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Proceedings of OZCHI'95, the CHISIG Annual Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of OZCHI'95, the CHISIG Annual Conference
Note:HCI - A Light into the Future
Editors:Helen Hasan; Cathy Nicastri
Location:Wollongong, Australia
Dates:1995-Nov-27 to 1995-Nov-30
Publisher:Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group Ergonomics Society of Australia, Inc. Canberra Business Centre Bradfield Street Downer, ACT 2602 AUSTRALIA
Standard No:ISBN 0-86418-386-0; hcibib: OZCHI95
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  1. Keynote Speakers
  2. Tutorials
  3. Workshops
  4. Full Papers
  5. Short Papers

Keynote Speakers

Design History as a Tool BIBA 2
  John Carroll
Mind Extensions: On the Role of Computer Artifacts in Human Activity BIBA 3
  Victor Kapelinin
Task Models of Creativity: A Contradiction of Terms? BIBA 4-5
  Ernest Edmonds
More Than We Think: Facing Up to the Plurality of Goals Methods Needs and Resources in HCI BIBAK 6-9
  Steve Draper


A Participatory Methodology for Driving OO GUI Design from User Needs: BIBA 10-11
  Tom Dayton; Al Mcfarland
The Usability Engineering Lifecycle BIBA 12
  Gitte Lindguard
Imaginary Interfaces BIBA 13
  David Comberg
Interface Design for an Interactive Conference Proceedings BIBA 14
  Sandra Wills; Beth Cavallari
Interfaces for Interactive Learning Software BIBA 15
  John Hedberg; Barry Harper; Susan Metros
Methodology for Designing Collaborative Systems BIBA 16
  Igor Hawryszkiewycz
Cognitive Issues in HCI BIBA 17
  Tom Hewett
Multimedia Interface Design BIBA 18
  Jim Alty
Interaction Design BIBA 19
  Nathan Shedroff


Teaching HCI -- Current Perspectives and Innovations BIBA 20
  Penny Collings; David Walker
Executive Information Systems BIBA 21
  Helen Hasan
Gender Issues and IT BIBA 22
  Joan Cooper
Making Usability Work for Organisations BIBA 23
  Janis Mckauge; Helen Kieboom

Full Papers

Task and Object Modelling in High Level GUI Design: An Integrated Approach BIBAK 24-29
  Chris Phillips; Chris Scogings
Towards a Language for GUI Dialogues BIBAK 30-35
  John Maltby
An Architecture for Cooperative User Interface BIBAK 36-42
  Hung Wing; Robert Colomb
Information Portrayal for Decision Support in Dynamic Intentional Process Environments BIBAK 43-48
  William Wong; Philip Sallis; David O'Hare
Visualisation of Complex Data Display: An Application to Interactive School Population Modelling BIBAK 49-55
  Edward Gould; Irina Verenikina
Guided Hypermedia Navigation Based on Cases BIBAK 56-61
  Alessandro Micarelli; Filippo Sciarrone
Towards a Synthesised Object-Oriented Methodology Incorporating User-Interface Design BIBAK 62-67
  Ivan Crawford
Programming by Demonstration: Detect Repetitive Tasks in Telecom Services BIBAK 68-74
  Marc Yvon; Philippe Piernot; Norbet Cot
Gender-Related Attitudes to Computers: A Message for HCI BIBAK 75-81
  Helen Hasan; Josie Ruthenfluh
Usefulness of Paper Mockups BIBAK 82-87
  Soren Lausen; Susanne Salbo; Ann Thomsen
Using the Soft Systems Methodology to Front-End Task Analysis BIBAK 88-94
  Steve Howard; R. Smith
An Empirical Study of Professional Software Designers' Use of Scenarios BIBAK 95-100
  Tove Klausen; Annette Aboulafia
Cover Yourself with Skin BIBAK 101-106
  John Hosking; Warwick Mugridge; Stephen Fenwick; John Grundy
A Lens Metaphor for Data Visualisation BIBAK 107-113
  Paul Anderson
Collapsible Highgraphs: A Folding Paradigm for Hypertext Visualisation BIBAK 114-117
  Paul Anderson
A User Interface for a City Navigator BIBAK 118-121
  Tang Kin Shing; Kevin Cox
The Effect of Configural and Separable Graphs on Memory-Based Integrated Task Performance BIBAK 122-128
  Karel Hurts
Setting the Record Straight: Computers and Creative Fashion Designers BIBAK 129-134
  Paivi Makirinnie-Crofts; Lynn Stokes; William Godwin; Sohrab Saadat
A Multimedia Speech Training Tool for Dyspraxic Clients BIBAK 135-137
  D. J. Calder; B. M. Chen; G. Mann
The Development of a Measure of Attitudes Toward Computers in Nursing BIBAK 138-141
  Peter Caputi; Rohan Jayasuriya; Jenny Fares
Voice Activated Systems for Handicapped People BIBAK 142-145
  Lourival, Jr. Lippmann; Percy Nohama
Coordinating, Capturing and Presenting Work Contexts in CSCW Systems BIBAK 146-151
  John Grundy; Warwick Mugridge; John Hosking; Mark Apperley
Maintaining Awareness in Tightly Coordinated Asynchronous Groups BIBAK 152-156
  I. T. Hawryszkiewycz; I. Gorton; L. Fung
Loganweb: A Web User Interface for Electronic Meeting Documents BIBAK 157-162
  Gitesh Raikundalia; Michael Rees
An Empirical Investigation of Language-Based Editing Paradigms BIBAK 163-168
  Mark Toleman; Jim Welsh
Criterion Redundancy within the Multi-Method Software Evaluation Context BIBAK 169-174
  Ron Henderson; John Podd; Karen Henderson
Evaluating Usability of Screen Design with Layout Complexity BIBAK 175-178
  Tim Comver; John Maltby
Human Factors Issues in Tough Screen Design for Public Access Applications BIBAK 179-182
  Penelope Roberts
Creating 3d Stereo Movies -- Seeing with Stereo-Vision BIBAK 183-190
  Ronald Balsys
Animated Interaction for a Graphical Editor BIBAK 191-196
  Bruce Thomas; Paul Calder
Active View: A Frame Work for User Interface Development BIBAK 197-203
  Hung Wing; Robert Colomb
A New Face for Ergo: Adding a User Interface to a Programmable Theorem Prover BIBAK 204-209
  Ray Nickson
Knowledge Based Design of User Interfaces BIBAK 210-222
  Elizabeth Chang; T. S. Dillon; Timothy Maher; Warren Bloomer
The Psysiological Effects of Electronic Employee Performance and Security Monitoring Systems BIBAK 223-228
  Ron Henderson; Doug Mahar; Anthony Saliba; Kate Barrelle; Frank Deane; Renee Napier; Michael Hiron
Evaluation of User Experience Levels by Non-Intrusive Monitoring BIBAK 229-235
  Peter Hyland
Incorporating Humans and Machines into New Assessment Practices: Software in Psychology BIBAK 236-241
  Joanna Dodd
Creativity in Knowledge Work: A Process Model and Requirements for Support BIBAK 242-248
  Linda Candy; Ernest Edmonds
A Situation Based Dialog Model for Complex Direct Manipulation Interfaces BIB 249-255
  Friedrich Strauss
Adaptive Discovery and Least Commitment: An Extension of Cognitive Fit BIBAK 256-261
  Donald Day

