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Proceedings of OZCHI'04, the CHISIG Annual Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of OZCHI'04, the CHISIG Annual Conference
Note:Supporting Community Interaction: Possibilities and Challenges
Location:Wollongong, Australia
Dates:2004-Nov-21 to 2004-Nov-24
Standard No:ISBN 1-74128-079-6; hcibib: OZCHI04
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Online Communities: Researching sociability and usability in hard to reach populations BIBAKPDF 1
  Jenny Preece
Distances in Design Communities: Sources of Social Creativity BIBAPDF 2
  Gerhard Fisher
From Documents to User Interfaces: Universal Design and the Emergence of Abstraction BIBAKPDF 3
  Jason White
Online Collaborative Learning Enhancement through the Delphi Method BIBAKPDF 4
  Murray Turoff; Starr R. Hiltz; Xiang Yao; Zheng Li; Yuanqiong Wang; Hee-Kyung Cho
A brief account of low-level interaction problems using cyclic interaction theory BIBAKPDF 5
  Hokyoung Ryu; Andrew F. Monk
An interaction model: from a user model to an environment model BIBAKPDF 6
  Hokyoung Ryu; Andrew F. Monk
Teaching the Design of Ubiquitous Computing Systems BIBAKPDF 7
  Lubna S. Alam; David Walker; Penny Collings
A usability instrument for evaluating websites -- navigation elements BIBAKPDF 8
  Julie Fisher; John Bentley; Rod Turner; Annemieke Craig
Identifying Cognitive Activities and Processes in a Military Planning Training Exercise BIBAKPDF 9
  Terence Blackburn; Damien Bright; Rudi Vernik
Catching Emotions Elicited by Mobile Services BIBAKPDF 10
  Marika Tähti; Soili Väinämö; Vuokko Vanninen; Minna Isomursu
Machine Learning Tools applied to the Qualitative Analysis of Decision-Making Strategies BIBAKPDF 11
  Samuel Moyle; Jared Hayes; William Wong
Bimodal Modelling of Facial and Upper-Body Gesture for Affective HCI BIBAKPDF 12
  Hatice Gunes; Massimo Picardi; Tony Jan
Desktop Computing BIBAKPDF 13
  Martin M. Nielsen; Susanne Bødker
A Comparison of Linear and Calendar Travel Itinerary Visualisations for Personal Digital Assistants BIBAKPDF 14
  Masood Masoodian; Daryl Budd; Bill Rodgers
Using Ambient Displays and Smart Artefacts to Support Community Interaction in Distributed Teams BIBAKPDF 15
  Carsten Röcker; Thorsten Prante; Norbert Streitz; Daniel van Alphen
Architecture Framework for Output Multimodal Systems Design BIBAKPDF 16
  Cyril Rosseau; Yacine Bellik; Frederic Vernier; Didier Bazalgette
The Artist and the Computer: Understanding the creative user BIBAKPDF 17
  R. T. Jim Eales
Designing Augmented Reality Board Games: The BattleBoard 3D experience BIBAKPDF 18
  Troels L. Andersen; Sune Kristensen; Bjorn W. Nielsen; Kaj Grønbæk
When the Whole is Less than the Sum of the Parts: Humanising convergence in interactive systems design BIBAKPDF 19
  Steve Howard; Elizabeth Hartnell-Young; Graeme Shanks; John Murphy; Jennie Carroll
Shared Visualizations in Support of Distributed Creative Communities BIBAKPDF 20
  Alastair Weakley; Ernest Edmonds
Does touching a Projection Augmented model and interacting with it using a spatially coincident device, affect a user's perception of its size? BIBAKPDF 21
  Emily Bennett; Brett Stevens
Pictures Made for Walking: Pilots & Orienteers 1 BIBAKPDF 22
  Nicola J. Bidwell
i-Map: An Interactive Visualisation and Navigation System of an Image Database for Finding a Sample Image to Initiate a Visual Query BIBAKPDF 23
  Suryani Lim; Ray Smith; Guojun Lu
A Framework for Human-Web Interaction BIBAKPDF 24
  C. J. Pilgrim; G. Lindgaard; Y. K. Leung
Capturing User Experience: Using Distributed Cognition Theory to Inform the Sustainable Design of Meteorological Information Systems in Australia BIBAKPDF 25
  Jo-Anne Kelder; Paul Turner
A Remote Interactive Master Class in Surgery BIBAKPDF 26
