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Proceedings of the HCI'01 Conference on People and Computers XV

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fifteenth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:Interaction Without Frontiers
Editors:Ann Blandford; Jean Vanderdonckt; Philip Gray
Location:Lille, France
Dates:2001-Sep-10 to 2001-Sep-14
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Standard No:ISBN 1-85233-515-7; hcibib: BCSHCI01
As Easy to Use as a Banking Machine BIB 3-16
  K. Dye
Instrument Mediated Activity in Situations BIB 17-30
  P. Rabardel
From 2D Photos of Yourself to Virtual Try-on Dress on the Web BIB 31-46
  F. Cordier; W. Lee; H. Seo; N. Magnenat-Thalmann
Privacy in Multimedia Communications: Protecting Users, Not Just Data BIB 49-64
  A. Adams; M. A. Sasse
Managing Visibility in Ubiquitous Multimedia Communication Environments BIB 65-82
  L. Watts; E. Dubois
Collaborating with Virtual Humans BIB 83-104
  P. Le Mer; L. Perron; C. Chaillou; S. Degrande; G. Saugis
An Interactive Guide Through a Defined Modelling Process BIB 107-124
  H. Kaindl; S. Kramer; M. Hailing
Multidisciplinary Practice in Requirements Engineering: Problems and Criteria for Support BIB 125-138
  I. Denley; J. Long
Improving and Mediating Software-to-Usability Engineering Communication BIB 139-150
  H. Antunes; A. Seffah; T. Radhakrishnan; S. Pestina
KALDI: A CAUsE Tool for Supporting Testing and Analysis of User Interaction BIB 153-170
  G. Al-Qaimari; D. McRostie
Understanding Inspection Methods: Lessons from an Assessment of Heuristic Evaluation BIB 171-192
  G. Cockton; A. Woolrych
Developing A Usability Capability Assessment Approach through Experiments in Industrial Settings BIB 193-210
  T. Jokela; M. Nieminen; N. Iivari; K. Nevakivi; M. Rajanen
IDA-S: A Conceptual Framework for Partial Automation BIB 213-228
  A. Dearden
Beyond Mode Error: Supporting Strategic Knowledge Structures to Enhance Cockpit Safety BIB 229-246
  R. Hourizi; P. Johnson
DPI: A Conceptual Model Based on Documents and Interaction Instruments BIB 247-264
  O. Beaudoux; M. Beaudouin-Lafon
Getting the Story Straight BIB 267-278
  P. Turner; S. Turner; R. McCall
Augmenting the Affordance of Online Help Content BIB 279-296
  M. S. Silveira; S. D. J. Barbosa; C. S. de Souza
Beyond the Interface: Co-evolution Inside Interactive Systems - A Proposal Founded on Activity Theory BIB 297-310
  G. Bourguin; A. Derycke; J.-C. Tarby
A Flexible Methodology and Support Environment for Building Task Models BIB 313-330
  C. Paris; J.-C. Tarby; K. V. Linden
From the Formal Specifications of Users Tasks to the Automatic Generation of the HCI Specifications BIB 331-348
  A. Mahfoudhi; M. Abed; D. Tabary
Supporting Context Changes for Plastic User Interfaces: A Process and a Mechanism BIB 349-364
  G. Calvary; J. Coutaz; D. Thevenin
Eye-Tracking Explorations in Multimedia Communications BIB 367-382
  J. Mullin; A. H. Anderson; L. Smallwood; M. Jackson; E. Katsavras
Rich Interaction in the Context of Networked Virtual Environments - Experiences Gained from the Multi-player Games Domain BIB 383-398
  T. Manninen
Using Workflow for Coordination in Groupware Applications BIB 399-412
  K. Saikali; B. David
ToyMobile: Image-based Telecommunication and Small Children BIB 415-426
  P. Ketola; H. Korhonen
The Reality Gap: Pragmatic Boundaries of Context Awareness BIB 427-438
  Y.-M. Cheng; C. Johnson
Data Capture for Clinical Anaesthesia on a Pen-based PDA: Is It a Viable Alternative to Paper? BIB 439-456
  M. Gardner; M. Sage; P. Gray; C. Johnson
Interactivity and User Commitment - Relationship Building through Interaction on Websites BIB 459-474
  A. Light
Evaluating Multi-modal Input Modes in a Wizard-of-Oz Study for the Domain of Web Search BIB 475-484
  A. Klein; I. Schwank; M. Genereux; H. Trost
Dynamic Information Presentation through Web-based Personalisation and Adaptation - An Initial Review BIB 485-500
  D. Bental; L. MacKinnon; H. Williams; D. Marwick; D. Pacey; E. Dempster; A. Cawsey
Speech Output for Older Visually Impaired Adults BIB 503-514
  M. Zajicek; W. Morrissey
Using Non-speech Sounds to Improve Access to 2D Tabular Numerical Information for Visually Impaired Users BIB 515-530
  R. Ramloll; S. Brewster; W. Yu; B. Riedel
Diary in the Sky: A Spatial Audio Display for a Mobile Calendar BIB 531-540
  A. Walker; S. Brewster; D. McGookin; A. Ng
Input Device Selection and Interaction Configuration with ICON BIB 543-558
  P. Dragicevic; J.-D. Fekete
Measuring the Usability of Text Input Methods for Children BIB 559-572
  J. Read; S. MacFarlane; C. Casey
Beyond the 10-bit Barrier: Fitts' Law in Multi-Scale Electronic Worlds BIB 573-588
  Y. Guiard; F. Bourgeois; D. Mottet; M. Beaudouin-Lafon