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Proceedings of the HCI'02 Conference on People and Computers XVI

Fullname:Proceedings of the Sixteenth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:Memorable Yet Invisible
Editors:Xristine Faulkner; Janet Finlay; Francoise Detienne
Location:London, UK
Dates:2002-Sep-02 to 2002-Sep-06
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Standard No:ISBN 1-85233-659-5; hcibib: BCSHCI02
Links:Conference Home Page | www.isbn.nu
  1. Keynote
  2. Anthropomorphism
  3. CSCW
  4. Design Process
  5. Haptic Interfaces
  6. Memorable Systems
  7. Usability
  8. VE and Games


Fun, Communication and Dependability: Extending the Concept of Usability BIB 3-14
  A. F. Monk


Invisible but Audible: Enhancing Information Awareness through Anthropomorphic Speech BIB 17-36
  N. M. Ribeiro; I. D. Benest
User Perception of Anthropomorphic Characters with Varying Levels of Interaction BIB 37-52
  G. Power; G. Wills; W. Hall


A Tool for Performing and Analysing Experiments on Graphical Communication BIB 55-68
  P. G. T. Healey; N. Swoboda; J. King
A Comparison of Text Messaging and Email Support for Digital Communities: A Case Study BIB 69-88
  E. Longmate; C. Baber
An Affordance-based Framework for CVE Evaluation BIB 89-104
  P. Turner; S. Turner
Extending Low-cost Remote Evaluation with Synchronous Communication BIB 105-120
  L. Dunckley; L. Rapanotti; J. G. Hall
Impedance Matching: When You Need to Know What BIB 121-138
  D. Ramduny; A. Dix
Multiple Viewpoints On Computer Supported Team Work: A Case Study On Ambulance Dispatch BIB 139-156
  A. Blandford; B. L. W. Wong; I. Connell; T. Green

Design Process

Pattern Languages in Participatory Design BIB 159-174
  J. Finlay; E. Allgar; A. Dearden; B. McManus
Provoking Innovation: Acting-out in Contextual Scenarios BIB 175-192
  S. Howard; J. Carroll; J. Murphy; J. Peck; F. Vetere

Haptic Interfaces

Guidelines for the Design of Haptic Widgets BIB 195-212
  I. Oakley; A. Adams; S. Brewster; P. Gray
Multi-session VR Medical Training: The HOPS Simulator BIB 213-226
  A. Crossan; S. Brewster; S. Reid; D. Mellor

Memorable Systems

An Investigation of Memory for Daily Computing Events BIB 229-246
  M. Czerwinski; E. Horvitz
How People Recognise Previously Seen Web Pages from Titles, URLs and Thumbnails BIB 247-266
  S. Kaasten; S. Greenberg; C. Edwards
MATI: A System for Accessing Travel Itinerary Information using Mobile Phones BIB 267-280
  M. Masoodian; N. Lane
User Interface Design as Systems Design BIB 281-302
  H. Thimbleby; A. Blandford; P. Cairns; P. Curzon; M. Jones


A Comparison of Think-aloud, Questionnaires and Interviews for Testing Usability with Children BIB 305-316
  A. Donker; P. Markopoulos
An Eye Movement Analysis of Web Page Usability BIB 317-336
  L. Cowen; L. J. Ball; J. Delin
Auditory Emotional Feedback Facilitates Human-Computer Interaction BIB 337-350
  A. Aula; V. Surakka
Navigation in the Software Development Information Space BIB 351-364
  W. Ho
Selecting the 'Invisible' User Interface Development Tool BIB 365-380
  J. Lumsden

VE and Games

Non-Verbal Communication Forms in Multi-player Game Session BIB 383-402
  T. Manninen; T. Kujanpaa
Support Robots for Playing Games: The Role of Player-Actor Relationship BIB 403-418
  L. Feijs; M. de Graaf