  Chris Gunn; Duncan Stevenson; Alex Krumm-Heller; Sakti Srivastava; Patricia Youngblood; LeRoy Heinrichs; Parvati Dev
Using Cultural Probes to Explore Mediated Intimacy BIBAKPDF 27
  Jesper Kjeldskov; Martin R. Gibbs; Frank Vetere; Steve Howard; Sonja Pedell; Karen Mecoles; Marcus Bunyan
Experimental Findings for Awareness Elements in Real-time, Distributed, Collaborative Authoring BIBAKPDF 28
  Gitesh K. Raikundalia; Hao Lan Zhang
Representation of self-reported information usage during mobile field studies: Pilots & Orienteers 2 BIBAKPDF 29
  Jeff Axup; Nicola Bidwell; Stephen Viller
Reading Marks: An Exploration of Online Reading and Annotation BIBAKPDF 30
  Eriko Tamaru; Kei Tanaka; Kimitake Hasuike; Gene Golovchinsky; Takeshi Nagamine
Interactive Landmarks: Linking Virtual Environments with Knowledge-Based Systems BIBAKPDF 31
  Christian Mueller-Tomfelde; Cecile Paris; Duncan Stevenson
Interactive spaces: Towards Collaborative Structuring and Ubiquitous Presentation in Domestic Environments BIBAKPDF 32
  Kaj Grønbæk; Marianne Petersen
The Privacy of Money and Health: A User Study BIBAKPDF 33
  Supriya Singh; Kylie C. Bartolo
"Help Me Pull That Cursor" -- A Collaborative Interactive Floor Enhancing Community Interaction BIBAKPDF 34
  Peter G. Krogh; Martin Ludvigsen; Andreas Lykke-Olesen
Understanding Movement as Input for Interaction -- A Study of Two Eyetoy Games BIBAKPDF 35
  Astrid T. Larssen; Lian Loke; Toni Robertson; Jenny Edwards
From Piles to Tiles: Designing for Overview and Control in Case Handling Systems BIBAKPDF 36
  Stefan Blomkvist; Inger Boivie; Masood Masoodian; Jenny Persson
Bridging Technical and HCI Research: Creating Usable Ubiquitous Computing BIBAKPDF 37
  Tim Cederman-Haysom; Margot Brereton
Towards Understanding Information Architecture: A Distributed Cognition Study of an IT Community of Practice BIBAKPDF 38
  Sam Harvey; Toni Robertson; Jenny Edwards
Trust in mobile guide design: exploiting interaction paradigms BIBAKPDF 39
  Connor Graham; Keith Cheverst; Steve Howard; Jesper Kjeldskov; Frank Vetere
Standing up to Falling Down -- Using the Familiar to Catch the Unusual BIBAKPDF 40
  Russell Beale; Sam Davies
Social Circles and Intersections: Creating a Peer-based Supportive Community Online BIBAKPDF 41
  Russell Beale
Empirical Validation of a Computer-Mediated Coordination of Interruption BIBAKPDF 42
  Sonja Gievska; John Sibert
A Design Approach for Tangible User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 43
  Sriram Subramanian; Bernard Champoux
Usable Security and E-Banking: Ease of Use vis-á-vis Security BIBAKPDF 44
  Morten Hertzum; Niels C. Juul; Niels Jørgensen; Mie Nørgaard
Combining Developmental Theories and Interaction Design Techniques to Inform the Design of Children's Software BIBAKPDF 45
  Peta Wyeth; Mark Venz
The Complex Structure of Office Work: Tasks, Activities & Modes BIBAKPDF 46
  Wally Smith
Maintaining Human Agency in the Design of Context-Aware Systems: Design Games in a Dental Surgery BIBAKPDF 47
  Brett Campbell; Margot Brereton
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Website Design and Its Effect on Revisit Intention BIBAKPDF 48
  Paulus Insap Santosa
Supporting Multiple Identities in the Instant Messaging Virtual Community BIBAKPDF 49
  Hong Minh Tran; Yun Yang; Gitesh Raikundalia
Exploring Web Exploration: An Empirical Study BIBAKPDF 50
  Aaron Mullane; Sandrine Balbo
Implementation of a User-Centered Design Process in a large Software Development Organization BIBAKPDF 51
  Natalie Woletz; Dirk Zimmermann
Towards a Platform for Usability Remote Tests via Internet BIBAKPDF 52
  Naouel Moha; Ahmed Seffah; Qing Li; Gabriel Michel
Integration of Speech and Gesture Inputs during Multimodal Interaction BIBAKPDF 53
  Julien Epps; Sharon Oviatt; Fang Chen
