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Proceedings of IFIP INTERACT'01: Human-Computer Interaction 2001-07-09

Fullname:Proceedings of INTERACT'01: IFIP TC13 Eighth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Editors:Michitaka Hirose
Location:Tokyo, Japan
Dates:2001-Jul-09 to 2001-Jul-13
Publisher:IOS Press; Ohmsha;
Standard No:ISBN 1-58603188-0 4-27490451-2; hcibib: INT01
Designing Usability, Supporting Sociability: Questions Participants Ask about Online Communities BIB 3-12
  J. Preece
Affective and Wearable Interfaces: Sensing and Responding to Human Emotion BIB 13
  R. Picard
Interacting with a Computer Augmented Environment BIB 14-16
  J. Rekimoto
Software Architecture for Audio and Haptic Rendering Based on a Physical Model BIB 19-26
  H. Yano; H. Iwata
Building a Worldwide Photorealistic Virtual Environment by Switching between Subenvironments BIB 27-34
  T. Tanikawa; M. Hirose
Collaborative Creation of a Persistent Virtual World BIB 35-42
  J. Purbrick; C. Greenhalgh
Information Overload and Virtual Public Discourse Boundaries BIB 43-50
  Q. Jones; G. Ravid; S. Rafaeli
The Interactive Design Collaboratorium BIB 51-58
  S. Bødker; P. Krogh; M. G. Petersen
Fostering Social Interaction in Online Spaces BIB 59-66
  A. Lee; C. Danis; T. Miller; Y. Jung
The Use of Conventional and New Music Media: Implications for Future Technologies BIB 67-75
  B. Brown; E. Geelhoed; A. Sellen
Measuring Purchasing Intentions for Internet Retail Sites against Usability Attributes BIB 76-83
  K. Vassilopoulou; K. Keeling; L. Macaulay; P. McGoldrick
TV Home Banking and the Technology Acceptance Model: Intrinsic Motivation and Gender Issues BIB 84-91
  K. Keeling; D. Fowler; P. McGoldrick; L. Macaulay
Optimised Virtual Keyboards with and without Alphabetical Ordering - A Novice User Study BIB 92-99
  B. A. Smith; S. Zhai
Combined Voluntary Gaze Direction and Facial Muscle Activity as a New Pointing Technique BIB 100-107
  T. Partala; A. Aula; V. Surakka
Representation of Volumetric Data Using Immersive Projection Display and Haptic Display BIB 108-114
  W. Hashimoto; H. Iwata
Designing for Sociability in Shared Browsers BIB 115-123
  S. Farnham; M. Zaner; L. Cheng
"You Mean Here?" - Video-Mediated Nurse-Patient Communication BIB 124-131
  H. Tap
Emergent Structure in Analytic Workspaces: Design and Use of the Visual Knowledge Builder BIB 132-139
  F. Shipman; H. Hsieh; R. Airhart; P. Maloor; J. M. Moore; D. Shah
Sharing Searches: Developing Open Support for Collaborative Searching BIB 140-147
  J. Walkerdine; T. Rodden
Evaluating Animation in the Periphery as a Mechanism for Maintaining Awareness BIB 148-156
  D. S. McCrickard; R. Catrambone; J. T. Stasko
Moving Icons: Detection and Distraction BIB 157-165
  L. Bartram; C. Ware; T. Calvert
Exploring Cognitive Issues in Visual Information Retrieval BIB 166-173
  T. Cribbin; C. Chen
Auditory Cues for Monitoring a Background Process: A Comparative Evaluation BIB 174-181
  M. Pacey; C. MacGregor
Simulating Affective Communication with Animated Agents BIB 182-189
  H. Prendinger; M. Ishizuka
TelMeA: An Asynchronous Community System with Avatar-like Agents BIB 190-197
  T. Takahashi; H. Takeda
Personifying the e-Market: A Framework for Social Agents BIB 198-205
  A. De Angeli; P. Lynch; G. Johnson
Information-Enriched Workspaces BIB 206-213
  Y. Ye
Design and Evaluation of Four AR Navigation Tools Using Scene and Viewpoint Handling BIB 214-223
  M. Fjeld; N. Ironmonger; S. Guttormsen-Schar; H. Krueger
An Evaluation of Augmented Reality Navigational Maps in Head-Worn Displays BIB 224-231
