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Proceedings of IFIP INTERACT'99: Human-Computer Interaction 1999-08-30

Fullname:Proceedings of INTERACT'99: IFIP TC13 Seventh International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Editors:M. Angela Sasse; C. Johnson
Location:Edinburgh, Scotland
Dates:1999-Aug-30 to 1999-Sep-03
Publisher:IOS Press; Ohmsha;
Standard No:ISBN 0-96733550-7 4-27490308-7; hcibib: INT99
Links:Conference Home Page (defunct)
  1. Keynotes
  2. E-Business
  3. Data Mining and Databases
  4. Mobile Systems
  5. Speech
  6. Viewing the Web
  7. Next Generation Office Systems
  8. Novel Interaction
  9. Accessibility
  10. Interruptions and Coordination
  11. Design Patterns
  12. Healthcare Informatics
  13. Haptics
  14. Design Techniques
  15. Remote Interaction and Evaluation
  16. Search
  17. Programming Environments
  18. 3D and Virtual Environments
  19. Social Psychology and Contextual Design
  20. Learning
  21. Evaluation Tools
  22. Communities and Language


Customer Centred Design as Discipline BIB 3-17
  K. Holtzblatt
HCI in the Next Millennium: Supporting the World Mind BIB 18-30
  B. R. Gaines
Understanding Cognitive Complexity BIB 31-42
  V. De Keyser; D. Javaux


Comparative Study of Analytical Product Selection Support Mechanisms BIB 45-53
  M. Stolze
A Case Study in the Development of Collaborative Customer Care: Concept and Solution BIB 54-61
  C. G. Wolf; A. Lee; M. Touma; S. Daijavad
Pushing All The Right Buttons: Lessons From Two Case Studies of Touch-screen Kiosks BIB 62-69
  D. Martin; J. O'Neill; R. Varey; D. Wastell
Usability Test Results for Information Visualizations: Determinants of Usefulness for Complex Business Problems BIB 70-78
  B. Mirel

Data Mining and Databases

Register-domain Separation as a Methodology for Development of Natural Language Interfaces to Databases BIB 79-85
  S. Sharoff; V. Zhigalov
Data Abstractions and Their Use: An Experimental Study of User Productivity BIB 86-94
  A. Srinivasan; G. Irwin
Consulting Search Engines as Conversation BIB 95-101
  N. Iwayama; M. Murakami; M. Matsuda
Complementary Menu System Combining Document Structure and Taxonomic Hierarchy BIB 102-109
  Y. Senda; Y. Sinohara; K. Bannai

Mobile Systems

Plasticity of User Interfaces: Framework and Research Agenda BIB 110-117
  D. Thevenin; J. Coutaz
User Interface Prototyping Methods in Designing Mobile Handsets BIB 118-125
  H. Kiljander
A Wearable Computer for Paramedics: Studies in Model-based, User-centred and Industrial Design BIB 126-132
  C. Baber; T. N. Arvanitis; D. J. Haniff; R. Buckley


The Beauty of Errors: Patterns of Error Correction in Desktop Speech Systems BIB 133-140
  C. A. Halverson; D. B. Horn; C.-M. Karat; J. Karat
Managing Spoken Dialogues in Information Services BIB 141-148
  J. Ocelikova; V. Matousek
Speech Interaction Can Support Problem Solving BIB 149-155
  D. Golightly; K. S. Hone; F. E. Ritter

Viewing the Web

The Explorer Bar: Unifying and Improving Web Navigation BIB 156-162
  S. Berkun
The Contribution of Thumbnail Image, Mouse-over Text and Spatial Location Memory to Web Page Retrieval in 3D BIB 163-170
  M. P. Czerwinski; M. van Dantzich; G. Robertson; H. Hoffman
Spatial Data Management Systems: Mapping Semantic Distance BIB 171-178
  T. Cribbin; S. J. Westerman
Do Thematic Maps Improve Information Retrieval? BIB 179-186
  K. Hornbaek; E. Frokjaer

Next Generation Office Systems

Balancing Generality and Specificity in Document Management Systems BIB 187-195
  W. K. Edwards; A. LaMarca
The Writing on the Wall BIB 196-204
  E. D. Mynatt
Facilitating Video Access by Visualizing Automatic Analysis BIB 205-213
  A. Girgensohn; J. Boreczky; L. Wilcox; J. Foote
Privacy Issues in Ubiquitous Multimedia Environments: Wake Sleeping Dogs, or Let Them Lie? BIB 214-221
  A. Adams; M. A. Sasse

