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Proceedings of the HCI'00 Conference on People and Computers XIV

Fullname:Proceedings of the Fourteenth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:Usability or else!
Editors:S. McDonald; Yvonne Wærn; Gilbert Cockton
Location:Sunderland, UK
Dates:2000-Sep-05 to 2000-Sep-08
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Standard No:ISBN 1-85233-318-9; hcibib: BCSHCI00
  1. Plenaries
  2. The Context of Interaction: People, Places and Actions
  3. Process, Methodology and Design Methods
  4. Design Innovations
  5. Usability and System Evaluation


Usability and Profits in the Digital Economy BIB 3-16
  G. L. Lohse
Asynchronous Negotiated Access BIB 17-26
  J. Hollan; S. Stornetta

The Context of Interaction: People, Places and Actions

Requirements are in the Eyes of the Beholders BIB 29-44
  P. Turner
On Change and Tasks BIB 45-60
  P. J. Wild; R. D. Macredie
How Effective Are User Studies? BIB 61-72
  S. Kujala; M. Mantyla
Function Allocation for Computer Aided Learning in a Complex Organisation BIB 73-92
  C. Johnson; B. Mathers
Connections, Locations and Shared Workspaces: What Should the User Understand about Network Services for Online Collaboration? BIB 93-102
  M. Ranta-aho; M. Koykka; R. Ollikainen
Informing the Design of an Online Financial Advice System BIB 103-118
  E. Longmate; P. Lynch; C. Baber
Introducing Internet Terminals to the Home: Interaction Between Social, Physical, and Technological Spaces BIB 119-132
  W. O. Lee

Process, Methodology and Design Methods

User Involvement in the Design of Human-Computer Interactions: Some Similarities and Differences between Design Approaches BIB 135-148
  M. Bekker; J. Long
Concurrent Usability Engineering BIB 149-162
  P. Ketola
Usability Capability Models - Review and Analysis BIB 163-182
  T. Jokela
Hardening Soft Systems Conceptual Modelling BIB 183-204
  D. Diaper
A Model for Extensible Web-based Information Intensive Task Oriented Systems BIB 205-220
  C. Cunha; C. de Souza; V. Quental; D. Schwabe
Analysis and Simulation of User Interfaces BIB 221-238
  H. Thimbleby
Analysing Asynchronous Collaboration BIB 239-254
  P. G. T. Healey; N. Bryan-Kinns

Design Innovations

Caring, Sharing Widgets: A Toolkit of Sensitive Widgets BIB 257-270
  M. Crease; S. Brewster; P. Gray
Extending Eye Tracking to Analyse Interactions with Multimedia Information Presentations BIB 271-286
  N. H. Narayanan; D. J. Schrimpsher
QTVR Support for Teaching Operative Procedures in Dentistry BIB 287-298
  S. A. Clark; B. P. Ng; B. L. W. Wong
Solutions for Elderly Visually Impaired People Using the Internet BIB 299-308
  M. Zajicek; S. Hall

Usability and System Evaluation

Using Incident Reporting to Combat Human Error BIB 311-326
  C. Johnson
Do Users Always Know What's Good For Them? Utilising Physiological Responses to Assess Media Quality BIB 327-340
  G. M. Wilson; M. A. Sasse
Embodiment and Interface Metaphors: Comparing Computer Filing Systems BIB 341-356
  M. Treglown
A Comprehension-based Model of Web Navigation and Its Application to Web Usability Analysis BIB 357-374
  M. Kitajima; M. H. Blackmon; P. G. Polson
Multimedia and Learning: Patterns of Interaction BIB 375-388
  S. Cairncross; M. Mannion
Low Cost Remote Evaluation for Interface Prototyping BIB 389-404
  L. Dunckley; D. Taylor; M. Storey; A. Smith
Are Passfaces More Usable Than Passwords? A Field Trial Investigation BIB 405-424
  S. Brostoff; M. A. Sasse
An Evaluation of Cone Trees BIB 425-436
  A. Cockburn; B. McKenzie
The Evaluation of Desperado - A Computerised Tool to Aid Design Reuse BIB 437-454
  N. J. Lambell; L. J. Ball; T. C. Ormerod