; Deanna Hohn
Local K-means algorithm for colour image quantization BIB 128-135
  Oleg Verevka; John W. Buchanan
A multi-scale physical model of granular materials BIB 136-146
  A. Luciani; A. Habibi; E. Manzotti
Deformation constraints in a mass-spring model to describe rigid cloth behavior BIB 147-154
  Xavier Provot
Low-cost medical simulation: A retinal laser photocoagulation simulator BIB 155-162
  P. Meseure; S. Karpf; C. Chaillou; P. Dubois; J. F. Rouland
A coordinated muscle model for speech animation BIB 163-170
  K. Waters; J. Frisbie
Through-the-lens camera control with a simple Jacobian matrix BIB 171-178
  Min-Ho Kyung; Myung-Soo Kim; Sung Je Hong
Rational control of orientation for animation BIB 179-186
  John K. Johnstone; James P. Williams
Incremental boundary evaluation for nonmanifold partially bounded solids BIB 187-195
  James R. Miller
Constructive fractal geometry: Constructive approach to fractal modeling using language operations BIB 196-203
  J. Tholliot; E. Tosan
The escape buffer: Efficient computation of escape time for linear fractals BIB 204-214
  Daryl H. Hepting; John C. Hart
An extended study of numeric entry on pen-based computers BIB 215-222
  Craig McQueen; I. Scott MacKenzie; Shawn X. Zhang
A graphical user interface design environment BIB 223-230
  Carl A. Edlund; Michael Lewis
A flexible gesture interface BIB 231-238
  Richard Watson; Paul O'Neill
Integrating the periphery and context: A new model of telematics BIB 239-246
  Bill Buxton
Polygon morphing using a multiresolution representation BIB 247-254
  Eli Goldstein; Craig Gotsman
Oriented particles: A tool for shape memory objects modelling BIB 255-262
  Jean-Christophe Lombardo; Claude Puech
Near-optimal construction of partitioning trees by evolutionary techniques BIB 263-271
  T. Cassen; K. R. Subramanian; Z. Michalewicz
Sculpting polygonal models using virtual tools BIB 272-279
  James R. Bill; Suresh K. Lodha
Digital lights, cameras and materials BIB 280
  Pat Hanrahan