Novel Interaction

Evaluating Gedrics: Usability of a Pen-centric Interface BIB 222-230
  J. Geissler; M. Gauler; N. A. Streitz
A Toolkit for Exploring Electro-physiological Human-Computer Interaction BIB 231-237
  J. Allanson; T. Rodden; J. Mariani
The Perceptual Window: Head Motion as a New Input Stream BIB 238-244
  F. Berard
Designing Awareness with Attention-based Groupware BIB 245-255
  R. Vertegaal


SeeWeb: Dynamic Improvement of the Accessibility of HTML Documents for Blind Persons BIB 256-262
  S. Farhat; Y. Bellik
A Principled Design Methodology for Auditory Interaction BIB 263-271
  E. N. Mitsopoulos; A. D. N. Edwards
A Multimedia Presentation System for the Remediation of Sentence Processing Deficits BIB 272-280
  M. A. Beveridge; M. A. Crerar
Justice and Design BIB 281-286
  P. Duquenoy; H. Thimbleby

Interruptions and Coordination

An Empirical Study of Auditory Warnings in Aircraft BIB 287-294
  C. H. Morris; Y. K. Leung
Coordinating the Interruption of People in Human-Computer Interaction BIB 295-303
  D. C. McFarlane
How Can Groupware Preserve Our Coordination Skills? Designing for Direct Collaboration BIB 304-312
  S. Sire; S. Chatty; H. Gaspard-Boulinc; F.-R. Colin
Multi-mediating Multi-party Interactions BIB 313-320
  A. H. Anderson; J. Mullin; E. Katsavras; R. McEwan; E. Grattan; P. Brundell; C. O'Malley

Design Patterns

How Stories Capture Interactions BIB 321-328
  M. Imaz; D. Benyon
Patterns, Claims and Multimedia BIB 329-335
  A. Sutcliffe; M. Dimitrova
Desperado: Three-in-one Indexing for Innovative Design BIB 336-343
  T. C. Ormerod; J. Mariani; L. J. Ball; N. Lambell
A Framework for Usability Problem Extraction BIB 344-352
  G. Cockton; D. Lavery

Healthcare Informatics

Classification Space for Augmented Surgery, an Augmented Reality Case Study BIB 353-359
  E. Dubois; L. Nigay; J. Troccaz; O. Chavanon; L. Carrat
Weak at the Knees? Arthroscopic Surgery Simulation User Requirements, Capturing the Psychological Impact of VR Innovation Through Risk-based Design BIB 360-366
  J. G. Arthur; A. D. McCarthy; H. P. Wynn; P. J. Harley; C. Baber
Telemedical Consultation in Primary Care: A Case Study in CSCW Design BIB 367-374
  A. F. Monk; L. Watts


An Imprecise Mouse Gesture for the Fast Activation of Controls BIB 375-382
  M. S. Dulberg; R. St. Amant; L. S. Zettlemoyer
What You Feel Must Be What You See: Adding Tactile Feedback to the Trackpoint BIB 383-390
  C. S. Campbell; S. Zhai; K. W. May; P. P. Maglio
Effects of Orientation Disparity Between Hepatic and Graphic Displays of Objects in Virtual Environments BIB 391-398
  Y. Wang; C. L. MacKenzie

Design Techniques

Successful Case Study and Partial Validation of MUSE, a Structured Method for Usability Engineering BIB 399-407
  J. Middlemass; A. Stork; J. Long
Embedding Ergonomic Rules as Generic Requirements in a Formal Development Process of Interactive Software BIB 408-416
  P. Palanque; C. Farenc; R. Bastide
The Principle of Rationality and Models of Highly Interactive Systems BIB 417-424
  R. Butterworth; A. Blandford
Case-based Reasoning Systems for Knowledge Mediation BIB 425-433
  A. D. Griffiths; M. D. Harrison; A. M. Dearden

Remote Interaction and Evaluation

Model-aided Remote Usability Evaluation BIB 434-442
  F. Paterno; G. Ballardin
Remote Usability Testing of a Web Site Information Architecture: "Testing for a Dollar a Day" BIB 443-450
  K. Kaasgaard; T. Myhlendorph; T. Snitker; H.-E. Sorensen
On Not Being There: Watching Intranet Tele-presentations BIB 451-457
  B. Anderson
Being in Public and Reciprocity: Design for Portholes and User Preference BIB 458-465
  A. Girgensohn; A. Lee; T. Turner


Illustrative Browsing: A New Method of Browsing in Long On-line Texts BIB 466-473
  S. Schlechtweg; T. Strothotte
Choice and Comparison Where the User Wants Them: Subjunctive Interfaces for Computer-supported Exploration BIB 474-482
  A. Lunzer
Design and Evaluation of Phrasier, an Interactive System for Linking Documents Using Keyphrases BIB 483-490
  S. Jones
OTree: A Tree Visualization using Scaling and Omission BIB 491-496
  K. Kaugars

