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Proceedings of the 2012 Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference

Fullname:Proceedings of the 24th Australian Computer-Human Interaction Conference
Note:Integration, Interaction, Innovation, Immersion, Inclusion
Editors:Vivienne Farrell; Graham Farrell; Caslon Chua; Weidong Huang; Raj Vasa; Clinton Woodward
Location:Melbourne, Australia
Dates:2012-Nov-26 to 2012-Nov-30
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-1438-1; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: OZCHI12
Links:Conference Home Page | Conference Website
A desktop virtual reality application for chemical and process engineering education BIBAFull-Text 1-8
  Elin Abdul Rahim; Andreas Duenser; Mark Billinghurst; Alfred Herritsch; Keith Unsworth; Alan Mckinnon; Peter Gostomski
Investigating a multi-faceted view of user experience BIBAFull-Text 9-18
  Ons Al-Shamaileh; Alistair Sutcliffe
A novel 3D interactive visualization for medical data analysis BIBAFull-Text 19-25
  Patricio Alzamora; Quang Vinh Nguyen; Simeon Simoff; Daniel Catchpoole
FireFlies: supporting primary school teachers through open-ended interaction design BIBAFull-Text 26-29
  Saskia Bakker; Elise van den Hoven; Berry Eggen
A multi-touch interface for enhancing collaborative UML diagramming BIBAFull-Text 30-33
  Mohammed Basheri; Liz Burd; Nilufar Baghaei
Igwana: a text-free search interface BIBAFull-Text 34-37
  Shourov Bhattacharya; Luke Feldman
The design of an online community for welfare recipients BIBAFull-Text 38-41
  Sanat Kumar Bista; Nathalie Colineau; Surya Nepal; Cécile Paris
On domain-specific decision support systems for e-sports strategy games BIBAFull-Text 42-51
  James Bonner; Clinton J. Woodward
Training software development practitioners in usability testing: an assessment acceptance and prioritization BIBAFull-Text 52-60
  Anders Bruun; Jan Stage
"Everything goes into or out of the iPad": the iPad, information scraps and personal information management BIBAFull-Text 61-67
  Paris Buttfield-Addison; Christopher Lueg; Leonie Ellis; Jon Manning
Avatars, characters, players and users: multiple identities at/in play BIBAFull-Text 68-71
  Marcus Carter; Martin Gibbs; Michael Arnold
"Friendly, don't shoot!": how communication design can enable novel social interactions BIBAFull-Text 72-75
  Marcus Carter; Greg Wadley; Martin Gibbs
A user interface guide for web search systems BIBAFull-Text 76-84
  Caslon Chua
A buddy matching program to help build an online support network BIBAFull-Text 85-88
  Nathalie Colineau
Peg hunting: foraging with macro- and micro-navigation BIBAFull-Text 89-92
  Matthew J. D'Orazio; Christopher Lueg
Dynamic previews for building digital libraries BIBAFull-Text 93-96
  Chris Deaker; Doris Jung; Steve Jones
Typing over autocomplete: cognitive load in website use by older adults BIBAFull-Text 97-106
  Wendy Doubé; Jeanie Beh
Creating interactive physics education books with augmented reality BIBAFull-Text 107-114
  Andreas Dünser; Lawrence Walker; Heather Horner; Daniel Bentall
What are the characteristics of highly disseminated public health-related tweets? BIBAFull-Text 115-118
  Dan Dumbrell; Robert Steele
Colour coding the fridge to reduce food waste BIBAFull-Text 119-122
  Geremy Farr-Wharton; Marcus Foth; Jaz Hee-Jeong Choi
Application of domain specific heuristics to an innovative computer based assessment strategy BIBAFull-Text 123-129
  Graham Farrell; Vivienne Farrell
A low-cost 3 projector display system for pain reduction and improved patient recovery times BIBAFull-Text 130-133
  Eric Fassbender; Paulo de Souza
A framework for service recipient inclusion in community IT projects BIBAFull-Text 134-137
  Chris Felstead; Rosemary Stockdale
A gamified mobile application for engaging new students at university orientation BIBAFull-Text 138-141
  Zachary Fitz-Walter; Dian Tjondronegoro; Peta Wyeth
