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Proceedings of the 1993 Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference

Fullname:Proceedings of OZCHI'93, the CHISIG Annual Conference
Note:Interfaces Working for People
Editors:Penny Collings; Chris Harkins; David Sless; Terry Webb
Location:University of Canberra, ACT, Australia
Dates:1993-Nov-23 to 1993-Nov-26
Publisher:Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group Ergonomics Society of Australia, Inc. Canberra Business Centre Bradfield Street Downer, ACT 2602 AUSTRALIA
Standard No:ISBN 0-947170-05-7; hcibib: OZCHI93
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  1. Keynote address
  2. Tutorials
  3. Part One: Computer Assisted Co-Operative Work
  4. Part Two: Organisational Issues
  5. Part Three: Multi Media & Information Retrieval
  6. Part Four: Research
  7. Part Five: Posters

Keynote address

Electronic Documentation -- Past Imperfect and Future Conditional? BIB --
  Brian Shackel


BIB --

Part One: Computer Assisted Co-Operative Work

A Multimedia CSCW System for Film and TV Pre-Production BIBAK 2-22
  Eric Gidney; Annmarie Chandler; Greg McFarlane
The Use of a Shared Drawing Surface as a Co-Ordination Tool BIBAK 23-34
  Maryliza Mazijoglou; Sean M. Clark; Stephen A. R. Scrivener
Computing Telecommuting and Distance Education at the Technology Management Centre BIBAK 35-41
  A. Finegan; C. Trathen; P. Nicholas
Spinning a Yarn: User Interfaces for Synchronous Remote Electronic Meetings BIBA 42-58
  Michael J. Rees; Renato Iannella; Andrew Lee; Glenn P. Smith; Tak K. Woo

Part Two: Organisational Issues

CHI and Organisational Effectiveness: The CAA National Aeronautical Information Processing System BIBA 60-72
  Andrew Donald
Outline of a Groupware System for Workplace Learning BIBAK 73-84
  R. T. Jim Eales; Jim Welsh
Standards for Usability: Towards Usable Interfaces BIBAK 85-93
  J. H. Hammond
Real Projects Don't Need User Interface Designers: Overcoming the Barriers to HCI in the Real World BIBAK 94-108
  Sarah Bloomer

Part Three: Multi Media & Information Retrieval

Extending the Perspective Wall BIBAK 110-120
  Ying K. Leung; Mark D. Apperley
A Browsing Conceptual Model for Information Retrieval BIBA 121-132
  K. R. Cox; D. W. Walker; D. I. Clark
Presenting Query Results in a Hyperbase BIBAK 133-149
  Michael Fuller; Ron Sacks-Davis; Ross Wilkinson
The HIV Hypermedia Project: Learning through Computer-Human Interaction BIBAK 150-160
  Margaret Bearman; Michael Kidd; Branko Cesnik

Part Four: Research

A Tool to Determine the Efficiency of Icon Selection in a Windows Environment BIBAK 162-178
  John R. Maltby
Towards Usable Requirements BIBAK 179-192
  Benjamin Baker; Janis McKauge
User Interface Construction under Motif: A Comparison of UIL and WCL BIBAK 193-210
  T. Graham Freeman; Patrick Sefton
Knowledge Elicitation for the Design of Complex Human-Computer Systems BIBAK 211-223
  Elizabeth M. Grey; David J. Creed
Supporting Social Awareness in Distributed Work BIBAK 224-241
  Andrew Cockburn
What Do Interface Designers Say They Need to Know about HCI? BIBAK 242-254
  S. Howard

Part Five: Posters

The Teaching Efficiency of an On-Line Tutorial as Compared with That of a User Manual BIB 256-257
  Karyn Burger
Using Khoros/Cantata as a Visual Programming Language for Process Simulation BIBAK 258-261
  Harvey A. Cohen; Dougal Beilby
A Role-Playing Game for Redesigning Information Systems BIBA 262-263
  Penny Collings; David Walker
Usability through Iconic Interfaces BIBK 264-266
  Maria De Marsico; Roberta Mancini
Evaluations of the Human-Computer Interface by Questionnaire BIBA 267
  Shirley Gregor; Ron Balsys
A Pawn in the Game of Power -- Doing Research on Computer Use in Companies BIB 268
  Lena M. Holmberg
Human Factors Engineering Techniques at Air Operations Division DSTO: S-70B-2 Helicopter BIBAK 269-270
  Helen M. Kiehoom; Robert B. King
Remote Collaborative Drawing for Visual Designers BIBAK 271-272
  Toni Rohertson; Eric Gidney
The Politics of Information System Projects BIBA 273
  Leoni Warne