Programming Environments

Improving Functional Programming Environments BIB 497-503
  J. Whittle
Incremental Control of a Children's Computing Environment BIB 504-509
  R. Sheehan
A Brick Construction Game Model for Creating Graphical User Interfaces: The Ubit Toolkit BIB 510-518
  E. Lecolinet
GUITESTER2: An Automatic Consistency Evaluation Tool for Graphical User Interfaces BIB 519-526
  H. Okada; S. Fukuzumi; T. Asahi

3D and Virtual Environments

Towards a Better Understanding of Usability Problems with Virtual Environments BIB 527-535
  K. K. Deol; A. G. Sutcliffe; N. A. M. Maiden
Controlling a Single 3D Object: Viewpoint Metaphors, Speed and Subjective Satisfaction BIB 536-543
  T. Partala
Wayfinding/Navigation within a QTVR Virtual Environment: Preliminary Results BIB 544-551
  B. E. Norris; D. Z. Rashid; B. L. W. Wong
Sequential Display: An Effective Alternative to Conventional Animation BIB 552-557
  M. Betrancourt

Social Psychology and Contextual Design

The Usability of a Computer-based Work System BIB 558-565
  K. D. Keller
New Technology and Work Practice: Modelling Change with Cognitive Work Analysis BIB 566-573
  P. J. Benda; P. M. Sanderson
Using Contextual Information Effectively in Design BIB 574-581
  S. Clarke; G. Cockton
Supporting Interaction Strategies Through the Externalization of Strategy Concepts BIB 582-588
  A. Cockayne; P. C. Wright; B. Fields


Redundancy Effects in Instructional Multimedia Systems BIB 589-596
  F. Vetere; S. Howard
Modelling the Learner in a World Wide Web Guided Discovery Hypertext Learning Environment BIB 597-604
  K. W. Pang; E. A. Edmonds

Evaluation Tools

Towards a Methodology Employing Critical Parameters to Deliver Performance Improvements in Interactive Systems BIB 605-612
  W. Newman; A. Taylor
Breaking Down Usability BIB 613-620
  M. van Welie; G. C. van der Veer; A. Eliens
Comparing Usability Evaluation Principles with Heuristics: Problem Instances vs. Problem Types BIB 621-629
  I. W. Connell; N. V. Hammond

Communities and Language

Designing for Shared Interfaces with Diverse User Groups BIB 630-636
  L. Dunckley; A. Smith; D. Howard
Blacksburg Nostalgia: A Community History Archive BIB 637-647
  J. M. Carroll; M. B. Rosson; C. Van Metre; R.-R. Kengeri; J. Kelso; M. Darshani
Investigation into the Effect of Language on Performance in a Multimedia Food Studies Application BIB 648-653
  T. Barker; S. Jones; C. Britton; D. Messer
Examining Users' Repertoire of Internet Applications BIB 654-660
  J. Rimmer; I. Wakeman; L. Sheeran; M. A. Sasse
Part Three Doctoral Consortium BIB 661-662
Automated Generation of Presentations through a Search-based Software Visualization System BIB 663-665
  R. Adobbati
User-centred Relevance Research: Developing a Better Understanding of Searchers' Ultimate Use Requirements BIB 666-668
  T. K. D. Anderson
On Human Error and Accident Causation BIB 669-670
  D. Busse
An Investigation of the Capability of Task Analysis Techniques in Support of the Design and Development of Web-based Interactive Systems BIB 671-673
  Y. H. Daabaj; J. R. G. Wood
An Investigation Into The Effects of Delays in Visual Feedback on Real-time System Users BIB 674-675
  P. N. Day
Towards a Pattern Language for Instructional Multimedia Interface Design BIB 676-678
  M. Dimitrova
Computing for the Disabled using a New Brain Body Interface BIB 679-680
  E. P. Doherty
Development of a Predictive Model of User Satisfaction with Packaged Software BIB 681-683
  C. M. Finnerty
Communication and Collaboration in Virtual Places BIB 684-685
  M. Georgsen
Incorporating Usability in the Software Design Process BIB 686-687
  M. J. Mahemoff
Evaluating Navigation: Are We There Yet? BIB 688-689
  R. McCall
If Only Design Sophistication Meant Fault and Fool Proof, Easy to Use Systems BIB 690-691
  D. Ng
A Bridge Too Far: Can UML Finally Help Bridge the Gap? BIB 692-693
  N. J. Nunes
SPEL - System for Phonic Early Learning BIB 694-695
  L. Snape
Computer Supported Knowledge Management BIB 696-697
  U. Snis
Supporting Visual Query Expression in a Content-Based Image Retrieval Environment BIB 698-700
  C. C. Venters