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Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Fullname:International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
Editors:John Riedl; Anthony Jameson; Daniel Billsus; Tessa Lau
Location:Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Dates:2004-Jan-13 to 2004-Jan-16
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-815-6 ACM Order Number 608040; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IUI04
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  1. Plenary Talks
  2. Intelligent tutoring
  3. User modeling I
  4. Virtual environments & stories
  5. Dialogue
  6. Automated user interface generation
  7. Intelligent assistance
  8. Multi-platform interfaces
  9. Novel interaction modalities I
  10. Novel interaction modalities II
  11. User modeling II
  12. Short Papers
  13. Demonstrations
  14. Workshops

Plenary Talks

Designing intimate experiences BIBFull-Text 2-3
  Sidney Fels
User Interface, or User Interference? BIBFull-Text 4
  Alan Kay

Intelligent tutoring

Building and evaluating an intelligent pedagogical agent to improve the effectiveness of an educational game BIBAFull-Text 6-13
  Cristina Conati; Xiaohong Zhao
A collaborative intelligent tutoring system for medical problem-based learning BIBAFull-Text 14-21
  Siriwan Suebnukarn; Peter Haddawy

User modeling I

Designing example-critiquing interaction BIBAFull-Text 22-29
  Boi Faltings; Pearl Pu; Marc Torrens; Paolo Viappiani
Supporting user hypotheses in problem diagnosis BIBAFull-Text 30-37
  Earl J. Wagner; Henry Lieberman
What would they think?: a computational model of attitudes BIBAFull-Text 38-45
  Hugo Liu; Pattie Maes

Virtual environments & stories

Narrative event adaptation in virtual environments BIBAFull-Text 46-53
  Karl E. Steiner; Jay Tomkins
Qualitative physics in virtual environments BIBAFull-Text 54-61
  Marc Cavazza; Simon Hartley; Jean-Luc Lugrin; Mikael Le Bras
Story fountain: intelligent support for story research and exploration BIBAFull-Text 62-69
  Paul Mulholland; Trevor Collins; Zdenek Zdrahal


A probabilistic approach to reference resolution in multimodal user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 70-77
  Joyce Y. Chai; Pengyu Hong; Michelle X. Zhou
Where to look: a study of human-robot engagement BIBAFull-Text 78-84
  Candace L. Sidner; Cory D. Kidd; Christopher Lee; Neal Lesh
Exploiting emotions to disambiguate dialogue acts BIBAFull-Text 85-92
  Wauter Bosma; Elisabeth Andre

Automated user interface generation

SUPPLE: automatically generating user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 93-100
  Krzysztof Gajos; Daniel S. Weld
Evaluation of visual balance for automated layout BIBAFull-Text 101-108
  Simon Lok; Steven Feiner; Gary Ngai

Intelligent assistance

Sheepdog: learning procedures for technical support BIBAFull-Text 109-116
  Tessa Lau; Lawrence Bergman; Vittorio Castelli; Daniel Oblinger
What role can adaptive support play in an adaptable system? BIBAFull-Text 117-124
  Andrea Bunt; Cristina Conati; Joanna McGrenere
An intelligent assistant for interactive workflow composition BIBAFull-Text 125-131
  Jihie Kim; Marc Spraragen; Yolanda Gil

Multi-platform interfaces

Flexible re-engineering of web sites BIBAFull-Text 132-139
  Laurent Bouillon; Jean Vanderdonckt; Kwok Chieu Chow
Graceful degradation of user interfaces as a design method for multiplatform systems BIBAFull-Text 140-147
  Murielle Florins; Jean Vanderdonckt
Flexible interface migration BIBAFull-Text 148-155
  Renata Bandelloni; Fabio Paterno

Novel interaction modalities I

Robust sketched symbol fragmentation using templates BIBAFull-Text 156-160
  Heloise Hse; Michael Shilman; A. Richard Newton
The connected user interface: realizing a personal situated navigation service BIBAFull-Text 161-168
  Antonio Kruger; Andreas Butz; Christian Muller; Christoph Stahl; Rainer Wasinger; Karl-Ernst Steinberg; Andreas Dirschl

Novel interaction modalities II

Wearable virtual tablet: fingertip drawing on a portable plane-object using an active-infrared camera BIBAFull-Text 169-176
  Norimichi Ukita; Masatsugu Kidode
Virtual mouse vision based interface BIBAFull-Text 177-183
  Paul Robertson; Robert Laddaga; Max Van Kleek
An intelligent 3D user interface adapting to user control behaviors BIBAFull-Text 184-190
  Tsai-Yen Li; Shu-Wei Hsu

