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Proceedings of the 1999 Conference on Creativity and Cognition

Fullname:ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition
Location:Loughborough, United Kingdom
Dates:1999-Oct-11 to 1999-Oct-13
Standard No:ISBN 1-58113-078-3; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CC99
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Introducing creativity to cognition BIBFull-Text 3-6
  Linda Candy; Ernest Edmonds
The emotion machine: from pain to suffering BIBFull-Text 7-13
  Marvin Minsky
A self-defining game for one player BIBFull-Text 14
  Harold Cohen
User interfaces for creativity support tools BIBFull-Text 15-22
  Ben Shneiderman
From zombies to cyborg bodies: exoskeleton, extra ear and avatars BIBFull-Text 23
  A Stelarc
Cognitive factors in design (tutorial session): basic phenomena in human memory and problem solving BIBFull-Text 26-27
  Thomas T. Hewett
Do engineers and artists make good love objects? (panel session) BIBFull-Text 28-29
  Terryl Bacon; Martin Rieser; Constance Fleuriot; Priscilla Heard; Glenn Easy
Nurturing creativity (panel session) BIBFull-Text 30-35
  Nigel Birch; James Plummer; Geraint Wiggins; Bronac Ferran; Robin Lyons
Individual and/versus social creativity (panel session) BIBFull-Text 36-39
  Ernest Edmonds; Linda Candy; Geoff Cox; Jacob Eisenstein; Gerhard Fischer; Bob Hughes; Tom Hewett
Supporting creative work tasks: the potential of multimodal tools to support sketching BIBFull-Text 42-49
  Jana Sedivy; Hilary Johnson
Integrating craft materials and computation BIBFull-Text 50-56
  Glenn Blauvelt; Tom Wrensch; Michael Eisenberg
Who or what is making the music: music creation in a machine age BIBFull-Text 57-62
  Tang-Chun Li
The split-brain human computer user interface BIBFull-Text 63-67
  Gregory P. Garvey
Composition analyzer: computer supported composition analysis of masterpieces BIBFull-Text 68-75
  Shoji Tanaka; Jun Kurumisawa; Andre Plante; Yuichi Iwadate; Seiji Inokuchi
Exploring Novel ways of interaction in musical performance BIBFull-Text 76-81
  Bert Bongers
How do material constraints affect design creativity? BIBFull-Text 82-87
  Hisataka Noguchi
Preliminary observations about music and decentralized environments BIBFull-Text 88-92
  Dante Tanzi
The new metaphysics and the deep structure of creativity and cognition BIBFull-Text 93-100
  Mike King
Skunk Works: "speciation" strategies for creativity BIBFull-Text 101-107
  Vittorio Mischi
A proposal for a framework for general multimedia art creation instruments BIBFull-Text 108-115
  Kazushi Nishimoto; Kenji Mase
Symmetry of ignorance, social creativity, and meta-design BIBFull-Text 116-123
  Gerhard Fischer
Ontology, aesthetics and creativity at the crossroads in information system design BIBFull-Text 124-131
  Alberto Faro; Daniela Giordano
What would Cezanne think? BIBFull-Text 132-134
  Carol Strohecker
Emotion recognition and its application to computer agents with spontaneous interactive capabilities BIBFull-Text 135-143
  Ryohei Nakatsu; Joy Nicholson; Naoko Tosa
Composing interactive virtual operas BIBFull-Text 144-147
  Alain Bonardi; Francis Rousseaux
Artistic environments of telepresence in the WWW BIBFull-Text 148-151
  Luisa Paraguai Donati; Gilbertto Prado
A CONCEIT: a collaborative mapping in 3 spaces BIBFull-Text 152-157
  John Lycette; Greg O'Connor; Darren Tofts; Peter Webb; Christopher Waller
Creativity in design activities: the role of analogies in a constrained cognitive environment BIBFull-Text 158-165
  Nathalie Bonnardel
A framework that supports collective creativity in design using visual images BIBFull-Text 166-173
  Kumiyo Nakakoji; Yasuhiro Yamamoto; Masao Ohira
"Fake" and "Real" creativity using computer aided design: some lessons from Herman Hertzberger BIBFull-Text 174-179
  Bryan Lawson
Modelling creative design through conversation analysis BIBFull-Text 182-183
  Ricardo Sosa
Generation of passion spaces from "Tanka" poems BIBFull-Text 184-186
  Tsutomu Miyasato
Early engagements of creative writers with online media BIBFull-Text 187-188
  Sue Thomas
Art as metaphor BIBFull-Text 189-190
  Bettina Brendal
Revolution in art: networking painting machine BIBFull-Text 191-192
  Jean-Paul Longavesne
The Turing test is dead BIBFull-Text 193-194
  Jonathan Bedworth; James Norwood
Drawing as a function of movement BIBFull-Text 195-196
  Michael Quantrill
Wolfgang: "Emotions" plus goals enable learning BIBFull-Text 197-198
  Doug Riecken
Thwarting the Web users' expectations BIBFull-Text 199-200
  Helia Vannucchi de Almeida Santos