Short Papers

Cognitive Style and Computer Support to Creative Design BIBAK 262-263
  Linda Candy; Ernest Edmonds
WWW Page Metaphor Considered Harmful BIBAK 264-267
  Rodney Clarke
Incentives for Formally Specifying User Interfaces BIBA 268-269
  Paul Chesson; Lorraine Johnston
Rapid Evolutionary Prototyping Using Tcl/Tk BIBAK 270-275
  Andrew Hussey; David Carrington
Why is Usability Engineering Failing Multimedia and What Should We Do about It? BIBAK 276-277
  Steve Howard; Ying Leung; N. Kaiyan
WARP: A Distortion Oriented Implementation Based on the STAR Architecture Display BIBAK 278-282
  Paul Anderson; Ray Smith
Executives and Computers BIBAK 283-284
  Colin Jones; Edward Gould
Implementing a GUI at BHP to Improve the Interface to a SAP Mainframe System BIBA 285-287
  Fred Sutton
An EIS Implementation: A Developer's View BIBA 288-289
  Belinda Gibbons; Glen Peary
Cultural Dimensions of a Hand Posture when Using a Whole Hand Input (WHI) in a Virtual Environment BIBAK 290-292
  Mike Edwards
Power and Conflict in Organisation -- Implications for Information Systems Development BIBAK 293-294
  Leoni Warne
Strategies and Standards for CHI in Global Business Systems BIBAK 295-296
  Stephen Little; Ronald Kaye
Usability Evaluation of Multimedia BIBAK 297-300
  Malcolm Keys
The Usability Analyst Model: Using Minimum Resources to Gain Maximum Effect BIBAK 301-304
  Fiona Meighan
A User and Organisational Factors Audit of an Info System Implementation BIBAK 305-307
  Jukka Rantanen
Communicating the Value of Usability Engineering in the with Cost-Benefit Analysis Techniques BIBAK 308-309
  Helen Kieboom; Steve Howard
Task Models and Automaton of the Evaluation of User Interface Usability BIBAK 310-311
  Sandrie Balbo
Evaluating Information Technology at a Public Library BIBAK 312-314
  Tove Klausen; Ann Bygholm
Object-Oriented Design in Practice BIBAK 315-320
  Soren Lausen
Software's Implied Users BIBAK 321-322
  Christopher Chesher
Exploring HCI as Science, Design and Art: Three Personal Views BIBAK 323-327
  Steve Howard; Sarah Bloomer; Bridget Mcgraw
The Interactive Experience BIB 328-338
  Bridget Mcgraw; Fiona Ingram; Sally Pryor