Mystery at the library: encouraging library exploration using a pervasive mobile game BIBAFull-Text 142-145
  Zachary Fitz-Walter; Dian Tjondronegoro; Desmond Koh; Michael Zrobok
Self-determination theory as applied to the design of a software learning system using whole-body controls BIBAFull-Text 146-149
  Matthew Ford; Peta Wyeth; Daniel Johnson
Please take out your phones: on the spot solicitation of student feedback in class BIBAFull-Text 150-153
  Marcus Foth; Zachary Fitz-Walter; Jimmy Ti; Rebekah Russell-Bennett; Kerri-Ann Kuhn
Impact of viral propagation on user interface design BIBAFull-Text 154-157
  Antonio Giardina; Rajesh Vasa; Felix Ter Chian Tan
Designing locative and social media technologies for community collaboration and social benefit: PetSearch BIBAFull-Text 158-161
  Kathryn Gough; Jillian Hamilton
Agile life: addressing knowledge and social motivations for active aging BIBAFull-Text 162-165
  Jasmin Grosinger; Frank Vetere; Geraldine Fitzpatrick
Mobile Q&A for enhancing online discussion BIBAFull-Text 166-169
  Hao Guo; Dian Tjondronegoro; Paul Roe
Through two different lenses: a tool for new perspectives into context BIBAFull-Text 170-179
  Florian Güldenpfennig; Wolfgang Reitberger; Geraldine Fitzpatrick
Capturing rich media through media objects on smartphones BIBAFull-Text 180-183
  Florian Güldenpfennig; Wolfgang Reitberger; Geraldine Fitzpatrick
Exploration to design a cursor for indirect pen interfaces BIBAFull-Text 184-193
  Jaehyun Han; Geehyuk Lee
Design of software to support families with food-allergic and food-intolerant children BIBAFull-Text 194-203
  Karen Henricksen; Stephen Viller
ForceDrag: using pressure as a touch input modifier BIBAFull-Text 204-207
  Seongkook Heo; Geehyuk Lee
A 3D UI for service multitasking in a 3D city map BIBAFull-Text 208-211
  Seamus Hickey; Minna Pakanen; Leena Arhippainen
Developing serious games for children with cerebral palsy: case study and pilot trial BIBAFull-Text 212-221
  Martin Henschke; David Hobbs; Brett Wilkinson
Adaptive probabilistic fission for multimodal systems BIBAFull-Text 222-231
  Frank Honold; Felix Schüssel; Michael Weber
Being immersed: avatar similarity and self-awareness BIBAFull-Text 232-240
  Rosalie Hooi; Hichang Cho
A preliminary analysis of mobile app user reviews BIBAFull-Text 241-244
  Rajesh Vasa; Leonard Hoon; Kon Mouzakis; Akihiro Noguchi
A preliminary analysis of vocabulary in mobile app user reviews BIBAFull-Text 245-248
  Leonard Hoon; Rajesh Vasa; Jean-Guy Schneider; Kon Mouzakis
A scenario- and observation-based requirement analysis for delivery of remote mining services BIBAFull-Text 249-252
  Weidong Huang; Craig James; Leila Alem; Eleonora Widzyk-Capehart; Kerstin Haustein
ARENO: ambient reminder notes BIBAFull-Text 253-262
  Adriana Ispas; Sarah Schöni; Moira C. Norrie
Dolls as props representing users in design: physical qualities and their application BIBAFull-Text 263-272
  Christina Jakobsen
Time does not heal usability issues!: results from a longitudinal evaluation of a health it deployment performed at three Swedish hospital units BIBAFull-Text 273-280
  Rebecka Janols
Prototype of learning tool with augmented reality and natural hand interaction using depth sensing camera BIBAFull-Text 281-284
  Kyungho Jeong; Jinwook Shim; Tackdon Han
WYSWYE: shoulder surfing defense for recognition based graphical passwords BIBAFull-Text 285-294
  Rohit Ashok Khot; Ponnurangam Kumaraguru; Kannan Srinathan
Interaction techniques for unreachable objects on the touchscreen BIBAFull-Text 295-298
  Sunjun Kim; Jihyun Yu; Geehyuk Lee
Human-computer interaction: the impact of users' cognitive styles on query reformulation behaviour during web searching BIBAFull-Text 299-307
  Khamsum Kinley; Dian Tjondronegoro; Helen Partridge; Sylvia Edwards
Emerging work practice with a telehealth stethoscope BIBAFull-Text 308-317
  Ben Kraal; Vesna Popovic; Shayne Beaver
AR Record&Replay: situated compositing of video content in mobile augmented reality BIBAFull-Text 318-326