Pair Writing: Towards the Support of Design Collaboration in Danish Retail Industry BIBAKPDF 54
  Adi Tedjasaputra; Eunice Ratna Sari
An Ethnography of Speech Recognition BIBAKPDF 55
  Ben Kraal
Earcon for Intermittent Information in Monitoring Environments BIBAKPDF 56
  Marcus Watson; Toby Gill
Can people learn about elevation following navigation through a virtual building? BIBAKPDF 57
  Michael Tlauka
The effect of music on monitoring a simulated anaesthetised patient with sonification BIBAKPDF 58
  Penelope Sanderson; Vivian Shek; Marcus Watson
Design of a customizable user interface for mobile communication devices focusing on the emotional aspects of design BIBAKPDF 59
  Bong Kug Kim
3G Multimedia Content Production as Social Communication BIBAKPDF 60
  Christine Satchell; Supriya Singh; John Zic
Maintenance Activities with Wearable Computers as Training and Performance Aids BIBAKPDF 61
  David Liu
Evaluating Computer Games for Children: Exploring Fun through the Concept of Flow BIBAKPDF 62
  Mikael B. Skov; Michal Gajos; Jeanette D. Thomsen
Picture Scenarios: An Extended Scenario-based Design Method for Mobile Appliance Design BIBAKPDF 63
  Sonja Pedell
Designing a Drawing Tool for Children: Supporting Social Interaction and Communication BIBAKPDF 64
  Mikael B. Skov; Berith L. Andersen; Kasper Duhn; Kasper N. Garnæs; Olga Grünberger; Ulrik Kold; Anders B. Mortensen; Jakob A. L. Sørensen
Usability Attributes: an initial step toward effective User-Centered Development BIBAKPDF 65
  Vince Bruno; Ghassan Al-Qaimari
Design and Use of Learning Styles in Flexible Environments -- an empirical grounded research proposal BIBAKPDF 66
  Rikke Orngreen; Bent Soelberg; Carsten Yssing
Supporting the HCI community: methods, tools & techniques Some observations on the use of Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) BIBAKPDF 67
  Kevin Sweeney; Arola von Baggo
Designing an Environment for Annotating and Grading Student Assignments BIBAKPDF 68
  Beryl Plimmer; Paul Mason
Enabling local interaction and personalised networking in residential communities through action research and participatory design BIBAKPDF 69
  Marcus Foth; Margot Brereton
Privacy and Security within Intelligent Environments BIBAKPDF 70
  Craig Chatfield; Rene Hexel
Dual Monitors Support Group Awareness in Multiplayer Computer Games BIBAKPDF 71
  Hong Minh Tran; John Craik; Yun Yang; Gitesh Raikundalia
Group Awareness Support for Past, Current and Future Work in Real-time Collaborative Authoring BIBAKPDF 72
  Gitesh K. Raikundalia; Hao Lan Zhang
Scenario-based Design Methods in Mobile Appliance Development: A Case Study in Industry BIBAKPDF 73
  Sonja Pedell; Frank Vetere
The Human Being in the 21st Century: Design perspectives on the representation of users in IS development BIBAKPDF 74
  J. Nielsen; N. Christiansen; K. Levinsen; L. Nielsen; C. Yssing; R. Ørngreen; T. Clemmensen
Client Centred Design a collaborative case study on the feasibility of e-learning BIBAKPDF 75
  Rikke Orngreen; Janni Nielsen; Karin Levinsen
Usability of Complex Systems in the Organisational Context BIBAKPDF 76
  Wannapa Suratmethakul; Helen Hasan
Using a taxonomy of errors as a conceptual framework for differences in patterns of use for casual and novice users BIBAKPDF 77
  Jocelyn Harper; Peter Caputi; Rohan Jayasuria; Shae-Leigh Vella; Peter Hyland
Design-Side Considerations: A Reaction to DUEM BIBAKPDF 78
  Robert K. Brown
Designing Applications for Mobile Phones: The Mobile Subject Assistant BIBAKPDF 79
  Sam Jebeile
Usability/User Interface Design in Agile Processes BIBAKPDF 80
  Anne Fuller
Mirroring Does Not Equal Transparency: The Importance of Culturally Aware Student BIBAKPDF 81
  Penney MacFarlane; Anne Fuller
Methods of Online Grocery Shopping: Linking and Searching BIBAKPDF 82
  Mark Freeman