  J. Lehikoinen
Visual Interaction Platform BIB 232-239
  D. Aliakseyeu; J.-B. Martens; S. Subramanian; M. Vroubel; W. Wesselink
SnapLink: Interactive Object Registration and Recognition for Augmented Desk Interface BIB 240-246
  T. Nishi; Y. Sato; H. Koike
THEA: A Technique for Human Error Assessment Early in Design BIB 247-254
  S. Pocock; M. Harrison; P. Wright; P. Johnson
Unmasking Mode Errors: A New Application of Task Knowledge Principles to the Knowledge Gaps in Cockpit Design BIB 255-262
  R. Hourizi; P. Johnson
Notification, Disruption, and Memory: Effects of Messaging Interruptions on Memory and Performance BIB 263-269
  E. Cutrell; M. Czerwinski; E. Horvitz
User Interface Evaluation When User Errors May Have Safety-Critical Effects BIB 270-277
  F. Paterno; C. Santoro
Social Effects on Human-Computer Interaction of Simultaneous Utterances with Inarticulate Sounds BIB 278-285
  N. Suzuki; Y. Takeuchi; M. Okada
Speech Interaction with Graphical User Interfaces BIB 286-293
  D. R. Olsen; S. E. Hudson; C. M. Tam; G. Conaty; M. Phelps; J. M. Heiner
Spoken Interaction with Computers in a Native or Non-Native Language - Same or Different? BIB 294-301
  N. Dahlback; S. Swamy; C. Nass; F. Arvidsson; J. Skageby
Browsing the Web from a Speech-Based Interface BIB 302-309
  J. Poon; C. Nunn
Detectability and Comprehensibility Study on Audio Hyperlinking Methods BIB 310-317
  Q. Wang; M. Shen; R. Shui; H. Su
Digital Annotation and Exploration Techniques for Handling Image-Based Hypermedia BIB 318-325
  L. Robert; E. Lecolinet
Semi-Automatic Image Annotation BIB 326-333
  L. Wenyin; S. Dumais; Y. Sun; H. Zhang; M. Czerwinski; B. Field
Tiles: A Mixed Reality Authoring Interface BIB 334-341
  I. Poupyrev; D. Tan; M. Billinghurst; H. Kato; H. Regenbrecht; N. Tetsutani
Where Theory Meets Practice: A Case for an Activity Theory Based Methodology to Guide Computer System Design BIB 342-349
  D. Mwanza
Usability Pattern Languages: the "Language" Aspect BIB 350-358
  M. Mahemoff; L. J. Johnston
Reengineering the Systems Development Process for User Centred Design BIB 359-366
  J. Gulliksen; B. Goransson
Elastic Systems BIB 367-374
  P. B. Andersen
"Let There Be Light": Examining Interfaces for Homes of the Future BIB 375-382
  B. Brumitt; J. J. Cadiz
User Interface for an In-Home Environment BIB 383-390
  R. van de Sluis; B. Eggen; J. Jansen; H. Kohar
Handheld Applications Design: Merging Information Appliances without Affecting Usability BIB 391-398
  M. Nyberg; S. Bjork; M. Goldstein; J. Redstrom
Activity and Artifact: The Symbiosis of Truck Drivers' Work and Navigational Systems BIB 399-406
  M. Johansson; M. Pettersson
Interactive Room Support for Complex and Distributed Design Projects BIB 407-414
  K. Grønbæk; K. K. Gundersen; P. Mogensen; P. Orboek
Soft Initiation in HyperMirror-III BIB 415-422
  O. Morikawa; J. Yamashita; Y. Fukui; S. Sato
Pirates! Using the Physical World as a Game Board BIB 423-430
  S. Bjork; J. Falk; R. Hansson; P. Ljungstrand
Creating an Infrastructure for Ubiquitous Awareness BIB 431-438
  M. Kantor; D. Redmiles
Augmenting Museums and Art Galleries BIB 439-446
  C. Baber; H. Bristow; S.-L. Cheng; A. Hedley; Y. Kuriyama; M. Lien; J. Pollard; P. Sorrell
Expressions: Towards a Design Practice of Slow Technology BIB 447-454
  L. Hallnas; P. Jaksetic; P. Ljungstrand; J. Redstrom; T. Skog
Less Clicking, More Watching: Results of the Iterative Design and Evaluation of Entertaining Web Experiences BIB 455-463
  C.-M. Karat; C. Pinhanez; J. Karat; R. Arora; J. Vergo