  Tobias Langlotz; Mathäus Zingerle; Raphael Grasset; Hannes Kaufmann; Gerhard Reitmayr
Using mobile technology and augmented reality to increase data reliability for environmental assessment BIBAFull-Text 327-330
  Chin Loong Law; Paul Roe; Jinglan Zhang
A TV remote pointing device using LED directivity BIBAFull-Text 331-338
  Geehyuk Lee; Jaehyun Han; Seunghwan Lee
Interacting with mobile devices via VoiceOver: usability and accessibility issues BIBAFull-Text 339-348
  Barbara Leporini; Maria Claudia Buzzi; Marina Buzzi
Rectangle orientation in area judgment task for treemap design BIBAFull-Text 349-352
  Jie Liang; Jie Hua; Mao Lin Huang; Quang Vinh Nguyen; Simeon Simoff
Integrating momentary and long-term UX: a theoretical approach BIBAFull-Text 353-356
  Satu Luojus
Multi-cursor multi-user mobile interaction with a large shared display BIBAFull-Text 357-360
  Peter Lyle; Christopher Lueg; Timothy Nugent
Evaluation of preschool children's fantasy play in the tabletop environment BIBAFull-Text 361-370
  Evi Indriasari Mansor
LifeView: a lifelog visualization tool for supporting sentimental recall and sharing BIBAFull-Text 371-380
  Akhil Mathur; Anirban Majumder; Samik Datta; Sreedal Menon; Shipra Malhotra; Ankur Dahiya
Judging a book by its cover: interface elements that affect reader selection of ebooks BIBAFull-Text 381-390
  Dana McKay; George Buchanan; Nicholas Vanderschantz; Claire Timpany; Sally Jo Cunningham; Annika Hinze
Testing the integration of smartphone-enabled ethnography with design BIBAFull-Text 391-394
  Gavin Melles; Eva-Maria Jakobs
Design considerations for after death: comparing the affordances of three online platforms BIBAFull-Text 395-404
  Joji Mori; Martin Gibbs; Michael Arnold; Bjorn Nansen; Tamara Kohn
The haptic chair as a speech training aid for the deaf BIBAFull-Text 405-410
  Suranga Nanayakkara; Lonce Wyse; Elizabeth A. Taylor
Exploring place and direction: mobile augmented reality in the Astrid Lindgren landscape BIBAFull-Text 411-419
  Susanna Nilsson; Mattias Arvola; Anders Szczepanski; Magnus Bång
Using galvanic skin response for cognitive load measurement in arithmetic and reading tasks BIBAFull-Text 420-423
  Nargess Nourbakhsh; Yang Wang; Fang Chen; Rafael A. Calvo
As I am not you: accommodating user diversity through adaptive rehabilitation training for multiple sclerosis patients BIBAFull-Text 424-432
  Johanna Renny Octavia; Karin Coninx; Peter Feys
Closing the human-AI team-mate gap: how changes to displayed information impact player behavior towards computer teammates BIBAFull-Text 433-439
  Christopher Ong; Kevin McGee; Teong Leong Chuah
Good team-mates do more than help the team win: design factors that impact player concern about team-mate experience BIBAFull-Text 440-448
  Christopher Ong; Kevin McGee
Simulated influence of user interaction with mobile devices amongst pedestrians BIBAFull-Text 449-458
  Shannon S. Pace; Leonard Hoon; Clinton J. Woodward
A provisional framework for supporting academics in accessible and inclusive e-materials development BIBAFull-Text 459-468
  George Papadopoulos; Elaine Pearson; Steve Green
Search and explore: more than one way to find what you want BIBAFull-Text 469-478
  J. Pearce; S. Chang; G. Kennedy; R. B. W. Ely; M. Ainley
Designing for the eye: design parameters for dwell in gaze interaction BIBAFull-Text 479-488
  Abdul Moiz Penkar; Christof Lutteroth; Gerald Weber
Things you don't want to know about yourself: ambivalence about tracking and sharing personal information for behaviour change BIBAFull-Text 489-492
  Bernd Ploderer; Wally Smith; Steve Howard; Jon Pearce; Ron Borland
Engaging the sense of touch in interactive architecture BIBAFull-Text 493-496
  Ingrid Maria Pohl; Lian Loke
First steps in the FabLab: experiences engaging children BIBAFull-Text 497-500
  Irene Posch; Geraldine Fitzpatrick
Sign my world: lessons learned from prototyping sessions with young deaf children BIBAFull-Text 501-504
