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Proceedings of OZCHI'91, the CHISIG Annual Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of OZCHI'91, the CHISIG Annual Conference
Note:People Before Technology
Editors:Judith H. Hammond; Roger R. Hall; Ilana Kaplan
Location:Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia
Dates:1991-Nov-28 to 1991-Nov-29
Publisher:Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group Ergonomics Society of Australia, Inc. Canberra Business Centre Bradfield Street Downer, ACT 2602 AUSTRALIA
Standard No:ISBN 0-9595349-7-0; hcibib: OZCHI91
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  1. Keynote Address
  2. User Centred System Design
  3. Case Studies
  4. HCI Research
  5. Usability Testing
  6. HCI in Education

Keynote Address

Usability and Europe -- Standards and Regulations BIBAK 1-8
  Tom Stewart

User Centred System Design

Usefulness: The Ecological Value of Usability BIBAK 9-14
  Gitte Lindgaard
Integrating Usability with Software Development BIBAK 15-20
  Ronald Beilinson; Brendan McManus
Using Models in Group Design Processes BIBAK 21-26
  Mark Andrew
Making the Users Part of the Design Team BIBAK 27-32
  A Ira S. Winkler
Retrospective Application of User Interface Guidelines: A Case Study of a Language-Based Editor BIBAK 33-38
  Mark A. Toleman; Jim Welsh
User Interface Management Systems and Prototyping Tools: A State of the Art Survey and Feasibility Assessment BIBAK 39-46
  Jukka Rantanen
Interacting with Graphical User Interfaces: States, Processes and Resources BIBAK 47-52
  S. Howard; Y. K. Leung

Case Studies

Evolution and Evaluation of Graphical User Interfaces for Electronic Mail BIBAK 53-58
  Michael J. Rees
Applications of Graphics to Surgery and Other Invasive Therapy BIBAK 59-64
  John Hiller; John Nicholls; Roderick McEwin
A Development Method for a Self Service Marketing Terminal in a Banking Environment BIBAK 65-69
  Fiona Ingram

HCI Research

Strategy Effects in Visual List Search BIBAK 71-78
  Elizabeth S. Bednall
Interfacing Multimedia Telecommunications -- The Research Work of CREATE BIBAK 79-84
  Eric Gidney; Annmarie Chandler
Simulation of Human Performance in Electronic Calculator Use BIBAK 85-90
  Mark G. Stewart
A Framework for Intelligent User Interfaces BIBAK 91-96
  Bertrand T. David; Kamel Ouadou; Salah Sadou; Christian Vial

Usability Testing

How to Make Usability Work in the Real World BIBAK 97-102
  Brendan McManus; Judy Hammond
Usability Testing a GUI Mail Application BIBAK 103-107
  Stephen McIntosh; Tony Piper; Ilana Kaplan; Adrian Cheung
A Prototype User Interface Testing Tool BIBAK 109-113
  Rye Senjen

HCI in Education

Role-Playing Users BIBAK 115-120
  Penny Collings; David Walker
An Empirical Study of the Users of Educational Software BIBAK 121-126
  Helen Hasan
All the Interface Widgets in CAI BIBAK 127-132
  Kok-Lan Chiu
Planning for HCI Education and Training BIBAK 133-134
  Judith H. Hammond