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Computers in Human Behavior 17

Editors:Robert D. Tennyson
Standard No:ISSN: 0747-5632
Links:Table of Contents
  1. CHB 2001-01 Volume 17 Issue 1
  2. CHB 2001-03 Volume 17 Issue 2
  3. CHB 2001-05 Volume 17 Issue 3
  4. CHB 2001-07 Volume 17 Issue 4
  5. CHB 2001-09 Volume 17 Issue 5/6

CHB 2001-01 Volume 17 Issue 1

Cognitive processes in solving variants of computer-based problems used in logic teaching BIBFull-Text 1-19
  Tessa H. S. Eysink; S. Dijkstra; J. Kuper
The relation of gender and background experience to self-reported computing anxieties and cognitions BIBFull-Text 21-33
  David McIlroy; B. Bunting; Kevin Tierney; Michael Gordon
The structure of computer anxiety: a six-factor model BIBFull-Text 35-49
  John J. Beckers; Henk G. Schmidt
Effects of training method and computer anxiety on learning performance and self-efficacy BIBFull-Text 51-69
  H.-W. Chou
Gender and computer-mediated communication: group processes in problem solving BIBFull-Text 71-94
  L. Adrianson
Gender, Internet and computer attitudes and experiences BIBFull-Text 95-110
  Phyllis Schumacher; Janet Morahan-Martin
Developing a computerized test of perceptual/clerical speed BIBFull-Text 111-124
  S. Parks; A. Bartlett; A. Wickham; B. Myors
The effects of learning style and hypermedia prior experience on behavioral disorders knowledge and time on task: a case-based hypermedia environment BIBFull-Text 125-140
  L. A. Kraus; W. M. Reed; G. E. Fitzgerald

CHB 2001-03 Volume 17 Issue 2

The effects of background music on word processed writing BIBFull-Text 141-148
  S. E. Ransdell; L. Gilroy
Application of an aesthetic evaluation model to data entry screens BIBDOI 149-185
  David Chek Ling Ngo; John G. Byrne
A cognitive-behavioral model of pathological Internet use BIBFull-Text 187-195
  R. A. Davis
Love on the Internet: involvement and misrepresentation in romantic relationships in cyberspace vs. realspace BIBFull-Text 197-211
  B. Cornwell; D. C. Lundgren
Computer anxiety: relationship with computer experience and prevalence BIBDOI 213-224
  Nikos Bozionelos

CHB 2001-05 Volume 17 Issue 3

Exploring the use of multimedia examination formats in undergraduate teaching: results from the fielding testing BIBFull-Text 225-248
  Min Liu; Erini Papathanasiou; Yung-Wei Hao
The effects of download delay on performance and end-user satisfaction in an Internet tutorial BIBFull-Text 249-268
  Erica S. Davis; Donald A. Hantula
The use of computer-mediated communication to enhance subsequent face-to-face discussions BIBFull-Text 269-283
  Beth Dietz-Uhler; Cathy Bishop-Clark
Using touch screen audio-CASI to obtain data on sensitive topics BIBDOI 285-293
  Philip C. Cooley; S. M. Rogers; C. F. Turner; A. A. Al-Tayyib; G. Willis; Laxminarayana Ganapathi
From Eliza to Internet: a brief history of computerized assessment BIBFull-Text 295-314
  J. Epstein; W. D. Klinkenberg
Computerized screening for DSM classifications using CBCL/YSR extended checklists: a clinical try-out BIBFull-Text 315-337
  Nicole P. C. M. Krol; Eric E. J. De Bruyn; Edward J. M. van Aarle; John H. L. van den Bercken
Insuring sample equivalence across internet and paper-and-pencil assessments BIBFull-Text 339-346
  J. Epstein; W. D. Klinkenberg; D. Wiley; L. McKinley

CHB 2001-07 Volume 17 Issue 4

Web-enhanced higher education: a tower of Babel BIBFull-Text 347-353
  Paul A. Kirschner; Fred Paas
Defining core competencies of an instructional technologist BIBFull-Text 355-361
  Robert D. Tennyson
The effects of a Web-based training in an instructional systems design approach on teachers' instructional design behavior BIBFull-Text 363-371
  Albert W. M. Hoogveld; Fred Paas; Wim M. G. Jochems; Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer
Just-in-time information presentation and the acquisition of complex cognitive skills BIBFull-Text 373-391
  Liesbeth Kester; Paul A. Kirschner; Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer; Anita Baumer
CADMOS: an approach to developing Web-based instructional systems BIBFull-Text 393-407
  Symeon Retalis; Emmanuel Skordalakis
A system dynamics evaluation model and methodology for instructional technology support BIBFull-Text 409-419
  Tina Stavredes
Identifying barriers to technology-enhanced learning environments in teacher education BIBFull-Text 421-430
  John Wedman; Laura Diggs

CHB 2001-09 Volume 17 Issue 5/6

Organisational computer supported collaborative learning: the affect of context BIBDOI 431-437
  Mike Dobson; Begoña Gros
Instructional design for Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning in primary and secondary school BIBFull-Text 439-451
  Begoña Gros
The ParlEuNet-project: problems with the validation of socio-constructivist design principles in ecological settings BIBDOI 453-464
  Geraldine Clarebout; Jan Elen
Collaborative learning in an educational robotics environment BIBFull-Text 465-480
  Brigitte Denis; Sylviane Hubert
Collaborative environments and task design in the university BIBFull-Text 481-493
  Jose Luis Rodriguez-Illera
Instructional design and emerging teaching models in higher education BIBFull-Text 495-506
  Jorma Enkenberg
Design of collaborative learning environments BIBFull-Text 507-516
  Joost Lowyck; Johanna Pöysä
Models and simulations for learning in complex domains: using causal loop diagrams for assessment and evaluation BIBFull-Text 517-545
  J. Michael Spector; Dean L. Christensen; Alexei V. Sioutine; Dalton McCormack
Situated learning with co-operative agent simulations in team training BIBFull-Text 547-573
  M. W. Dobson; Michael Pengelly; Julie-Ann Sime; S. A. Albaladejo; E. V. Garcia; F. Gonzales; J. M. Maseda
Dynamic problem selection in air traffic control training: a comparison between performance, mental effort and mental efficiency BIBFull-Text 575-595
  Gino Camp; Fred Paas; Remy M. J. P. Rikers; Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer
The role of organisational context in mediating workplace learning and performance BIBFull-Text 597-614
  C. A. Owen
Training teams for emergency management BIBFull-Text 615-626
  Alma Schaafstal; Joan Hall Johnston; Randall L. Oser
Gaming and multimedia applications for environmental crisis management training BIBFull-Text 627-642
  Dirk Stolk; Daniel Alexandrian; Begoña Gros; Roberto Paggio