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Proceedings of OZCHI'03, the CHISIG Annual Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of OZCHI'03, the CHISIG Annual Conference
Note:New Directions in Interaction: Information Environments, Media and Technology
Editors:Stephen Viller; Peta Wyeth
Location:Brisbane, Australia
Dates:2003-Nov-26 to 2003-Nov-28
Standard No:ISBN: 1-8649-9738-9; hcibib: OZCHI03
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  1. Opening Plenary
  2. Full Papers
  3. Short Papers
  4. Demonstrations/Exhibitions

Opening Plenary

Gettign Physical BIBAPDF Slides 1
  Alan Dix

Full Papers

Designing with Care: Adapting Cultural Probes to Inform Design in Sensitive Settings BIBA 4-13
  A. Crabtree; T. Hemmings; T. Rodden; K. Cheverst; K. Clarke; G. Dewsbury; J. Hughes; M. Rouncefield
Springboards into Design: Exploring Multiple Representations of Interaction in a Dental Surgery BIBAK 14-23
  B. Campbell; T. Cederman-Haysom; J. Donovan; M. Brereton
Walking Through Mobile Use: Novel Heuristics and their Applications BIBA 24-32
  F. Vetere; S. Howard; S. Pedell; S. Balbo
GroupBar: The TaskBar Evolved BIBA 34-43
  G. Smith; P. Baudisch; G. Robertson; M. Czerwinski; B. Meyers; D. Robbins; D. Andrews
Towards a Supportive Technological Environment for Digital Art BIBA 44-51
  G. Turner; E. Edmonds
Interacting with Home and Home Appliances in a Hand-held Terminal BIBA 52-61
  A. Aaltonen; M. Roykkee
Context-Studio -- Tool for Personalizing Context-Aware Applications in Mobile Terminals BIBA 64-73
  J. Mäntyjärvi; U. Tuomela; I. Känsälä; J. Häkkilä
'Out To Lunch': Exploring the Sharing of Personal Context through Office Door Displays BIBA 74-83
  K. Cheverst; A. Dix; D. Fitton; M. Rouncefield
Interaction in Location-Aware Messaging in a City Environment BIBA 84-93
  J. Häkkilä; R. Hexel
Mobile Evaluation: What the Data and the Metadata Told Us BIBA 96-105
  S. Pedell; C. Graham; J. Kjeldskov; J. Smith Davies
Experimental Evaluation of Techniques for Usability Testing of Mobile Systems in a Laboratory Setting BIBA 106-115
  E. T. Beck; M. K. Christiansen; J. Kjeldskov; N. Kolbe; J. Stage
Evaluating and Evolving Digital Mobile Maps BIBA 116-125
  C. Graham; K. Urquhart; J. Smith Davies; F. Vetere
Operating Theatre Patient Monitoring: The Effects of Self Paced Distracter Tasks and Experimental Control on Sonification Evaluations BIBA 128-137
  M. Watson; P. Sanderson; J. Woodall; J. Russell
Task-Driven Information Presentation BIBA 138-146
  N. Colineau; C. Paris
Design and Usability Evaluation of a GAAP Flight Progress Monitoring System in a Simulated Air Traffic Environment BIBA 147-156
  C. Ryan; R. van Schyndel; G. Kitchin
An Empathic-tutoring System Based on Spoken Language Analysis BIBA 158-166
  T. Zhang; W. Zhu; M. Hasegawa-Johnson; S. E. Levinson
Face Re-Orientation in Video Conference Using Ellipsoid Model BIBA 167-173
  B. Yip; J. S. Jin
Affect: Physiological Responses During Computer Use BIBA 174-182
  T. Bentley; L. Johnston; K. von Baggo
Effects of Visual Separation and Physical Discontinuities when Distributing Information across Multiple Displays BIBA 184-191
  D. S. Tan; M. Czerwinski
The Usefulness of Constraints for Diagram Editing BIBA 192-201
  M. Wybrow; K. Marriott; L. McIver; P. J. Stuckey
Side-By-Side Display and Control of Multiple Scenarios: Subjunctive Interfaces for Exploring Multi-Attribute Data BIBA 202-210
  A. Lunzer; K. Hornbæk

Short Papers

Hybrid Stroke/Vowel Input System for Mobile Devices BIBAK 212-215
  L. K. Seng
Saving Space by Perspective Distortion when Browsing Images on a Small Screen BIBA 216-219
  J. Lehikoinen; A. Aaltonen
The Swarm: Facilitating Fluidity and Control in Young People's Use of Mobile Phones BIBA 220-223
  C. Satchell
Affordances, Attention, and Mobile Phone Use During Driving BIBA 224-227
  P. Treffner; A. Petersen; R. Barrett
An Exploratory Study of Mobile Computing Use by Knowledge Workers BIBA 228-231
  P. Prekop
AR phone: Accessible Augmented Reality in the Intelligent Environment BIBA 232-235
  D. Cutting; M. Assad; D. J. Carmichael; A. Hudson
Computer Supported Cooperative Play, "Third Places" and Online Videogames BIBA 238-241
  G. Wadley; M. Gibbs; K. Hew; C. Graham
Using Tangible Interfaces to Support Collaborative Multi Modal Interactions BIBA 242-245
  H. Slay; R. Vernik; B. Thomas
Groovy Tubes: an interface for designing sound effects in space and time BIBA 246-249
  G. Sood; S. Barrass
Supporting Interaction in Mobile Co-operative Contexts using Agent Technology BIBA 250-253
  S. Goschnick; C. Graham
Rotational movements in real and virtual environments BIBA 254-255
  M. Tlauka
Understanding and Designing Information Spaces Using Social Worlds BIBA 256-257
  J. Paay; C. Graham
SIDE-VIEW: Reducing student motivation problems in collaborative learning using social identity based group and communication structures BIBA 258-259
  M. Lea; P. Rogers; A. Joinson


CoWord: a Collaborative Word Processor BIBA 262-263
  Q. Xia; D. Sun; H. Shen; D. Chen; C. Sun
Visualisation to support navigation and exploration of glossary structures BIBA 264-265
  A. Lum; J. Kay
The Nexus: A Games Engine Adapted for Collaboration BIBA 266-267
  M. Simpson; K. Bartlett
A Demonstration of Mobile Augmented Reality BIBA 268-269
  M. Assad; D. J. Carmichael; D. Cutting; A. Hudson
Active Visualisation of Complex Systems (Video) BIBA 270-272
  P. Treffner