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Proceedings of the HCI'04 Conference on People and Computers XVIII

Fullname:Proceedings of the Eighteenth Conference of the British Computer Society Human Computer Interaction Specialist Group
Note:Design for Life
Editors:Sally Fincher; Panos Markopoulos; D. Moore; Roy Ruddle
Location:Leeds, UK
Dates:2004-Sep-06 to 2004-Sep-10
Publisher:Springer Verlag
Standard No:ISBN 1-85233-900-4; hcibib: BCSHCI04
Links:Conference Home Page | www.isbn.nu
Understanding Interaction in Ubiquitous Guerrilla Performances in Playful Arenas BIB 3-18
  J. G. Sheridan; A. Dix; S. Lock; A. Bayliss
Towards the Development of CSCW: An Ethnographic Approach BIB 19-34
  R. Iqbal; A. James
An Evaluation of Workspace Awareness in Collaborative, Gesture-based Diagramming Tools BIB 35-50
  C. H. Damm; K. M. Hansen
An Empirical Comparison of Transparency on One and Two Layer Displays BIB 53-68
  W. Aboelsaadat; R. Balakrishnan
User Interface Overloading: A Novel Approach for Handheld Device Text Input BIB 69-86
  J. A. Hudson; A. Dix; A. Parkes
Designing for Expert Information Finding Strategies BIB 89-102
  B. Fields; S. Keith; A. Blandford
Supporting User Decisions in Travel and Tourism BIB 103-116
  A. Dearden; C. M. Lo
Constructing a Player-Centred Definition of Fun for Video Games Design BIB 117-132
  S. B. Davis; C. Carini
The Usability of Handwriting Recognition for Writing in the Primary Classroom BIB 135-150
  J. C. Read; S. MacFarlane; M. Horton
BMX Bandits: The Design of an Educational Computer Game for Disaffected Youth BIB 151-164
  A. Waraich; G. Wilson
Tales, Tours, Tools, and Troupes: A Tiered Research Method to Inform Ubiquitous Designs for the Elderly BIB 165-178
  J. Lundell; M. Morris
The Re-design of a PDA-based System for Supporting People with Parkinson's Disease BIB 181-196
  B. Goransson
Designing for Social Inclusion: Computer Mediation of Trust Relations Between Citizens and Public Service Providers BIB 197-210
  M. Grimsley; A. Meehan; A. Tan
Decentralized Remote Diagnostics: A Study of Diagnostics in the Marine Industry BIB 211-226
  J. Kuschel; F. Ljungberg
A First Empirical Study of Direct Combination in a Ubiquitous Environment BIB 229-248
  S. Holland
The Geometry of Web Search BIB 249-262
  J. D. McCarthy; M. A. Sasse; J. Riegelsberger
Supplemental Navigation Tools for Website Navigation - A Comparison of User Expectations and Current Practice BIB 263-276
  C. J. Pilgrim; Y. K. Leung; G. Lindgaard
Context matters: Evaluating Interaction Techniques with the CIS Model BIB 279-296
  C. Appert; M. Beaudouin-Lafon; W. E. Mackay
Enhancing Contextual Analysis to Support the Design of Development Tools BIB 297-314
  C. Roast; A. Dearden; B. Khazaei
A Context-aware Locomotion Assistance Device for the Blind BIB 315-328
  C. Jacquet; Y. Bourda; Y. Bellik
Evaluating Usability and Challenge during Initial and Extended Use of Children's Computer Games BIB 331-346
  M. Bekker; W. Barendregt; S. Crombeen; M. Biesheuvel
Comparing Interaction in the Real World and CAVE Virtual Environments BIB 347-362
  A. Sutcliffe; O. de Bruijn; B. Gault; T. Fernando; K. Tan
In Search of Salience: A Response-time and Eye-movement Analysis of Bookmark Recognition BIB 363-378
  A. Poole; L. J. Ball; P. Phillips