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Proceedings of the 1998 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Fullname:International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
Editors:Joe Marks
Location:San Francisco, CA
Dates:1998-Jan-06 to 1998-Jan-09
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-955-6; ACM Order Number 608980; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IUI98
  1. Tutorial
  2. Plenary Address
  3. Animated Agents
  4. Panel
  5. Integration
  6. Tasks and Usage
  7. Panel
  8. Plenary Address
  9. Demonstrational Interfaces
  10. Intelligent Database Interfaces
  11. Adaptation and Critiquing
  12. Evaluation
  13. Plenary Address


Intelligent Interface Agents BIBAPDF 3
  Henry Lieberman
Designing and Evaluating Intelligent User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 5-6
  Kristina Höök

Plenary Address

The Opportunity of a New Century BIB 9
  David Nagel

Animated Agents

Coherent Gestures, Locomotion, and Speech in Life-Like Pedagogical Agents BIBAKPDF 13-20
  Stuart G. Towns; Jennifer L. Voerman; Charles B. Callaway; James C. Lester
Guiding the User Through Dynamically Generated Hypermedia Presentations with a Life-Like Character BIBAKPDF 21-28
  Elisabeth Andre; Thomas Rist; Jochen Muller
Tigrito: A Multi-Mode Interactive Improvisational Agent BIBAKPDF 29-32
  Heidy Maldonado; Antoine Picard; Patrick Doyle; Barbara Hayes-Roth


Speech Research: Near and Not-So-Near Results and What They Might Mean for IUI BIBAPDF 35
  Candy Sidner; Alex Acero; Janet Cahn; Julia Hirschberg; Robert Moore; Salim Roukos


Integrating User Interface Agents with Conventional Applications BIBAKPDF 39-46
  Henry Lieberman
Cyberdesk: A Framework for Providing Self-Integrating Context-Aware Services BIBAKPDF 47-54
  Anind K. Dey; Gregory D. Abowd; Andrew Wood
MVIEWS: Multimodal Tools for the Video Analyst BIBAKPDF 55-62
  Adam Cheyer; Luc Julia

Tasks and Usage

Interface Design Based on Standardized Task Models BIBAKPDF 65-72
  Larry Birnbaum; Ray Bareiss; Tom Hinrichs; Christopher Johnson
EDEM: Intelligent Agents for Collecting Usage Data and Increasing User Involvement in Development BIBAKPDF 73-76
  David M. Hilbert; Jason E. Robbins; David F. Redmiles
U-TEL: A Tool for Eliciting User Task Models from Domain Experts BIBAKPDF 77-80
  R. Chung-Man Tam; David Maulsby; Angel R. Puerta
Task-Sensitive Cinematography Interfaces for Interactive 3d Learning Environments BIBAKPDF 81-88
  William H. Bares; Luke S. Zettlemoyer; Dennis W. Rodriguez; James C. Lester


Affect and Emotion in the User Interface BIBAPDF 91-94
  Barbara Hayes-Roth; Gene Ball; Christine Lisetti; Rosalind W. Picard; Andrew Stern

Plenary Address

Interacting in Chaos BIBPDF 97
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen

Demonstrational Interfaces

Demonstrational Automation of Text Editing Tasks Involving Multiple Focus Points and Conversions BIBAKPDF 101-108
  Yuzo Fujishima
Building Applications Using Only Demonstration BIBAKPDF 109-116
  Richard G. McDaniel; Brad A. Myers

Intelligent Database Interfaces

Context-Sensitive Filtering for Browsing in Hypertext BIBAKPDF 119-126
  Tsukasa Hirashima; Noriyuki Matsuda; Toyohiro Nomoto; Jun'ichi Toyoda
Deja Vu: A Knowledge-Rich Interface for Retrieval in Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 127-134
  Andrew S. Gordon; Eric A. Domeshek
Visualization of Construction Planning Information BIBAKPDF 135-138
  Kathleen McKinney; Martin Fischer; John Kunz

Adaptation and Critiquing

Software Architecture Critics in Argo BIBAKPDF 141-144
  Jason E. Robbins; David M. Hilbert; David F. Redmiles
Authorable Critiquing for Intelligent Educational Systems BIBAKPDF 145-152
  Christopher K. Riesbeck; Wolff Dobson
Adaptive Forms: An Interaction Paradigm for Entering Structured Data BIBAKPDF 153-160
  Martin R. Frank; Pedro Szekely


Agents in their Midst: Evaluating User Adaptation to Agent-Assisted Interfaces BIBAKPDF 163-170
  Tara Gustafson; J. Ben Schafer; Joseph Konstan
An Experiment with Navigation and Intelligent Assistance BIBAKPDF 171-178
  Robert St. Amant; Martin S. Dulberg

Plenary Address

From HAL to Office Applicances: Human-Machine Interfaces in Science Fiction and Reality BIBAPDF 181
  David G. Stork