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Proceedings of IFIP INTERACT'95: Human-Computer Interaction 1995-06-25

Fullname:Proceedings of INTERACT'95: IFIP TC13 Fifth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Note:Bringing People Together
Editors:Knut Nordby
Location:Lillehammer, Norway
Dates:1995-Jun-25 to 1995-Jun-29
Publisher:Chapman & Hall
Standard No:ISBN 0-412-71790-5; hcibib: INT95
Links:Conference Home Page (defunct)
Getting usability used BIB 3-12
  J. Nielsen
Communication patterns in teleworking BIB 13-16
  J. W. Bakke
The economics of interface development BIB 19-25
  C. W. Johnson
Cinematography and interface design BIB 26-31
  J. May; P. Barnard
The interplay between cognitive and organizational factors in software development BIB 32-37
  P. E. Waterson; C. W. Clegg; C. M. Axtell
Designing environmental sounds based on the results of interaction between objects in the real world BIB 38-42
  A. Darvishi; E. Munteanu; V. Guggiana; H. Schauer
The sonic enhancement of graphical buttons BIB 43-48
  S. A. Brewster; P. C. Wright; A. J. Dix; A. D. N. Edwards
Earcons and icons: an experimental study BIB 49-54
  E. Leimann; H.-H. Schulze
Displays as data structures: entity-relationship models of information artefacts BIB 55-60
  T. R. G. Green; D. Benyon
Perceptions of design rationale BIB 61-66
  A. H. Joergensen; A. Aboulafia
How many novices does it take to match three expert designers? Lessons from an exercise in parallel design BIB 67-72
  S. Ovasaka; K.-J. Raeihae
Gedrics: the next generation of icons BIB 73-78
  J. Geissler
Distributable interactive objects BIB 79-84
  K. J. Rodham; D. R. Olsen
Constraint-based definition of application-specific graphics BIB 85-90
  M. Poepping; G. Szwillus
Separating user and device descriptions for modelling interactive problem solving BIB 91-96
  A. E. Blandford; R. M. Young
Task orientation in user interface design BIB 97-102
  M. Gritzman; A. Kluge; H. Lovett
"To say and to do." Virtual actions in the structure and recognition of discourse plans with regard to practical plans BIB 103-108
  C. Castelfranchi; R. Falcone
Exploring user effort involved in using history tools through MHP/GOMS: results and experiences BIB 109-114
  A. Lee
Four easy pieces for assessing the usability of multimodal interaction: the care properties BIB 115-120
  J. Coutaz; L. Nigay; D. Salber; A. Blandford
Whizz'Ed: a visual environment for building highly interactive software BIB 121-126
  O. Esteban; S. Chatty; P. Palanque
Decision theory and safety-critical interfaces BIB 127-132
  C. W. Johnson
An empirical study of software reuse by experts in object-oriented design BIB 133-138
  J.-M. Burkhardt; F. Detienne
Programming plans, imagery, and visual programming BIB 139-144
  T. R. G. Green; R. Navarro
Learning graphical programming: an evaluation of KidSim[TM] BIB 145-150
  D. J. Gilmore; K. Pheasey; J. Underwood; G. Underwood
To repeat or not to repeat: Face-ing the facts BIB 151-156
  M. Burmester; W. Beck; P. H. Vossen
A multimodal user interface system with force feedback and physical models BIB 157-162
  C. Ramstein
Multimodal user interface system for blind and "visually occupied" users: ergonomic evaluation of the haptic and auditive dimensions BIB 163-168
  A. Dufresne; O. Martial; C. Ramstein
The myth of seperable dialogue: software engineering vs. user models BIB 169-172
  H. Wegener
Interface design: have we got it wrong? BIB 173-178
  D. J. Gilmore
Prototyping considered dangerous BIB 179-184
  M. E. Atwood; B. Burns; A. Girgensohn; A. Lee
Solving arbitrary expressions of graphical constraints BIB 185-190
  G. Szwillus
Verification of an interactive software by analysis of its formal specification BIB 191-196
  P. Palanque; R. Bastide
A data centred framework for user-centred design BIB 197-202
  D. Benyon
Computational advice and explanations - behavioural and computational aspects BIB 203-206
  Y. Woeren; S. Haegglund; R. Ramberg; I. Rankin
Designing query support for multiple databases BIB 207-212
  A. Sutcliffe; I. Bennett; A. Doubleday; M. Ryan