Home Video Editing Made Easy - Balancing Automation and User Control BIB 464-471
  A. Girgensohn; S. Bly; F. Shipman; J. Boreczky; L. Wilcox
Fostering Engagement in Asynchronous Learning through Collaborative Multimedia Annotation BIB 472-479
  S. LeeTiernan; J. Grudin
Learning Enhancement in Web Contents through Inter-Agent Interaction BIB 480-487
  Y. Takeuchi; Y. Katagiri; T. Takahashi
Bringing Human Computer Interaction into a Department of Product and Systems Design BIB 488-495
  J. Darzentas; T. T. Hewett; T. Spyrou; J. Darzentas
Electronic Blocks: Tangible Programming Elements for Preschoolers BIB 496-503
  P. Wyeth; G. Wyeth
An Automatic GUI Design Checking Tool from the Viewpoint of Design Standards BIB 504-511
  H. Okada; T. Asahi
Requirements Engineering of Personal Technology for Police Officers BIB 512-520
  C. Baber; M. Sharples; M. Boardman; A. Price; D. Haniff
Analysing Viewpoints in Design through the Argumentation Process BIB 521-529
  G. Martin; F. Detienne; E. Lavigne
Effects of Prompt Style when Navigating through Structured Data BIB 530-536
  V. Vanhoucke; W. L. Neeley; M. Mortati; M. J. Sloan; C. Nass
How Are Searching and Reading Intertwined during Retrieval from Hierarchically Structured Documents? BIB 537-544
  M. Hertzum; M. Lalmas; E. Frokjaer
Context Lenses - Document Visualization and Navigation Tools for Rapid Access to Detail BIB 545-552
  A. Dieberger; D. M. Russell
A Comparative Study of Distortion-Oriented Displays BIB 553-560
  Y. K. Leung; M. Smith; J. Fabre
JigsawTree: Design of a Task Composition Interface for Complex Applications BIB 561-568
  E. Kandogan
Large-Scale Collection of Usage Data to Inform Design BIB 569-576
  D. M. Hilbert; D. F. Redmiles
PUMA Footprints: Linking Theory and Craft Skill in Usability Evaluation BIB 577-584
  A. Blandford; R. Butterworth; P. Curzon
Analytical Prototyping of Personal Technologies: Using Predictions of Time and Error to Evaluate User Interfaces BIB 585-592
  C. Baber; N. Stanton
The Effects of Interruptions on Task Performance, Annoyance, and Anxiety in the User Interface BIB 593-601
  B. P. Bailey; J. A. Konstan; J. V. Carlis
Age, Stereotypes and Videoconferencing BIB 602-608
  N. G. Pollard; A. F. Monk
A Real-Time Thinking State Monitoring System for Plant Operation BIB 609-616
  T. Kurooka; M. Yamakawa; Y. Yamashita; H. Nishitani
Telepresence under Exceptional Circumstances: Enriching the Connection to School for Sick Children BIB 617-624
  D. I. Fels; J. K. Waalen; S. Zhai; P. Weiss
Gender Differences in Spatial Ability within Virtual Reality BIB 627-631
  E. Billen
Temporal Patterns for Complex Interaction Design BIB 632-635
  M. Du
"Where's the Interface?" Enhanced Use Models for Mobile Interaction BIB 636-639
  D. Fallman
A Conceptual-Level Design Environment for Learning Contents BIB 640-643
  Y. Hayashi
A New Approach to Interactive On-line Mapping BIB 644-647
  B. Mancilla
EVIDII: An Environment to Help Externalizing Implicit Ideas through Visualizing Individual Associations BIB 648-651
  M. Ohira
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Universal End-User Textual Languages and Tools Based on Nativeization BIB 652-655
  B. Patil
Multi Modal Map Learning for Mobile Home Robot BIB 656-659
  S. S. Ghidary
Interfaces for Diverse Cultures: An Activity Theory Approach BIB 660-664
  L. Vrazalic
Gaze Added Interface Suitable for General GUIs BIB 665-668
  M. Yamato
The BubbleFish: Digital Documents Available on Hand BIB 671-672
  D. Fallman
Ti-ti Ke-ke: Architecture as Intelligent Interface BIB 673-674
