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Proceedings of the 2015 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2015 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video
Editors:David Geerts; Lieven De Marez; Caroline Pauwels; Frank Bentley; Christian Timmerer
Location:Brussels, Belgium
Dates:2015-Jun-03 to 2015-Jun-05
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-3526-3; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: TVX15
Links:Conference Website
  1. Opening Keynote Address
  2. Social Experiences and Awareness
  3. Experiencing Live Events
  4. Context-aware systems
  5. Multi-screening
  6. Design for User Experience and Engagement
  7. Work in Progress (poster presentations)
  8. Course Overviews
  9. Workshop Summaries
  10. Closing Keynote Address

Opening Keynote Address

Empowering Storytellers with Social Media BIBAFull-Text 1
  Jacob Shwirtz

Social Experiences and Awareness

Experiencing Liveness of a Cherished Place in the Home BIBAFull-Text 3-12
  Jinyi Wang; Mudassar Ahmad Mughal; Oskar Juhlin
Audience Silhouettes: Peripheral Awareness of Synchronous Audience Kinesics for Social Television BIBAFull-Text 13-22
  Radu-Daniel Vatavu
It Takes Two (To Co-View): Collaborative Multi-View TV BIBAFull-Text 23-32
  Mark McGill; John Williamson; Stephen A. Brewster

Experiencing Live Events

First Person Omnidirectional Video: System Design and Implications for Immersive Experience BIBAFull-Text 33-42
  Shunichi Kasahara; Shohei Nagai; Jun Rekimoto
Interactive UHDTV at the Commonwealth Games: An Explorative Evaluation BIBAFull-Text 43-52
  Judith Redi; Lucia D'Acunto; Omar Niamut
Towards an Extended Festival Viewing Experience BIBAFull-Text 53-62
  Raphael Velt; Steve Benford; Stuart Reeves; Michael Evans; Maxine Glancy; Phil Stenton

Context-aware systems

Experimental Enquiry into Automatically Orchestrated Live Video Communication in Social Settings BIBAFull-Text 63-72
  Marian F. Ursu; Manolis Falelakis; Martin Groen; Rene Kaiser; Michael Frantzis
Broadcast, Video-on-Demand, and Other Ways to Watch Television Content: A Household Perspective BIBAFull-Text 73-82
  Jeroen Vanattenhoven; David Geerts


Who's the Fairest of Them All: Device Mirroring for the Connected Home BIBAFull-Text 83-92
  Mark McGill; John Williamson; Stephen A. Brewster
"I'm just on my phone and they're watching TV": Quantifying mobile device use while watching television BIBAFull-Text 93-102
  Christian Holz; Frank Bentley; Karen Church; Mitesh Patel

Design for User Experience and Engagement

Dynamic Subtitles: The User Experience BIBAFull-Text 103-112
  Andy Brown; Rhia Jones; Mike Crabb; James Sandford; Matthew Brooks; Mike Armstrong; Caroline Jay
EnvDASH: An Environment-Aware Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP System BIBAFull-Text 113-118
  Stefan Wilk; Sophie Schönherr; Denny Stohr; Wolfgang Effelsberg

Work in Progress (poster presentations)

SAM: Dynamic and Social Content Delivery for Second Screen Interaction BIBAFull-Text 119-124
  Atta Badii; Marco Tiemann; Andreas Menychtas; Christina Santzaridou; Alexandros Psychas; David Tomas; Stuart Campbell; Juan Vicente Vidagany Espert
SensiTV: Smart EmotioNal System for Impaired People's TV BIBAFull-Text 125-130
  Diana Affi; Joël Dumoulin; Marco Bertini; Elena Mugellini; Omar Abou Khaled; Alberto Del Bimbo
A Second-Screen Meets Hypervideo, Delivering Content Through HbbTV BIBAFull-Text 131-136
  Toni Bibiloni; Miquel Mascaro; Pere Palmer; Antoni Oliver
Design Requirements for PT-tv (Play Therapy with TV): An Observational Study on Play Therapy and TV Viewing BIBAFull-Text 137-142
  Kyoungwon Seo; Garam Han; Hyunju Lee; Hokyoung Ryu; Jieun Kim
Learning Lessons for Second Screen from Board Games BIBAFull-Text 143-148
  Rinze Leenheer; David Geerts; Jeroen Vanattenhoven
Small-Scale Cross Media Productions: A Case Study of a Documentary Game BIBAFull-Text 149-154
  Oliver Korn; Adrian Rees; Uwe Schulz
Making Second Screen Sustainable in Media Production: the BRIDGET Approach BIBAFull-Text 155-160
  Alberto Messina; Francisco Morán Burgos; Marius Preda; Skjalg Lepsoy; Miroslaw Bober; Davide Bertola; Stavros Paschalakis
Interactive Design Documentary As A Method For Civic Engagement BIBAFull-Text 161-166
  David Green; Clara Crivellaro; Jimmy Tidey
A Game of Thrones Companion: Orienting Viewers to Complex Storyworlds via Synchronized Visualizations BIBAFull-Text 167-172
  Pedro Silva; Yasmin Amer; William Tsikerdanos; Jesse Shedd; Isabel Restrepo; Janet Murray
United Universe: A Second Screen Transmedia Experience BIBAFull-Text 173-178
  Dillon Eversman; Timothy Major; Mithila Tople; Lauren Schaffer; Janet Murray
Engaging Citizens with Televised Election Debates through Online Interactive Replays BIBAFull-Text 179-184
  Brian Plüss; Anna De Liddo
Designing TV Recommender Interfaces for Specific Viewing Experiences BIBAFull-Text 185-190
  Jeroen Vanattenhoven; David Geerts
HbbTV goes Cloud: Decoupling Application Signaling and Application Execution in Hybrid TV BIBAFull-Text 191-196
  Alexandra Mikityuk; Oliver Friedrich; Randolph Nikutta

Course Overviews

Gesture Interfaces, Ambient Intelligence, and Augmented Reality for the Interactive TV BIBAFull-Text 197-198
  Radu-Daniel Vatavu
To Hack or not To Hack: Interactive Storytelling in the 21st Century BIBAFull-Text 201-202
  Sandra Gaudenzi

Workshop Summaries

3rd International Workshop on Interactive Content Consumption (WSICC'15) BIBAFull-Text 203-208
  Rene Kaiser; Britta Meixner; Joscha Jäger; Katrin Tonndorf; Omar A. Niamut; David Marston
People, Context, and Devices: Defining the New Landscape of TV Experiences BIBAFull-Text 209-213
  Isha Dandavate; Jennifer Milam; Jeanne Allen; Christiane Moser; Thomas Kargl; Manfred Tscheligi; Jeroen Vanattenhoven; Lilia Perez Romero; Fabian Schiller; Joost Negenman
Media Synchronization Workshop BIBAFull-Text 215-219
  Hans Stokking; Pablo Cesar; Fernando Boronat; Mario Montagud

Closing Keynote Address

Multi-Sensory Media Experiences BIBAFull-Text 221
  Marianna Obrist