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Proceedings of the 1997 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Fullname:International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
Editors:Johanna Moore; Ernest Edmonds; Angel Puerta
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1997-Jan-06 to 1997-Jan-09
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-839-8; ACM Order Number 608970; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IUI97
  1. Plenary Address
  2. Planning Based Approaches
  3. Debate: Direct Manipulation vs. Interface Agents
  4. Interface Agents
  5. Presentation Aids/Coordination
  6. I/O Support/Spatial Awareness
  7. Panel
  8. Automation of Presentations
  9. Applications
  10. Panel
  11. Web / Hypermedia
  12. Plenary Address
  13. Short Papers

Plenary Address

Technology Transfer from University to Industry BIBAPDF 3-4
  James Foley

Planning Based Approaches

Local Plan Recognition in Direct Manipulation Interfaces BIBAKPDF 7-14
  Annika Wærn
Interaction with a Mixed-Initiative System for Exploratory Data Analysis BIBAKPDF 15-22
  Robert St. Amant; Paul R. Cohen
Segmented Interaction History in a Collaborative Interface Agent BIBAKPDF 23-30
  Charles Rich; Candace L. Sidner

Debate: Direct Manipulation vs. Interface Agents

Direct Manipulation for Comprehensible, Predictable and Controllable User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 33-39
  Ben Shneiderman
Intelligent Software BIBPDF 41-43
  Pattie Maes

Interface Agents

The Selection Recognition Agent: Instant Access to Relevant Information and Operations BIBAKPDF 47-52
  Milind S. Pandit; Sameer Kalbag
Using Agents to Personalize the Web BIBAKPDF 53-60
  Christoph G. Thomas; Gerhard Fischer
Multimodal User Interfaces in the Open Agent Architecture BIBAKPDF 61-68
  Douglas B. Moran; Adam J. Cheyer; Luc E. Julia; David L. Martin; Sangkyu Park

Presentation Aids/Coordination

Generating Web-Based Presentations in Spatial Hypertext BIBAKPDF 71-78
  Frank M., III Shipman; Richard Furuta; Catherine C. Marshall
Adding Animated Presentation Agents to the Interface BIBAKPDF 79-86
  Thomas Rist; Elisabeth Andre; Jochen Muller
Dynamic Dramatization of Multimedia Story Presentations BIBAKPDF 87-94
  Nikitas M. Sgouros; George Papakonstantinou; Panagiotis Tsanakas

I/O Support/Spatial Awareness

Description and Recognition Methods for Sign Language Based on Gesture Components BIBAKPDF 97-104
  Hirohiko Sagawa; Masaru Takeuchi; Masaru Ohki
Haptic Output in Multimodal User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 105-112
  Stefan Munch; Rudiger Dillmann
Helping Users Think in Three Dimensions: Steps Toward Incorporating Spatial Cognition in User Modelling BIBAKPDF 113-120
  Michael Eisenberg; Ann Nishioka; M. E. Schreiner


Computational Approaches to Interface Design: What Works, What Doesn't, What Should and What Might BIBAKPDF 123-126
  Christopher A. Miller; Kevin Corker; Mark Maybury; Angel R. Puerta

Automation of Presentations

Top-Down Hierarchical Planning of Coherent Visual Discourse BIBAKPDF 129-136
  Michelle X. Zhou; Steven K. Feiner
Declarative Models of Presentation BIBAKPDF 137-144
  Pablo Castells; Pedro Szekely; Ewald Salcher
Integrating Planning and Task-Based Design for Multimedia Presentation BIBAKPDF 145-152
  Stephan Kerpedjiev; Giuseppe Carenini; Steven F. Roth; A Johanna D.Moore


The Pedagogical Design Studio: Exploiting Artifact-Based Task Models for Constructivist Learning BIBAKPDF 155-162
  James C. Lester; Patrick J. FitzGerald; Brian A. Stone
Some Interface Issues in Developing Intelligent Communications Aids for People with Disabilities BIBAKPDF 163-170
  Kathleen F. McCoy; Patrick Demasco; Christopher A. Pennington; Arlene Luberoff Badman


Compelling Intelligent User Interfaces: How Much AI? BIBAPDF 173-175
  Joe Marks; Larry Birnbaum; Eric Horvitz; David Kurlander; Henry Lieberman; Steve Roth

Web / Hypermedia

Evaluating the Utility and Usability of an Adaptive Hypermedia System BIBAKPDF 179-186
  Kristina Höök
Multi-Level User Support through Adaptive Hypermedia: A Highly Application-Independent Help Component BIBAKPDF 187-194
  L. Miguel Encarnacao
Decision Making in Intelligent User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 195-202
  Constantine Stephanidis; Charalampos Karagiannidis; Adamantios Koumpis

Plenary Address

What Makes an Intelligent User Interface Intelligent? BIBAPDF 205
  Doug Riecken

Short Papers

An Adaptive Short List for Documents on the World Wide Web BIBAKPDF 209-211
  Matjaz Debevc; Beth Meyer; Rajko Svecko
An Interface Agent for Nonroutine Tasks BIBAKPDF 213-216
  Yuzo Fujishima
An Interface for Collaborative and Coached Approaches to Learning Critical Inquiry BIBAKPDF 217-220
  Dan Suthers
Automating a Classification Task Based on an Augmented Thesaurus BIBAKPDF 221-224
  Eunok Paek; Hye-Jeong Jeon
Easing Interaction through User-Awareness BIBAKPDF 225-228
  Alain Karsenty
Individual User Interfaces and Model-Based User Interface Software Tools BIBAKPDF 229-232
  Egbert Schlungbaum
Inductive Task Modeling for User Interface Customization BIBAKPDF 233-236
  David Maulsby
Intelligent Network News Reader BIBAKPDF 237-240
  Hitoshi Isahara; Hiromi Ozaku
Intelligent Word-Prediction to Enhance Text Input Rate (A Syntactic Analysis-Based Word-Prediction Aid for People with Severe Motor and Speech Disability) BIBAKPDF 241-244
  Nestor Garay-Vitoria; Julio Gonzalez-Abascal
Interactive Model-Based Coding for Face Metaphor User Interface in Network Communications BIBAKPDF 245-248
  Kazuo Ohzeki; Takahiro Saito; Masahide Kaneko; Hiroshi Harashima
Management of Interface Design Knowledge with MOBI-D BIBAKPDF 249-252
  Angel R. Puerta; David Maulsby
Providing User Support for Interactive Applications with FUSE BIBAKPDF 253-256
  Frank Lonczewski
A Response Model for a CG Character Based on Timing of Interactions in a Multimodal Human Interface BIBAKPDF 257-260
  Kenji Sakamoto; Haruo Hinode; Keiko Watanuki; Susumu Seki; Jiro Kiyama; Fumio Togawa
The Stick-e Note Architecture: Extending the Interface Beyond the User BIBAKPDF 261-264
  Jason Pascoe
Wizards, Guides, and Beyond: Rational and Empirical Methods for Selecting Optimal Intelligent User Interface Agents BIBAKPDF 265-268
  D. Christopher Dryer