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Proceedings of the HCI'05 Conference on People and Computers XIX

Fullname:Proceedings of the Nineteenth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:The Big Picture
Editors:Tom McEwan; Jan Gulliksen; David Benyon
Location:Edinburgh, Scotland
Dates:2005-Sep-05 to 2005-Sep-09
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Standard No:ISBN 1-84628-192-X; hcibib: BCSHCI05
Links:Conference Home Page | www.isbn.nu
"Looking At the Computer but Doing It On Land": Children's Interactions in a Tangible Programming Space BIB 3-18
  Y. Fernaeus; J. Tholander
The Usability of Digital Ink Technologies for Children and Teenagers BIB 19-36
  J. C. Read
PROTEUS: Artefact-driven Constructionist Assessment within Tablet PC-based Low-fidelity Prototyping BIB 37-52
  D. Mohamedally; P. Zaphiris; H. Petrie
The Reader Creates a Personal Meaning: A Comparative Study of Scenarios and Human-centred Stories BIB 53-68
  G. Strom
What Difference Do Guidelines Make? An Observational Study of Online-questionnaire Design Guidelines Put to Practical Use BIB 69-84
  J. Lumsden; S. Flinn; M. Anderson; W. Morgan
Designing Interactive Systems in Context: From Prototype to Deployment BIB 85-100
  T. Clerckx; K. Luyten; K. Coninx
Using Context Awareness to Enhance Visitor Engagement in a Gallery Space BIB 101-112
  P. Lonsdale; R. Beale; W. Byrne
Engagement with an Interactive Museum Exhibit BIB 113-130
  N. Haywood; P. Cairns
User Needs in e-Government: Conducting Policy Analysis with Models-on-the-Web BIB 131-148
  B. Mirel; M. Maher; J. Huh
Fit for Purpose Evaluation: The Case of a Public Information Kiosk for the Socially Disadvantaged BIB 149-166
  B. L. W. Wong; S. Keith; M. Springett
A Visuo-Biometric Authentication Mechanism for Older Users BIB 167-182
  K. Renaud
A Computer Science HCI Course BIB 185-200
  B. Plimmer
Use and Usefulness of HCI Methods: Results from an Exploratory Study among Nordic HCI Practitioners BIB 201-218
  I. Bark; A. Folstad; J. Gulliksen
Building Usability in India: Reflections from the Indo-European Systems Usability Partnership BIB 219-232
  A. Smith; J. Gulliksen; L. Bannon
Visualizing the Evolution of HCI BIB 233-250
  C. Chen; G. Panjwani; J. Proctor; K. Allendoerfer; J. Kuljis; S. Aluker; D. Sturtz; M. Vukovic
"I thought it was terrible and everyone else loved it" - A New Perspective for Effective Recommender System Design BIB 251-266
  P. Bonhard; M. A. Sasse
Rich Media, Poor Judgement? A Study of Media Effects on Users' Trust in Expertise BIB 267-284
  J. Riegelsberger; M. A. Sasse; J. D. McCarthy
Cultural Representations in Web Design: Differences in Emotions and Values BIB 285-300
  C. Dormann
Interaction Design for Countries with a Traditional Culture: A Comparative Study of Income Levels and Cultural Values BIB 301-316
  G. Strom
Researching Culture and Usability - A Conceptual Model of Usability BIB 317-334
  G. Ford; P. Kotze
Distinguishing Vibrotactile Effects with Tactile Mouse and Trackball BIB 337-348
  J. Raisamo; R. Raisamo; K. Kosonen
HyperGrid - Accessing Complex Information Spaces BIB 349-364
  H.-C. Jetter; J. Gerken; W. Konig; C. Grun; H. Reiterer
Mixed Interaction Space - Expanding the Interaction Space with Mobile Devices BIB 365-380
  T. R. Hansen; E. Eriksson; A. Lykke-Olesen
Static/Animated Diagrams and their Effect on Students Perceptions of Conceptual Understanding in Computer Aided Learning (CAL) Environments BIB 381-390
  R. N. Awan; B. Stevens
Media Co-authoring Practices in Responsive Physical Environments BIB 391-408
  C. Jacucci; H. Pain; J. Lee
Cognitive Model Working Alongside the User BIB 409-420
  I. Juvina; H. van Oostendorp
Revisiting Web Design Guidelines by Exploring Users' Expectations, Preferences and Visual Search Behaviour BIB 421-438
  E. Tzanidou; S. Minocha; M. Petre; A. Grayson
Comparing Automatic and Manual Zooming Methods for Acquiring Off-screen Targets BIB 439-454
  J. Savage; A. Cockburn
Forward and Backward Speech Skimming with the Elastic Audio Slider BIB 455-472
  W. Hurst; T. Lauer; C. Burfent; G. Gotz
Design Patterns for Auditory Displays BIB 473-488
  C. Frauenberger; T. Stockman; V. Putz; R. Holdrich
Grand Challenges in HCI: the Quest for Theory-led Design BIB 491-505
  A. Sutcliffe