  I. Aw; W. McLean; S. Gage
Hands-on Modelling Interface System for Co-creative Telecommunication BIB 675-677
  S. Wesugi; S. Itai; Y. Miwa
A New Input Method of Computers with One CCD Camera: Virtual Keyboard BIB 678-679
  N. Matsui; Y. Yamamoto
Physical Paper as the User Interface for an Architectural Design Tool BIB 680-681
  D. Aliakseyeu; J.-B. Martens
Implementation of ActiveCube for Multi-modal Interaction BIB 682-683
  Y. Itoh; Y. Kitamura; M. Kawai; F. Kishino
Effective Notification Systems Depend on User Trust BIB 684-685
  S. LeeTiernan; E. Cutrell; M. Czerwinski; H. Hoffman
"Bello", an Animated Character Facilitating Voice Control BIB 686-687
  E. Diederiks; R. van de Sluis
Inference of Human Psychology with CE Game BIB 688-689
  H. Ito; T. Tanaka; N. Sugie
Evaluation of Communication with Robot and Agent: Are Robots Better Social Actors than Agents? BIB 690-691
  J. Yamato; K. Shinozawa; F. Naya; K. Kogure
Computers as Cognitive Assistants for Elderly People BIB 692-693
  N. Alm; L. Dobinson; P. Massie; I. Hewines
Building Virtual Interfaces with the GaCIV Tool BIB 694-695
  A. R. Assis; J. C. A. Silva
A Basic Estimation of Predictive Feedback Loop (PFL) in a Distributed Virtual Environment (DVE) with Lag BIB 696-697
  D. Hanawa; T. Yonekura
An Intuitive and Efficient Interface for Drawing Programs BIB 698-699
  C. Houser
Perceiving Depth in Desktop Virtual Environments: Effects of Motion Parallax and Object Placement BIB 700-701
  S. S. Morar; R. D. Macredie; T. Cribbin
Graphic Design of Voice Dialogue Applications BIB 702-703
  T. Nouza; J. Nouza
A Hierarchical Framework for Integrating Constraints with Graph Layouts BIB 704-705
  H. Hosobe
Positioning the Camera for Desktop Video BIB 706-707
  D. Grayson; A. Monk
From Consciousness to Unconsciousness - a Model of Motor Skill Acquisition - BIB 708-709
  Y. Toya; E. Uozumi; Y. Sagawa; N. Sugie
Computer Program for Scissors Game May Infer Opponent's Tactics BIB 710
  K. Yamamoto; E. Uozumi; S. Yamamoto; N. Sugie
Extracting Subjective Object Contours against Complex Background - Is a Zebra Visible? - BIB 711-712
  H. Banno; Y. Ohtsuka; T. Tanaka; N. Sugie
Extracting Knowledge from Usability Evaluation Databases BIB 713-714
  E. Garcia; M. A. Sicilia; J. R. Hilera; J. A. G. de Mesa
QUIM: An Integrated Framework for Modeling and Measuring Quality in Use BIB 715-716
  M. Donyaee; A. Seffah; A. Khelifi
Supporting Conversations with Vicarious Learning Using Personal Technologies BIB 717-718
  P. Rudman
Mobile-Transparent Access to Web Services BIB 719-720
  E. Kaasinen; J. Kolari; T. Laakko
Designing Feedback for an Attentive Office BIB 721-722
  T. Matlock; C. S. Campbell; P. P. Maglio; S. Zhai; B. Smith
A Diary Study of Rendezvousing: Implications for Position-Aware Communications for Mobile Groups BIB 723-724
  M. Colbert
Managing Information of Real-World Objects through a Cellular Phone Java Client (i-Mode Java Application) BIB 725-726
  Y. Ikei; H. Tanaka; M. Hirose
Multi-modal Interface with Voice and Head Tracking for Multiple Home Appliances BIB 727-728
  E. Ito
Exploring TypeSpace: A Comparative Study of Interactive Evolution and Direct Manipulation BIB 729-730
  A. Lund
A SOFM/HMM System for Person-Independent Isolated Sign Language Recognition BIB 731-732
  G. Fang; W. Gao
The RealEYES-Project: Usability Evaluation with Eye Tracking Data BIB 733-734
  K. Oertel; O. Hein; A. Elsner
How Long is a "Long" Key Press? BIB 735-736
  S. Mizobuchi; E. Wanibe
Sound-Responsive Magnetic Fluid Display BIB 737-738
  S. Kodama; M. Takeno