  Leigh Ellen Potter; Jessica Korte; Sue Nielsen
Gaze tracking and non-touch gesture based interaction method for mobile 3D virtual spaces BIBAFull-Text 505-512
  Matti Pouke; Antti Karhu; Seamus Hickey; Leena Arhippainen
Imagine that: creating a 'third space' for young people with high functioning autism through the use of technology in a social setting BIBAFull-Text 513-516
  Alberto Rizzo; Stefan Schutt; Dale Linegar
Knowing our users: scoping interviews in design research with ageing participants BIBAFull-Text 517-520
  Toni Robertson; Jeannette Durick; Margot Brereton; Frank Vetere; Steve Howard; Bjorn Nansen
An interactive and adaptive building layer: strategies for allowing people to become advanced building-users BIBAFull-Text 521-529
  Yasu Santo
Content sharing on public screens: experiences through iterating social and spatial contexts BIBAFull-Text 530-539
  Jan Seeburger; Marcus Foth
Emergent participant interaction BIBAFull-Text 540-549
  Jennifer Seevinck; Ernest A. Edmonds; Linda Candy
Evaluation of a social web-based telehealth system BIBAFull-Text 550-553
  Jaspaljeet Singh Dhillon; Burkhard C. Wünsche; Christof Lutteroth
HODI: a technique for visually capturing and preserving design rationale BIBAFull-Text 554-557
  Özge Subasi; Geraldine Fitzpatrick
Studying user experiences of autostereoscopic 3D menu on touch screen mobile device BIBAFull-Text 558-561
  Meiju Sunnari; Leena Arhippainen; Minna Pakanen; Seamus Hickey
Do tablets really support discussion?: comparison between paper, tablet, and laptop PC used as discussion tools BIBAFull-Text 562-571
  Kentaro Takano; Hirohito Shibata; Kengo Omura; Junko Ichino; Tomonori Hashiyama; Shun'ichi Tano
How the other sees us: perceptions and control in videoconferencing BIBAFull-Text 572-578
  Cameron Teoh; Holger Regenbrecht; David O'Hare
Service design determinants for user value design: online store case study BIBAFull-Text 579-588
  Sampo Teräs; Mari Mäkelä
Interacting with info-graphics in a print-based environment BIBAFull-Text 589-598
  Claire Timpany; Nicholas Vanderschantz; Ben Hallahan
An analysis of courtroom evidence presentation technology requirements and current solutions BIBAFull-Text 599-606
  Robert T. Tipping; Vivienne Farrell; Clinton J. Woodward; Graham Farrell
Design space and opportunities for physical movement participation in everyday life BIBAFull-Text 607-615
  Helena Tobiasson; Anders Hedman; Yngve Sundblad
Optimising visual and textual in search user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 616-619
  Kenneth Treharne; David M. W. Powers; Richard Leibbrandt
Using magnetic forces to convey state information: an exploration of a haptic technology BIBAFull-Text 620-623
  Jessica Tsimeris; Tom Gedeon; Michael Broughton
Children's reading of text on interactive whiteboards BIBAFull-Text 624-632
  Nicholas Vanderschantz; Claire Timpany; Ana Hill
Approaches to cross-cultural design: two case studies with UX web-surveys BIBAFull-Text 633-642
  Tanja Walsh; Piia Nurkka
Actively engaging older adults in the development and evaluation of tablet technology BIBAFull-Text 643-652
  Jenny Waycott; Sonja Pedell; Frank Vetere; Elizabeth Ozanne; Lars Kulik; Alan Gruner; John Downs
Designing mobile information systems to support WIL experiences BIBAFull-Text 653-656
  Matthew John Willis; Christopher Ewart Dann; Christian Martyn Jones; Beverly Jo Lowe; Elizabeth Toohey
Emotishare: supporting emotion communication through ubiquitous technologies BIBAFull-Text 657-660
  Matthew John Willis; Christian Martyn Jones
Understanding the effectiveness of visual cues to support categorical notification BIBAFull-Text 661-664
  Moonyati Yatid; Masahiro Takatsuka
A hybrid recognition and recall based approach in graphical passwords BIBAFull-Text 665-673
  Toomaj Zangooei; Masood Mansoori; Ian Welch
Comparing the usability of grid-bag and constraint-based layouts BIBAFull-Text 674-682
  Clemens Zeidler; Johannes Müller; Christof Lutteroth; Gerald Weber