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Proceedings of the HCI'06 Conference on People and Computers XX

Fullname:Proceedings of the Twentieth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Editors:Nick Bryan-Kinns; Ann Blandford; Paul Curzon; Laurence Nigay
Dates:2006-Sep-11 to 2006-Sep-15
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Standard No:ISBN 1-84628-588-7; 978-1-84628-588-2; hcibib: BCSHCI06
  1. At the Periphery
  2. Enthralling Experience
  3. Connecting with Others
  4. Interaction for Me
  5. Interactions in the Wild
  6. Mind, Body, and Spirit

At the Periphery

Crossmodal Ambient Displays BIB 3-16
  P. Olivier; H. Cao; S. W. Gilroy; D. G. Jackson
Plotting Affect and Premises for Use in Aesthetic Interaction Design: Towards Evaluation for the Everyday BIB 17-22
  S. Kettley; M. Smyth

Enthralling Experience

Smell Me: Engaging with an Interactive Olfactory Game BIB 25-40
  S. B. Davis; G. Davies; R. Haddad; M.-K. Lai
Measuring the Aesthetics of Reading BIB 41-56
  K. Larson; R. L. Hazlett; B. S. Chaparro; R. W. Picard
Aesthetic and Symbolic Qualities as Antecedents of Overall Judgements of Interactive Products BIB 57-64
  S. Mahlke
Involvement in Listening to Music from a Computer: The Effects of Pre-Existing Mood BIB 65-72
  K. Kallinen; T. Saari; N. Ravaja; M. Salminen
Interface Affect and Familiarity: Some Implications for Designing the Interaction BIB 73-82
  E. Uruchurtu; R. Rist; L. MacKinnon

Connecting with Others

VideoArms: Embodiments for Mixed Presence Groupware BIB 85-102
  A. Tang; C. Neustaedter; S. Greenberg
Supporting Crime Scene Investigation BIB 103-116
  C. Baber; P. Smith; S. Panesar; F. Yang; J. Cross

Interaction for Me

The Beam Cursor: A Pen-based Technique for Enhancing Target Acquisition BIB 119-134
  J. Yin; X. Ren
Assisting Target Acquisition in Perspective Views BIB 135-150
  Y. Du; O. Chapuis; Y. Guiard; M. Beaudouin-Lafon
Does Being Motivated to Avoid Procedural Errors Influence Their Systematicity? BIB 151-158
  J. Back; W. L. Cheng; R. Dann; P. Curzon; A. Blandford
Usefulness of Interactive Animations in Electronic Shopping BIB 159-174
  F. Nemetz; P. Johnson

Interactions in the Wild

Output Multimodal Interaction: The Case of Augmented Surgery BIB 177-192
  B. Mansoux; L. Nigay; J. Troccaz
mSpace Mobile: Exploring Support for Mobile Tasks BIB 193-202
  M. L. Wilson; A. Russell; D. A. Smith; m. c. schraefel
Place and the Experience of BLISS BIB 203-220
  D. J. Reed; P. Wright
Factors Contributing to Low Usage of Mobile Data Services: User Requirements, Service Discovery and Usability BIB 221-236
  S. Garzonis; E. O'Neill

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Exploring the PieTree for Representing Numerical Hierarchical Data BIB 239-254
  R. O'Donnell; A. Dix; L. J. Ball
Severity of Usability and Accessibility Problems in eCommerce and eGovernment Websites BIB 255-262
  C. Harrison; H. Petrie
Graph Builder: Constructing Non-visual Visualizations BIB 263-278
  D. K. McGookin; S. A. Brewster