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Proceedings of OZCHI'01, the CHISIG Annual Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of OZCHI'01, the CHISIG Annual Conference
Note:Usability and Usefulness for Knowledge Economies
Editors:Wally Smith; Richard Thomas; Mark Apperley
Location:Perth, Australia
Dates:2001-Nov-20 to 2001-Nov-22
Standard No:ISBN: 0-7298-0504-2; hcibib: OZCHI01
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  1. Opening Keynote
  2. Closing Keynote
  3. Plenary Panel
  4. Papers
  5. Posters

Opening Keynote

Yackity yack, blah blah blah blah. Parlez vous? Dialogue Management for Talking Heads BIBA xi
  Andrew Marriott

Closing Keynote

Is HCI Still Necessary, Still New in the 21st Century? BIBA xii
  Steve Draper

Plenary Panel

BIBA xiv
  Patrick Larvie; Jared Braiterman; Jonathan Arnowitz; Elizabeth Dykstra-Erickson; Mike Floyd; Gina Grumke; Bob Skubic; Meaghan Waters


Analysis of Task Model Requirements BIBAK 1-6
  Todd Bentley; Lorraine Johnston
Panorama: A Tool for Browsing Design Artefacts BIBAK 7-12
  Judy Brown; Conrad Johnston
Structuring Envisionment: Using Understanding of Current Practices to Design for Future Use BIBAK 13-18
  Jennie Carroll; Steve Howard
Developing a Shared Understanding of IT-Supported Learning Environments BIBAK 19-24
  Penny Collings; Chris Trevitt; Matthew Absalom
Making the Web Emotional: Authoring Multimodal Presentations Using a Synthetic 3D Agent BIBAK 25-30
  Sylvain Descamps; Istvan Barakonyi; Mitsuru Ishizuka
Strategies for Knowledge Acquisition from Multiple Experts -- An Explorative Study BIBAK 31-37
  Marita Duecker; Natalie Woletz
Personality Traits: The Missing Piece to Develop Design Guidelines for Graphical User Interfaces BIBAK 38-44
  Robert Fuchs
Levels of Interactivity and Interactivity Maps BIBAK 45-50
  Connor Graham; Jon Pearce; Steve Howard; Frank Vetere
Evolving and Iterating Style Guides BIBAK 51-57
  Connor Graham; Jon Pearce; Elizabeth Sykes
Reconciling Communities of Practice: Lessons from User-Centred Design BIBAK 58-62
  Helen Hasan; Lejla Vrazalic
Young People, Mobile Technology and the Task Artefact Cycle BIBAK 63-69
  Steve Howard; Jennie Carroll; Frank Vetere; Jane Peck; John Murphy
Assessing the Effectiveness of Generic User Models BIBAK 70-76
  Peter N. Hyland
BIBAK 77-83
  Jesper Kjeldskov
On Context-Aware Artifacts and Socially Responsible Design BIBAK 84-89
  Christopher Lueg
Access to Personal Travel Itinerary Information Using Mobile Phones BIBAK 90-95
  Masood Masoodian; Nicholas Lane
International Usability Testing Who Should Do It -- Internationals or Locals? BIBAK 96-101
  John D. Murphy
User Centred Design Space Exploration for Consumer AR Applications BIBAK 102-108
  Volker Paelke; Christian Geiger; Christian Reimann; Joerg Stoecklein
Arrowhead Cursors Have Irrelevant Features that Influence Cursor Velocity and Overshooting BIBAK 109-114
  Jim Phillips; Tom Triggs; James Meehan
Learning HCI in The Lost World BIBAK 115-120
  Toni Robertson; Christopher Lueg; Wayne Brookes
The Continuing Evolution of Best Practice Principles in Designing for Web Accessibility BIBAK 121-127
  Gian Sampson-Wild; Oliver K. Burmeister
Interface Issues for 3D Motion Control BIBAK 128-133
  Jan Scott; Barney Dalgarno
Dynamically Constructed Virtual Spaces -- The "Loose Integration" Framework BIBAK 134-142
  Simeon J. Simoff
The Use of Auditory Feedback in Call Centre Computer-Human-Human Interaction BIBAK 143-147
  Anette Steel; Matt Jones; Mark Apperley
Culturally Commercial: A Cultural E-Commerce Framework BIBAK 148-153
  Fay Sudweeks; Simeon Simoff
Investigations into Privacy and Other Aspects of a Real-Time Distributed Marks Collection System BIBAK 154-160
  Richard C. Thomas; Paul Cashman; David Edwin; Martin Ritchie
Towards Contingent Usability Evaluation of WWW Sites BIBAK 161-167
  Andrew Turk
Ambiguity and Abstraction: Supporting Early Design Process in Interactive Systems BIBAK 168-174
  Michael Wainer; Denny Hays
Respiratory Sonification Helps Anaesthetists Timeshare Patient Monitoring with Other Tasks BIBAK 175-180
  Marcus Watson; Penelope Sanderson
Situation Awareness and Its Implications for Human-Systems Interaction BIBAK 181-186
  B. L. William Wong; Ann Blandford
Stakeholder Perspectives of Accounting Information Quality BIBAK 187-193
  Hongjiang Xu
Privacy-Enhanced Displays by Time-Masking Images BIBAK 194-199
  William S. Yerazunis; Marco S. Carbone


Scenario Editor Project: Supporting Scenario Development Activities In Web-Site Design BIBAK 200-203
  Kentaro Go; John M. Carroll; Atsumi Imamiya
Cultural Issues of User Interface Design in Implementing Web Based Electronic Business BIBAK 204-209
  Kyeong-Soon Kang
Auditory Cues in a Multimodal Jukebox BIBAK 210-216
  Tatiana Lashina
In Search of a Complete Metaphor for Scaffolding the User of On-Line Course Materials BIBAK 217-221
  Joan Richardson; Sarah Guss
A Method for Recognizing Sign Language Sentences Based on Head Movements BIBAK 222-227
  Hirohiko Sagawa; Atsuko Koizumi; Masaru Takeuchi; Ming Xu; Katsuhiko Sakaue
Colour and Perception in User Interface Design BIBAK 228-234
  Jan Scott; Milena Dunn; Glenda Croft; Deri Hadler; Geoff Fellows
Virtual Tours in Tourism: Interaction Issues BIBAK 235-239
  Rochelle Villanueva; B. L. William Wong