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Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Fullname:International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
Editors:Yolanda Gil; David Leake
Location:San Francisco, California, USA
Dates:2002-Jan-13 to 2002-Jan-16
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-382-0 ACM Order Number 459010; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IUI02
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  1. Plenary Speakers
  2. Full Papers
  3. Short Papers
  4. Demonstration Descriptions

Plenary Speakers

The interactive conversation interface (ICI): a proposed successor to GUI for an interactive broadband world BIBAFull-Text 2
  Harry Gottlieb
Uncertainty, intelligence, and interaction BIBAFull-Text 3
  Eric Horvitz
Complexity versus difficulty: where should the intelligence be? BIBAFull-Text 4
  Don Norman

Full Papers

A writer's collaborative assistant BIBAFull-Text 7-14
  Tamara Babaian; Barbara J. Grosz; Stuart M. Shieber
A resource-adaptive mobile navigation system BIBAFull-Text 15-22
  Jorg Baus; Antonio Kruger; Wolfgang Wahlster
Domain, task, and user models for an adaptive hypermedia performance support system BIBAFull-Text 23-30
  Peter Brusilovsky; David W. Cooper
Navigational blocks: navigating information space with tangible media BIBAFull-Text 31-38
  Ken Camarata; Ellen Yi-Luen Do; Brian R. Johnson; Mark D. Gross
New paradigms in problem solving environments for scientific computing BIBAFull-Text 39-46
  George, Jr. Chin; L. Ruby Leung; Karen Schuchardt; Debbie Gracio
Agents and GUIs from task models BIBAFull-Text 47-54
  Jacob Eisenstein; Charles Rich
Device-dependant modality selection for user-interfaces: an empirical study BIBAFull-Text 55-62
  Christian Elting; Jan Zwickel; Rainer Malaka
Light widgets: interacting in every-day spaces BIBAFull-Text 63-69
  Jerry Alan Fails; Dan, Jr. Olsen
Sketching for knowledge capture: a progress report BIBAFull-Text 71-77
  Kenneth D. Forbus; Jeffrey Usher
Plan-based interfaces: keeping track of user tasks and acting to cooperate BIBAFull-Text 79-86
  David Franklin; Jay Budzik; Kristian Hammond
NuggetMine: intelligent groupware for opportunistically sharing information nuggets BIBAFull-Text 87-94
  Jeremy Goecks; Dan Cosley
Annotating and sketching on 3D web models BIBAFull-Text 95-102
  Thomas Jung; Mark D. Gross; Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Multiple selections in smart text editing BIBAFull-Text 103-110
  Robert C. Miller; Brad A. Myers
Intelligent analysis of user interactions with web applications BIBAFull-Text 111-118
  Laila Paganelli; Fabio Paterno
Design visual thinking tools for mixed initiative systems BIBAFull-Text 119-126
  Pearl Pu; Denis Lalanne
Getting to know you: learning new user preferences in recommender systems BIBAFull-Text 127-134
  Al Mamunur Rashid; Istvan Albert; Dan Cosley; Shyong K. Lam; Sean M. McNee; Joseph A. Konstan; John Riedl
Toward automated exploration of interactive systems BIBAFull-Text 135-142
  Mark O. Riedl; Robert St. Amant
Hosting activities: experience with and future directions for a robot agent host BIBAFull-Text 143-150
  Candace L. Sidner; Myroslava Dzikovska
Exposing document context in the personal web BIBAFull-Text 151-158
  David Wolber; Michael Kepe; Igor Ranitovic
Information delivery in support of learning reusable software components on demand BIBAFull-Text 159-166
  Yunwen Ye; Gerhard Fischer
A semantic approach to the dynamic design of interaction controls in conversation systems BIBAFull-Text 167-174
  Michelle X. Zhou; Keith Houck