An Evaluation of Multiple Pointing Input Systems BIB 739-740
  K. Fukuchi; S. Matsuoka
EyePrint: An Information Navigation Method with Gaze Position Trace BIB 743-744
  T. Ohno
The ScrollSearcher Technique: Using Scrollbars to Explore Search Results BIB 745-746
  S. Bjork
Mobile Reporting: Supporting Road Inspectors BIB 747-748
  M. Esbjornsson
Rethinking Scrolling on Mobile Phones Interfaces BIB 749-750
  F. Djabri; P. Karlsson
Figure Recognition by Tactile Stimulation: Difference between the Blind and the Non-Blind BIB 751-752
  M. G. Kwok; T. Fukuda
A Study of Recognition of Human-Shaped Trademark Images by Applying Structured Models BIB 753-754
  J. Nakajima; K. Maejima; H. Nagashima
Why Diagrams Are Sometimes Difficult BIB 755-756
  J. Chattratichart; J. Kuljis
A Framework for the Development of an International Resource Base for Human-Computer Interaction Educational Material BIB 757-758
  P. Kotze; L. Oestreicher
Category Overlap between Hierarchies in User Workspace BIB 759-760
  R. Boardman
'Subjunctive Interface' Support for Combining Context-Dependent Semi-Structured Resources BIB 761-762
  A. Lunzer
XISL: An Attempt to Separate Interactions from Data BIB 763-764
  K. Katsurada; Y. Nakamura; S. Kobayashi; T. Nitta
Supporting Peripheral Web Awareness Using Wallpaper BIB 765-766
  W. A. Schafer; J. W. Helms; S. Ramnani; S. Suresh; D. S. McCrickard
Usability Evaluation of Component-Based User Interfaces BIB 767-768
  W.-P. Brinkman; R. Haakma; D. G. Bouwhuis
CommonGIS Usability Lifecycle BIB 769-770
  F. Bernardo; J. Hipolito
Testing Usability Tests for Web Sites: An Evaluation of Task Variation in Think Aloud Sessions BIB 771-772
  L. Van Waes
Using Physiological Criteria to Improve Usability: The Physiological Evaluation LCD and CRT Effects on Users BIB 773-774
  S. Chen; X. Ren; S. Moriya; Y. Machi
Interaction with Laser Pointer on Large Screens BIB 775-776
  R. Knudsen; T. Enig; D. A. E. Perge; P. Mogensen
Vision-Based Recognition of the Hand Postures using Self-Organizing Map and Linear Discriminant Analysis BIB 777-778
  K. Yasumoto; T. Kurita; T. Takahashi
Unsupervised Learning of Faces for Human-Computer Interfaces BIB 779-780
  B. Raytchev; H. Murase
Sound Source Separation in the Frequency Domain with Image Processing BIB 781-782
  K. Ninagawa; T. Umeyama; K. Suzuki; N. Sugie
The Influence of Voice Recognition on the Writing Process. Cognitive and Stylistic Effects of Speech Technology on Writing Business Texts BIB 783-784
  M. Leijten; L. Van Waes
Interactive Virtual Fashion Simulator BIB 785-786
  J. Hoshino; H. Saito
A Study on the System for Visualized Information of Health Risks from Ionizing Particles by CG Technology BIB 787-788
  M. Katagiri; Y. Tuzuki; M. Kitaichi; S. Sawamura; Y. Aoki
Spoken Message Length for Older Adults BIB 789-790
  M. Zajicek; W. Morrissey
A Multi-Lingual Communication System for Non-Speaking People BIB 791-792
  M. Iwabuchi; N. Alm; P. N. Andreasen; K. Nakamura
Expressing Personality of Interface Agents by Gaze BIB 793-794
  A. Fukayama; M. Sawaki; T. Ohno; H. Murase; N. Hagita; N. Mukawa
Towards a Standard for the Annotation and Analysis of User Multimodal Behavior BIB 795-796
  J.-C. Martin; S. Grimard; K. Alexandri
Developing Situated Applications in Mobile Personal Computing BIB 797-798
  K. P. Hewagamage; M. Hirakawa
Enabling Commuters to Find the Best Route: An Interface for Analyzing Driving History Logs BIB 799-800
  M. Konishi; C. Plaisant; B. Shneiderman
User Organization of Personal Data - Implications for the Design of Wireless Information Devices BIB 801-802