Documentation as part of design: exploratory field studies BIB 213-218
  J.-F. Rouet; C. Deleuze-Dordron; A. Bisseret
An empirical study in using linked documentation to assist software maintenance BIB 219-224
  F. Hamilton; H. Johnson
An experimental study of a gestalt based database for mug shots BIB 225-230
  U. Astad; F. Safayeni; D. Raymond
Suspect identification: traditional mugshot album versus computerized feature system BIB 231-236
  E. Lee; C. Bisesar; G. Reid; T. Whalen
An alternative interface for multimedia service stations BIB 237-240
  M. Silva Santos; F. Da Fonseca de Souza; A. C. Salgado
Searching without a keyboard in a multimedia environment BIB 241-246
  L. Leventhal; B. Teasley; D. Stone; K. Instone
Ubiquitous mail: speech and graphical user interfaces to an integrated voice/e-mail mailbox BIB 247-252
  C. G. Wolf; L. Koved; E. Kunzinger
Interactive net-services on the WWW BIB 253-258
  K. J. Rodham; D. R. Olsen
Encouraging exploratory learning of a user interface BIB 259-264
  S. De Mul; H. Von Oostendorp
VCR-as-paradigm: a study and taxonomy of errors in an interactive task BIB 265-270
  W. D. Gray
Satisfying user needs through a combination of interface design techniques BIB 271-276
  M. Bladh; K. Hoeoek
Understanding collaborative authority in shared workspace BIB 277-282
  C. Chen; R. Rada
A requirements space for group-work systems BIB 283-288
  J. McCarthy; P. Wright; M. Harrison
Design and evaluation of MAJIC videoconferencing system BIB 289-294
  K. Okada; Y. Ichikawaa; G. Jeong; S. Tanaka
EXPOSE. HCI-counseling for user interface design BIB 297-304
  P. Gorny
IDA - a design environment for ergonomic user interfaces BIB 305-310
  H. Reiterer
Accessing guidelines information with Sierra BIB 311-316
  J. Vanderdonckt
From OOA to GUIs - the JANUS System BIB 319-324
  H. Balzert
Generation of user interfaces using formal specification BIB 325-330
  O. Lauridsen
Computer-aided window identification in Trident BIB 331-336
  F. Bodart; A.-M. Hennebert; J.-M. Leheureux; I. Provot
Reflections on the design of interface metaphors BIB 339-345
  M. Smyth; B. Anderson; R. Knott; J. L. Alty
Evaluating a multimedia history system as support for collaborative design BIB 346-353
  J. Karat; J. M. Carroll; S. R. Alpert; M. B. Rosson
An approach to hypertext-based requirements specification and its application BIB 354-357
  H. Kaindl
Design of coordinated interfaces for real-time decision making in hierarchical structures BIB 358-361
  S. Nishida; M. Nakatani
Dynamic forms: an enhanced interaction abstraction based on forms BIB 362-367
  A. Girgensohn; B. Simmermann; A. Lee; B. Burns
Cyberbase: the man machine computer BIB 368-371
  S. Pedersen
Organizing usability in the corporation BIB 372-375
  J. Scholtz
Evaluating design specifications using heuristic evaluation BIB 376-379
  W. O. Lee; K. Dye; D. Airth
Human factors in software development - current practice relating to user centred design in the UK BIB 380-383
  A. Smith; L. Dunckley
Delivering competitive edge BIB 384-385
  M. Atyeo; S. Robinson
DynaDesigner: a tool for rapid creation of device-independent interactive services BIB 386-389
  L. Terveen; M. Toumenoksa
Audio annotation of electronic texts BIB 390-393
  I. D. Benest
An adaptable user interface to a multimedia telecommunications conversation service for people with disabilities BIB 394-397
  N. A. Hine; D. Wilkinson; I. A. S. Gordon; J. L. Arnott
Designing an interface in an educational context: first steps to a principled approach BIB 401-404
  M. Linard; R. Zeiliger
The effect of a teacher-designed assessment tool on an instructor's cognitive activity BIB 405-409
  A. Cohen; K. Candland; E. Lee
Educational applications of adaptive hypermedia BIB 410-414
  I. Beaumont; P. Brusilovsky
Making claims about teaching systems BIB 415-418
  E. F. Churchill; S. Ainsworth
HCI curricula: what is being taught on computing courses in the UK BIB 419-422
  M. Kirby; A. Life; H. Istance; L. Hole
Advanced interaction in university based education BIB 423-426
  T. T. Hewett; M. Tscheligi
The usefulness of an HCI syllabus BIB 427-430
  P. J. A. Scown