Short Papers

Exploiting information access patterns for context-based retrieval BIBAFull-Text 176-177
  Travis Bauer; David B. Leake
User acceptance of a decision-theoretic location-aware shopping guide BIBAFull-Text 178-179
  Thorsten Bohnenberger; Anthony Jameson; Antonio Kruger; Andreas Butz
Automatically indexing documents: content vs. reference BIBAFull-Text 180-181
  Shannon Bradshaw; Kristian Hammond
An intelligent interface for sorting electronic mail BIBAFull-Text 182-183
  Elisabeth Crawford; Judy Kay; Eric McCreath
Flytrap: intelligent group music recommendation BIBAFull-Text 184-185
  Andrew Crossen; Jay Budzik; Kristian J. Hammond
Linking dynamic query interfaces to knowledge models BIBAFull-Text 186-187
  Maria De Carvalho; J. Tan; J. Domingue; H. Petursson
Measuring task models in designing intelligent products BIBAFull-Text 188-189
  Elyon DeKoven; David V. Keyson
Information programming for personal user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 190-191
  Stephen Farrell; Volkert Buchmann; Christopher S. Campbell; Paul P. Maglio
An empirical evaluation of an adaptive web site BIBAFull-Text 192-193
  Cristina Gena
Language modeling for soft keyboards BIBAFull-Text 194-195
  Joshua Goodman; Gina Venolia; Keith Steury; Chauncey Parker
Themometers and themostats: characterizing and controlling thematic attributes of information BIBAFull-Text 196-197
  Marko Krema; Larry Birnbaum; Jay Budzik; Kristian J. Hammond
Generating and presenting user-tailored plans BIBAFull-Text 198-199
  Detlef Kupper; Alfred Kobsa
IIPS: an intelligent information presentation system BIBAFull-Text 200-201
  Yuangui Lei; Enrico Motta; John Domingue
The AIL automated interface layout system BIBAFull-Text 202-203
  Simon Lok; Steven K. Feiner
Design and evaluation of just-in-time help in a multi-modal user interface BIBAFull-Text 204-205
  Judith Masthoff; Ashok Gupta
Storyboard frame editing for cinematic composition BIBAFull-Text 206-207
  Scott McDermott; Junwei Li; William Bares
User interface tailoring for multi-platform service access BIBAFull-Text 208-209
  Guido Menkhaus; Wolfgang Pree
Dynamic "intelligent handler" of frequently asked questions BIBAFull-Text 210-211
  Dick Ng'ambi
Personalized navigation of heterogeneous product spaces using SmartClient BIBAFull-Text 212-213
  Pearl Pu; Boi Faltings
XIML: a common representation for interaction data BIBAFull-Text 214-215
  Angel Puerta; Jacob Eisenstein
Do users tolerate errors from their assistant?: experiments with an E-mail classifier BIBAFull-Text 216-217
  Jean-David Ruvini; Jean-Marc Gabriel
Camera agents in a theatre of work BIBAFull-Text 218-219
  Leonie Schafer; Stefan Kuppers
Exploiting visual information in programming by demonstration BIBFull-Text 220-221
  Eric Schwarzkopf; Mathias Bauer; Dietmar Dengler
GUI prototype generation by merging use cases BIBAFull-Text 222-223
  Junko Shirogane; Yoshiaki Fukazawa
Shared reality: spatial intelligence in intuitive user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 224-225
  Tom Stocky; Justine Cassell
Intelligent elicitation of military lessons BIBAFull-Text 226-227
  Rosina Weber; David W. Aha
Designing dynamic web pages and persistence in the WYSIWYG interface BIBAFull-Text 228-229
  David Wolber; Yingfeng Su; Yih Tsung Chiang
Intelligent user interface for a web search engine by organizing page information agents BIBAFull-Text 230-231
  Seiji Yamada; Fumihiko Murase

Demonstration Descriptions

The interactive chef: a task-sensitive assistant BIBAFull-Text 234
  Leonard Chen; Sandra Cheng; Larry Birnbaum; Kristian J. Hammond
mpME!: music recommendation and exploration BIBAFull-Text 235
  Jared Dunne; Louis Lapat; Marc Flury; Mustafa Shabib; Tom Warner; Kris Hammond; Lawrence Birnbaum
A GUI editor that generates tutoring agents BIBAFull-Text 236
  Jacob Eisenstein; Charles Rich
Sketching for knowledge capture: a demonstration BIBAFull-Text 237
  Kenneth D. Forbus; Jeffrey Usher
The active learning framework BIBAFull-Text 238
  Russell Maulitz; Debra McGrath
Jambalaya: an interactive environment for exploring ontologies BIBFull-Text 239
  Margaret-Anne Storey; Natasha F. Noy; Mark Musen; Casey Best; Ray Fergerson; Neil Ernst
Java settlers: a research environment for studying multi-agent negotiation BIBAFull-Text 240
  Robert Thomas; Kristian Hammond
Emotional dialogue simulator BIBAFull-Text 241
  William R. Wiltschko
autoCAID: a model-based GUI tool for machine tools BIBFull-Text 242
  Detlef Zuehlke; Martin Wahl