  L. Peacock; D. Chmielewski; P. Jordan; S. Jenson
Optimizing Content for Mobile Terminals will Reduce Bandwidth Requirement BIB 803-804
  J. Oja; K. Tuomainen; T. Koskinen; A. Kaikkonen; P. Korhonen; P. Laine; J. Stromberg; E. Hyvonen; J. Hatonen
Speakers versus Headphones: Preference, Valence, Arousal and Experience of Presence in Audio PDA News BIB 805-806
  K. Kallinen
Info. Table: Realisation of Embedded Intelligence BIB 809-810
  T. Suzuki; M. Tsunoo; T. Kobayashi; K. Irie
Ceramic Tile Database System BIB 811-812
  R. Ueno; Y. Masuda; T. Kobayashi; K. Irie
reGossip: Playing Games at Interact 2001 BIB 813-814
  K. Andersen; J. Holopainen; R. Wakkary
Cost Effective User-Centred Design Using ISO 13407 BIB 817-818
  N. Bevan
Collaboration Technology in Teams, Organizations, and Communities BIB 819-820
  S. Poltrock; J. Grudin
Video as Design Material - Expanding the Potential of Video in User Centered Design BIB 821-822
  J. Buur; T. Binder
Introduction to User Requirements Analysis and Early Design BIB 823-824
  M. Maguire
"Here, There, Everywhere": Designing Usable Wireless Serviccs BIB 825-826
  A. Kaikkonen; D. Williams
Usability Assessment of Products Based on ISO 9241 - The DATech Approach - BIB 827-829
  W. Dzida; T. Geis; T. Hanashima
Participatory Analysis: Modelling Users, Tasks and Domains BIB 830-831
  E. O'Neill; P. Johnson; H. Johnson
Cross-Cultural Web User-Interface Design BIB 832-834
  A. Marcus
Developing Web-Based Collaborative Applications - Social and Technical Issues BIB 835-836
  A. Lee; A. Girgensohn; C. Danis
Software and Usability Engineering Cross-Pollination BIB 839
  A. Seffah; P. Forbrig
Workshop on Developing Educational Material for HCI: Validation and Quality Control Issues BIB 840
  P. Kotze; L. Oestreicher; M. Rauterberg; M. Toleman
Usability throughout the Entire Software Development Lifecycle BIB 841
  J. Gulliksen; I. Boivie
Human-Work Interaction in Dynamic Work BIB 842
  A. M. Pejtersen; S. Bødker; P. B. Andersen
The Benefits of Using ISO 13407: Human Centred Design Process for Interactive Systems BIB 843
  N. Bevan; J. Earthy; M. Kurosu
Designing for the Mobile World: Current Challenges and the Future BIB 844
  A. Thomas; A. Palmer
Issues on the Application of Guidelines to the Design of HCI Systems for People with Disabilities BIB 845-846
  J. Abascal; C. Nicolle; M. Noirhomme-Fraiture
The Design of a Smart Card-Based Home-Help System BIB 849-855
  A. Frisk; B. Goransson; T. Sandback; V. Thomasson
Introducing User Needs Gathering to Product Development: Increasing Innovation and Customer Satisfaction BIB 856-861
  S. Kujala; M. Kauppinen; S. Rekola
Incorporating Usability in the Development Process at Inland Revenue and Israel Aircraft Industries BIB 862-868
  N. Bevan; I. Bogomolni; N. Ryan
Usability Standards for Industry - ISO13407, CIF and the Future of Usability Activities - BIB 871-872
  M. Kurosu; N. Bevan; J. Scholtz; T. Geis; Y. Horibe; W. Dzida
Entertainment Computing BIB 873-874
  T. Kamae; J. van den Herik; K. Nishi; M. Tsukamoto; H. Matsubara; I. Frank; H. Iida
Mobile Communication Services: Which Acceptability Factors Matter Most? BIB 875-876
  K.-i. Enoki; M. Kurosu; V. Lahoche; M. Nael; S. Mitome
Cognition and Cooperation in Design: the EIFFEL Research Group BIB 879-880
  F. Detienne; P. Falzon
Activity Theory Usability Laboratory (ATUL) BIB 881-882
  L. Vrazalic; H. Hasan
Virtual Reality Lab. - University of Tsukuba BIB 883-884
  H. Yano; W. Hashimoto; H. Iwata
Multimedia Virtual Laboratory BIB 885-886
  T. Ogi; T. Yamada; K. Hirota; M. Hirose