User modeling II

Magpie: supporting browsing and navigation on the semantic web BIBAFull-Text 191-197
  John Domingue; Martin Dzbor
Implicit user profiling for on demand relevance feedback BIBAFull-Text 198-205
  Yoshinori Hijikata
Evaluating adaptive user profiles for news classification BIBAFull-Text 206-212
  Ricardo Carreira; Jaime M. Crato

Short Papers

Speech and sketching for multimodal design BIBAFull-Text 214-216
  Aaron Adler; Randall Davis
Leafing digital content BIBAFull-Text 217-219
  A. Barletta; M. Mayer; B. Moser
BioSonics: sensual explorations of a complex system BIBAFull-Text 220-222
  Daniel Bisig
TUISTER: a tangible UI for hierarchical structures BIBAFull-Text 223-225
  Andreas Butz; Markus Gross; Antonio Kruger
Increasing performances and personalization in the interaction with a call center system BIBAFull-Text 226-228
  Federica Cena; Ilaria Torre
Handling device diversity through multi-level stylesheets BIBAFull-Text 229-231
  Walter Dees
Second messenger: increasing the visibility of minority viewpoints with a face-to-face collaboration tool BIBAFull-Text 232-234
  Joan Morris DiMicco; Walter Bender
A graphical single-authoring framework for building multi-platform user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 235-237
  Yun Ding; Heiner Litz; Dennis Pfisterer
Classifying and assessing tremor movements for applications in man-machine intelligent user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 238-240
  Dan Marius Dobrea; Horia Nicolai Teodorescu
Identifying adaptation dimensions in digital talking books BIBAFull-Text 241-243
  Carlos Duarte; Luis Carrico
FAIM: integrating automated facial affect analysis in instant messaging BIBAFull-Text 244-246
  Rana El Kaliouby; Peter Robinson
Describing documents: what can users tell us? BIBAFull-Text 247-249
  Daniel Goncalves; Joaquim A. Jorge
Don't miss-r --: recommending restaurants through an adaptive mobile system BIBAFull-Text 250-252
  Dina Goren-Bar; Tsvi Kuflik
Perceptive assistive agents in team spaces BIBFull-Text 253-255
  Lisa D. Harper; Abigail S. Gertner; James A. Van Guilder
Context-aware mobile assistants for optimal interaction: a prototype for supporting the business traveler BIBAFull-Text 256-258
  Patrick Hertzog; Marc Torrens
Ontology modeling tool with concept dictionary BIBAFull-Text 259-261
  Yoichi Hiramatsu; Seiji Koide
Leveraging a better interface language to simplify adaptation BIBAFull-Text 262-264
  Joshua Introne; Richard Alterman
Task specific eye movements understanding for a gaze-sensitive dictionary BIBAFull-Text 265-267
  Abdelaziz Khiat; Yoshio Matsumoto; Tsukasa Ogasawara
A generate and sense approach to automated music composition BIBAFull-Text 268-270
  Sunjung Kim; Elisabeth Andre
Towards a visualization architecture for time-critical applications BIBAFull-Text 271-273
  Jorn Kohlhammer; David Zeltzer
Visual data mining and zoomable interfaces BIBAFull-Text 274-276
  Alexander Kort
A plan-based mission control center for autonomous vehicles BIBAFull-Text 277-279
  Gary Look; Howard Shrobe
An intelligent dialogue for online rule based expert systems BIBAFull-Text 280-282
  Sascha Mertens; Marius Rosu; Yuliadi Erdani
PARLING: e-literature for supporting children learning english as a second language BIBAFull-Text 283-285
  Ornella Mich; Elena Betta; Diego Giuliani
Improving automatic interface generation with smart templates BIBAFull-Text 286-288
  Jeffrey Nichols; Brad A. Myers; Kevin Litwack
Real world sensorization for observing human behavior and its application to behavior-to-speech BIBAFull-Text 289-291
  Yoshifumi Nishida; Koji Kitamura; Hiroshi Aizawa; Toshio Hori; Makoto Kimura; Takeo Kanade; Hiroshi Mizoguchi
Enabling customized & personalized interfaces in mobile computing BIBAFull-Text 292-294
  M. J. O'Grady; G. M. P. O'Hare
Object-action association: a HCI design model BIBAFull-Text 295-297
  Robert Pastel; Nathan Skalsky
Designing interaction experiences for multi-platform service provision with essential use cases BIBAFull-Text 298-300
  Lia Patrocoo; Joao Falcao e Cunha; Raymond P. Fisk; Nuno J. Nunes
Usability trade-offs for adaptive user interfaces: ease of use and learnability BIBAFull-Text 301-303
  Tim F. Paymans; Jasper Lindenberg; Mark Neerincx
Making critiquing practical: incremental development of educational critiquing systems BIBAFull-Text 304-306
  Lin Qiu; Christopher K. Riesbeck
Choosing when to interact with learners BIBAFull-Text 307-309
  Lei Qu; Ning Wang; W. Lewis Johnson
SmartKom mobile: intelligent ubiquitous user interaction BIBAFull-Text 310-312
  Rainer Malaka; Jochen Haeussler; Hidir Aras
Semantic analysis for a speech user interface in an intelligent tutoring system BIBAFull-Text 313-315
  Yuexi Ren; Mark Hasegawa-Johnson; Stephen E. Levinson
The museum visit: generating seamless personalized presentations on multiple devices BIBAFull-Text 316-318
  C. Rocchi; O. Stock; M. Zancanaro; M. Kruppa; A. Kruger
A multiple-application conversational agent BIBAFull-Text 319-321
  Steven Ross; Elizabeth Brownholtz; Robert Armes
Enhancing the interaction with information portals BIBFull-Text 322-324
  Eric Schwarzkopf
Low-fidelity location based information systems BIBAFull-Text 325-327
  Sanjay Sood; Kristian J. Hammond; Larry Birnbaumb
Dates and times in email messages BIBAFull-Text 328-330
  Mia K. Stern
WOLD: a mixed-initiative wizard for producing multi-platform user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 331-333
  Julien Stocq; Jean Vanderdonckt
Tailored audio augmented environments for museums BIBAFull-Text 334-336
  Lucia Terrenghi; Andreas Zimmermann
Contextual contact retrieval BIBAFull-Text 337-339
  Jonathan Trevor; David M. Hilbert; Daniel Billsus; Jim Vaughan; Quan T. Tran
Agent wizard: building information agents by answering questions BIBAFull-Text 340-342
  Rattapoom Tuchinda; Craig A. Knoblock
The semantic of episodes in communication with the anthropomorphic interface agent MAX BIBAFull-Text 343-345
  Ian Voss
Overriding errors in a speech and gaze multimodal architecture BIBAFull-Text 346-348
  Qiaohui Zhang; Atsumi Imamiya; Kentaro Go; Xiaoyang Mao


