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Proceedings of the HCI'03 Conference on People and Computers XVII

Fullname:Proceedings of the Seventeenth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:Designing for Society
Editors:Eamonn O'Neill; Peter Johnson; Philippe Palanque
Location:Bath, UK
Dates:2003-Sep-08 to 2003-Sep-12
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Standard No:ISBN 1-85233-766-4; hcibib: BCSHCI03
Links:Conference Home Page | www.isbn.nu
  1. Doing the Right Thing in the Right Place: Technology, Theory and Design for Multiple and Group Activities
  2. Information Retrieval
  3. Design Methods and Principles
  4. Evaluation Methods
  5. Interaction Techniques: Looking, Listening, Pointing, Stroking
  6. E-commerce
  7. 'On the Move': Mobile Interaction
  8. Accessibility
  9. 'Look at Me': Emotions, Faces and Eyes

Doing the Right Thing in the Right Place: Technology, Theory and Design for Multiple and Group Activities

Understanding Task Grouping Strategies BIB 3-20
  P. J. Wild; P. Johnson; H. Johnson
Two Phenomenological Studies of Place BIB 21-36
  P. Turner; S. Turner
The Interaction Character of Computers in Co-located Collaboration BIB 37-52
  M. Arvola

Information Retrieval

How Knowledge Workers Gather Information from the Web: Implications for Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Tools BIB 55-72
  J. Hyams; A. Sellen
Evaluation of a Prototype Interface for Structured Document Retrieval BIB 73-86
  J. Reid; M. D. Dunlop
Comparing Speed-dependent Automatic Zooming with Traditional Scroll, Pan and Zoom Methods BIB 87-102
  A. Cockburn; J. Savage

Design Methods and Principles

The Application of Urban Design Principles to Navigation of Information Spaces BIB 105-126
  D. Benyon; B. Wilmes
A Method for Organizational Culture Analysis as a Basis for the Implementation of User-Centred Design into Organizations BIB 127-142
  N. Iivari; K. Juntunen; I. Tuikkala

Evaluation Methods

Changing Analysts' Tunes: The Surprising Impact of a New Instrument for Usability Inspection Method Assessment BIB 145-162
  G. Cockton; A. Woolrych; L. Hall; M. Hindmarch
Ontological Sketch Models: Highlighting User-System Misfits BIB 163-178
  I. Connell; T. Green; A. Blandford

Interaction Techniques: Looking, Listening, Pointing, Stroking

Improving the Acquisition of Small Targets BIB 181-196
  A. Cockburn; A. Firth
A Directional Stroke Recognition Technique for Mobile Interaction in a Pervasive Computing World BIB 197-206
  V. Kostakos; E. O'Neill
Look or Listen: Discovering Effective Techniques for Accessing Speech Data BIB 207-222
  S. Whittaker; J. Hirschberg


Social and Cultural Obstacles to the (B2C) E-Commerce Experience BIB 225-242
  L. Dawson; S. Minocha; M. Petre
Trust at First Sight? A Test of Users' Ability to Identify Trustworthy E-commerce Sites BIB 243-260
  J. Riegelsberger; M. A. Sasse; J. D. McCarthy

'On the Move': Mobile Interaction

MovieLens Unplugged: Experiences with a Recommender System on Four Mobile Devices BIB 263-280
  B. N. Miller; I. Albert; S. K. Lam; J. A. Konstan; J. Riedl
Effective Web Searching on Mobile Devices BIB 281-296
  K. Rodden; N. Milic-Frayling; R. Sommerer; A. Blackwell
M-RSVP: Mobile Web Browsing on a PDA BIB 297-312
  O. de Bruijn; C. H. Tong


Fancy Graphics Can Deter Older Users: A Comparison of Two Interfaces for Exploring Healthy Lifestyle Options BIB 315-326
  P. Wright; S. Belt; C. John
Towards VoiceXML Dialogue Design for Older Adults BIB 327-338
  M. Zajicek; R. Wales; A. Lee
WebTouch: An Audio-tactile Browser for Visually Handicapped People BIB 339-348
  M. Macias; A. Reinoso; J. Gonzalez; J. L. Garcia; J. C. Diaz; F. Sanchez
Two Falls out of Three in the Automated Accessibility Assessment of World Wide Web Sites: A-Prompt vs. Bobby BIB 349-364
  D. Diaper; L. Worman

'Look at Me': Emotions, Faces and Eyes

Expressive Image Generator for an Emotion Extraction Engine BIB 367-382
  A. C. Boucouvalas; Z. Xu; D. John
An Exploration of Facial Expression Tracking in Affective HCI BIB 383-400
  R. Ward; D. Bell; P. Marsden
Could I have the Menu Please? An Eye Tracking Study of Design Conventions BIB 401-414
  J. D. McCarthy; M. A. Sasse; J. Riegelsberger