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Proceedings of the 1993 International Workshop on Intelligent User Interfaces

Fullname:International Workshop on Intelligent User Interfaces
Editors:Wayne D. Gray; William E. Hefley; Dianne Murray
Location:Orlando, Florida
Dates:1993-Jan-04 to 1993-Jan-07
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-556-9; 0-89791-557-7 (hard); ACM Order Number 608930; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IUI93
  1. Plenary Sessions
  2. Session 1: Intelligent Presentation
  3. Session 2: Modeling
  4. Session 3: Intent Recognition
  5. Session 4: Adaptive Systems
  6. Session 5: Dialog Management/Natural Language
  7. Session 6: User Support
  8. Session 7: Design & Evaluation
  9. Short Papers
Intelligent User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 3-10
  William E. Hefley; Dianne Murray

Plenary Sessions

The Future of Intelligent Interfaces? Not Just "How?", But "What?" and "Why?" BIBAPDF 13-17
  Ernest Edmonds
The Price of Flexibility BIBAPDF 19-25
  David D. Woods

Session 1: Intelligent Presentation

Knowledge-Based Design of Graphical Responses BIBAKPDF 29-36
  Helen Chappel; Michael Wilson
Supporting Interactivity in Automated 3D Illustrations BIBAKPDF 37-44
  Doree Duncan Seligmann; Steven Feiner
Some Aspects of the User Interface of a Knowledge Based Beautifier for Drawings BIBAKPDF 45-52
  Dieter Bolz

Session 2: Modeling

Intelligent Mediation: An Architecture for the Real-Time Allocation of Interface Resources BIBAKPDF 55-61
  Russell Ovans; William S. Havens
Knowledgeable Development Environments Using Shared Design Models BIBAKPDF 63-70
  Robert Neches; Jim Foley; Pedro Szekely; Piyawadee Sukaviriya; Ping Luo; Srdjan Kovacevic; Scott Hudson
The Study of Models of Intelligent Interfaces BIBAKPDF 71-78
  Angel R. Puerta

Session 3: Intent Recognition

A Learning Interface Agent for Scheduling Meetings BIBAKPDF 81-88
  Robyn Kozierok; Pattie Maes
Plan Recognition for Context Sensitive Help BIBAKPDF 89-96
  Klaus-Jurgen Quast
The Role of Built-in Knowledge in Adaptive Interface Systems BIBAKPDF 97-104
  Daniel Crow; Barbara Smith

Session 4: Adaptive Systems

Supporting Adaptive Interfaces in a Knowledge-Based User Interface Environment BIBAKPDF 107-113
  Piyawadee "Noi" Sukaviriya; James D. Foley
Developing Adaptive Systems to Fit Individual Aptitudes BIBAKPDF 115-121
  David Benyon; Dianne Murray
An Adaptive Environment for the User Interface of Excel BIBAKPDF 123-130
  Christoph G. Thomas; Mette Krogsoeter

Session 5: Dialog Management/Natural Language

Development of the INRS ATIS System BIBAKPDF 133-140
  Changwen Yang; Douglas O'Shaughnessy
Commenting on Action: Continuous Linguistic Feedback Generation BIBAKPDF 141-148
  Wim Claassen; Edwin Bos; Carla Huls; Koenraad De Smedt
Knowledge Bases for User Guidance in Information Seeking Dialogues BIBAKPDF 149-156
  Anne Tissen

Session 6: User Support

Explanation Facilities and Interactive Systems BIBAKPDF 159-166
  Hilary Johnson; Peter Johnson
Providing Opportunistic Enrichment in Customized On-Line Assistance BIBAKPDF 167-174
  Ursula Wolz
Generating Explanations in Context BIBAKPDF 175-182
  Giuseppe Carenini; Johanna D. Moore

Session 7: Design & Evaluation

Cognitive Task Analysis, Interface Design, and Technical Troubleshooting BIBAKPDF 185-191
  Linda S. Steinberg; Drew H. Gitomer
Wizard of Oz Studies -- Why and How BIBAKPDF 193-200
  Nils Dahlback; Arne Jonsson; Lars Ahrenberg
Towards Automatic Evaluation of Multimodal User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 201-208
  Sandrine Balbo; Joelle Coutaz; Daniel Salber

Short Papers

A Prototype Intelligent User Interface for Real-Time Supervisory Control Systems BIBAKPDF 211-214
  Iain M. Begg; Joe Gnocato; Wendy E. Moore
Reducing User Effort in Collaboration Support BIBAKPDF 215-218
  Andy Cockburn; Harold Thimbleby
The Automation of Helpdesks BIBAKPDF 219-222
  L. M. Coventry; T. B. Kane
Experimental Results on User Knowledge Assessment with an Evidential Reasoning Methodology BIBAPDF 223-226
  Michel C. Desmarais; Jiming Liu
Adaptive Function Allocation by Intelligent Interfaces BIBAKPDF 227-229
  P. A. Hancock; M. H. Chignell
Inferring Complex Plans BIBAKPDF 231-234
  Kristina Höök; Jussi Karlgren; Annika Wærn
An Ecological Man-Machine Interface for Temporal Visualization BIBAKPDF 235-238
  Lars Peter Jensen; Peter Koch
Cooperative Support for Distributed Supervisory Control: Requirements, Issues, and an Example from Mission Operations BIBAKPDF 239-242
  Patricia M. Jones
A User-Centered Approach to Adaptive Interfaces BIBAKPDF 243-245
  Thomas Kuhme
Adjusting the Presentation of Forms to Users' Behavior BIBAKPDF 247-249
  Uwe Malinowski
Issues in Practical Application of an Adaptive Interface BIBAKPDF 251-254
  Beth Meyer; K. C. Burgess Yakemovic; Michael Harris
Focus in Graphical User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 255-257
  Manuel A. Perez; John L. Sibert
Creating Intelligent User Interfaces Using Prototyping and Knowledge Based Support Technologies -- The Rapid Prototyping Tool MacEMSIG -- BIBAKPDF 259-262
  Stephan Romahn; Annette Kaster
A User Interface for the Electronic Encyclopedia Exploratorium BIBAKPDF 263-267
  Michael Salisbury; Alan Borning
Programming with Characters BIBAPDF 269-272
  Mike Travers; Marc Davis