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Proceedings of the 2001 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces

Fullname:International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
Note:Bridging Science and Applications
Location:Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Dates:2001-Jan-14 to 2001-Jan-17
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-325-1 ACM Order Number 608201; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: IUI01
Links:Conference Home Page
An Architecture for More Realistic Conversational Systems BIBAKPDF 1-8
  James Allen; George Ferguson; Amanda Stent
Generating Virtual Camera Compositions BIBAKPDF 9-12
  William Bares; Byungwoo Kim
An Integrated Environment for Knowledge Acquisition BIBAKPDF 13-20
  Jim Blythe; Jihie Kim; Surya Ramachandran; Yolanda Gil
When Policies are Better than Plans: Decision-Theoretic Planning of Recommendation Sequences BIBAKPDF 21-24
  Thorsten Bohnenberger; Anthony Jameson
A Hybrid Indoor Navigation System BIBAKPDF 25-32
  Andreas Butz; Jorg Baus; Antonio Kruger; Marco Lohse
Implicit Interest Indicators BIBAKPDF 33-40
  Mark Claypool; Phong Le; Makoto Wased; David Brown
Providing Adaptive Support to the Understanding of Instructional Material BIBAKPDF 41-47
  Cristina Conati; Kurt VanLehn
XLibris: An Automated Library Research Assistant BIBAKPDF 49-52
  Andrew Crossen; Jay Budzik; Mason Warner; Larry Birnbaum; Kristian J. Hammond
Incorporating Tutorial Strategies Into an Intelligent Assistant BIBAKPDF 53-56
  Jim R. Davies; Abigail S. Gertner; Neal Lesh; Charles Rich; Candace L. Sidner; Jeff Rickel
Example Based Generation of Custom Data Analysis Appliances BIBAKPDF 57-64
  Mark Derthick; Steven F. Roth
What do Users Prefer?: A Personalized Intelligent User Interface for Searching Information -- An Empirical Study BIBAKPDF 65-68
  Dina Goren-Bar; Tsvi Kuflik; Tali Lavie
Applying Model-Based Techniques to the Development of UIs for Mobile Computers BIBAKPDF 69-76
  Jacob Eisenstein; Jean Vanderdonckt; Angel Puerta
Towards a Computational Model of Sketching BIBAKPDF 77-83
  Kenneth D. Forbus; Ronald W. Ferguson; Jeffery M. Usher
An Intelligent User Interface for Mixed-Initiative Multi-Source Travel Planning BIBAKPDF 85-86
  Martin Frank; Maria Muslea; Jean Oh; Steve Minton; Craig Knoblock
Modeling User Preferences via Theory Refinement BIBAKPDF 87-90
  Ben Geisler; Vu Ha; Peter Haddawy
Community Search Assistant BIBAKPDF 91-96
  Natalie S. Glance
Adaptively Constructing the Query Interface for Meta-Search Engines BIBAKPDF 97-100
  Lieming Huang; Thiel Ulrich; Matthias Hemmje; Erich J. Neuhold
An Integrated Interface for Proactive, Experience-Based Design Support BIBAKPDF 101-108
  David B. Leake; Larry Birnbaum; Kristian Hammond; Cameron Marlow; Hao Yang
Towards Context-Based Search Engine Selection BIBAKPDF 109-112
  David B. Leake; Ryan Scherle
Creating Tangible Interfaces by Augmenting Physical Objects with Multimodal Language BIBAKPDF 113-119
  David R. McGee; Philip R. Cohen
Inferring Calendar Event Attendance BIBAKPDF 121-128
  Elizabeth Mynatt; Joe Tullio
Heroes, Villains, Magicians, ...: Dramatis Personae in a Virtual Story Creation Environment BIBAKPDF 129-136
  Ana Paiva; Isabel Machado; Rui Prada
A Computational Model and Classification Framework for Social Navigation BIBAKPDF 137-144
  Mark O. Riedl
Intelligent Profiling by Example BIBAKPDF 145-151
  Sybil Shearin; Henry Lieberman
Intelligent Visualization in a Planning Simulation BIBAKABSTRACT 153-159
  Robert St. Amant; Christopher G. Healey; Mark Riedl; Sarat Kocherlakota; David A. Pegram; Mika Torhola
Interfaces for Understanding Multi-Agent Behavior BIBAKPDF 161-166
  Pedro Szekely; Craig Milo Rogers; Martin Frank
Mixed Initiative Interfaces for Learning Tasks: SMARTedit Talks Back BIBAKPDF 167-174
  Steven A. Wolfman; Tessa Lau; Pedro Domingos; Daniel S. Weld