SUIDT: safe user interface design tool BIBAFull-Text 350-351
  Mickael Baron; Patrick Girard
A transformation-based environment for designing multi-device interactive applications BIBAFull-Text 352-353
  Silvia Berti; Giulio Mori; Fabio Paterno; Carmen Santoro
Intelligent interaction in art systems BIBAFull-Text 354-355
  Ernest Edmonds; Greg Turner
WinAgent: a system for creating and executing personal information assistants using a web browser BIBAFull-Text 356-357
  Nikeeta Julasana; Akshat Khandelwal; Anupama Lolage; Prabhdeep Singh; Priyanka Vasudevan; Hasan Davulcu; I. V. Ramakrishnan
User interface generation with OlivaNova model execution system BIBAFull-Text 358-359
  Pedro J. Molina
Demonstrating information in simple gestures BIBAFull-Text 360-361
  Robert Pastel; Nathan Skalsky
Automated interaction design for command and control of military situations BIBAFull-Text 362-363
  Robin R. Penner; Erik S. Steinmetz
Voice user interface principles for a conversational agent BIBAFull-Text 364-365
  Steven Ross; Elizabeth Brownholtz; Robert Armes
Computer algebra in interface design research BIBAFull-Text 366-367
  Harold Thimbleby; Jeremy Gow
Demonstration of agent support for user hypotheses in problem diagnosis BIBAFull-Text 368-369
  Earl J. Wagner; Henry Lieberman


Workshop on behavior-based user interface customization BIBFull-Text 372-373
  Lawrence Bergman; Tessa Lau
Exploring the design and engineering of mixed reality systems BIBAFull-Text 374-375
  Emmanuel Dubois; Philip Gray; Daniela Trevisan; Jean Vanderdonckt
Making model-based UI design practical: usable and open methods and tools BIBAFull-Text 376-377
  Hallvard Traetteberg; Pedro J. Molina; Nuno J. Nunes
Workshop W5: multi-user and ubiquitous user interfaces (MU3I) BIBAFull-Text 378-379
  Andreas Butz; Antonio Kruger; Christian Kray; Albrecht Schmidt