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Proceedings of IFIP INTERACT'13: Human-Computer Interaction-2 2013

Fullname:INTERACT 2013: 14th IFIP TC 13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Part II
Editors:Paula Kotzé; Gary Marsden; Gitte Lindgaard; Janet Wesson; Marco Winckler
Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Dates:2013-Sep-02 to 2013-Sep-06
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8118
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-40480-1 hcibib: INT13-2; ISBN: 978-3-642-40479-5 (print), 978-3-642-40480-1 (online)
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. INT 2013 Volume 2
    1. E-Input/Output Devices (e-Readers, Whiteboards)
    2. Facilitating Social Behaviour and Collaboration I
    3. Facilitating Social Behaviour and Collaboration II
    4. Gaze-Enabled Interaction Design
    5. Gesture and Tactile User Interfaces
    6. Gesture-Based User Interface Design and Interaction I
    7. Gesture-Based User Interface Design and Interaction II
    8. Health/Medical Devices
    9. Humans and Robots
    10. Human-Work Interaction Design
    11. Interface Layout and Data Entry
    12. Learning and Knowledge-Sharing
    13. Learning Tools, Learning Contexts
    14. Managing the UX
    15. Mobile Interaction Design
    16. Mobile Phone Applications

INT 2013 Volume 2

E-Input/Output Devices (e-Readers, Whiteboards)

Leisure-Based Reading and the Place of E-Books in Everyday Life BIBAKFull-Text 1-18
  Annika Hupfeld; Abigail Sellen; Kenton O'Hara; Tom Rodden
Reading together as a Leisure Activity: Implications for E-reading BIBAKFull-Text 19-36
  Michael Massimi; Rachelle Campigotto; Abbas Attarwala; Ronald M. Baecker
The Mysterious Whiteboard BIBAKFull-Text 37-54
  Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose; Olav W. Bertelsen

Facilitating Social Behaviour and Collaboration I

A Tabletop System Using Infrared Image Recognition for Multi-user Identification BIBAKFull-Text 55-62
  Shota Suto; Susumu Shibusawa
Performing Online and Offline: How DJs Use Social Networks BIBAKFull-Text 63-80
  Mayur Karnik; Ian Oakley; Valentina Nisi
Tension Space Analysis: Exploring Community Requirements for Networked Urban Screens BIBAKFull-Text 81-98
  Steve North; Holger Schnädelbach; Ava Fatah gen Schieck; Wallis Motta; Lei Ye; Moritz Behrens; Efstathia Kostopoulou

Facilitating Social Behaviour and Collaboration II

BinCam: Designing for Engagement with Facebook for Behavior Change BIBAKFull-Text 99-115
  Rob Comber; Anja Thieme; Ashur Rafiev; Nick Taylor; Nicole Krämer; Patrick Olivier
OpinionBlocks: A Crowd-Powered, Self-improving Interactive Visual Analytic System for Understanding Opinion Text BIBAKFull-Text 116-134
  Mengdie Hu; Huahai Yang; Michelle X. Zhou; Liang Gou; Yunyao Li; Eben Haber
PolemicTweet: Video Annotation and Analysis through Tagged Tweets BIBAKFull-Text 135-152
  Samuel Huron; Petra Isenberg; Jean Daniel Fekete

Gaze-Enabled Interaction Design

Eyes Only: Navigating Hypertext with Gaze BIBAKFull-Text 153-169
  Abdul Moiz Penkar; Christof Lutteroth; Gerald Weber
Eye Pull, Eye Push: Moving Objects between Large Screens and Personal Devices with Gaze and Touch BIBAKFull-Text 170-186
  Jayson Turner; Jason Alexander; Andreas Bulling; Dominik Schmidt; Hans Gellersen
Tools for a Gaze-Controlled Drawing Application -- Comparing Gaze Gestures against Dwell Buttons BIBAKFull-Text 187-201
  Henna Heikkilä

Gesture and Tactile User Interfaces

Designing Gesture-Based Control for Factory Automation BIBAKFull-Text 202-209
  Tomi Heimonen; Jaakko Hakulinen; Markku Turunen; Jussi P. P. Jokinen; Tuuli Keskinen; Roope Raisamo
Metamodels Infrastructure and Heuristics for Metamodel-Driven Multi-touch Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 210-227
  Víctor López-Jaquero; Elena Navarro; Francisco Montero; Pascual González
TactiPEd: Easy Prototyping of Tactile Patterns BIBAKFull-Text 228-245
  Sabrina Panëels; Margarita Anastassova; Lucie Brunet

Gesture-Based User Interface Design and Interaction I

Towards Many Gestures to One Command: A User Study for Tabletops BIBAKFull-Text 246-263
  Yosra Rekik; Laurent Grisoni; Nicolas Roussel
User-Defined Body Gestures for an Interactive Storytelling Scenario BIBAKFull-Text 264-281
  Felix Kistler; Elisabeth André
User-Defined Gestures for Augmented Reality BIBAKFull-Text 282-299
  Thammathip Piumsomboon; Adrian Clark; Mark Billinghurst; Andy Cockburn

Gesture-Based User Interface Design and Interaction II

Gesture-Based Interaction in Domotic Environments: State of the Art and HCI Framework Inspired by the Diversity BIBAKFull-Text 300-317
  Ana Carla de Carvalho Correia; Leonardo Cunha de Miranda; Heiko Hornung
Thumbs Up: 3D Gesture Input on Mobile Phones Using the Front Facing Camera BIBAKFull-Text 318-336
  Paul Schmieder; John Hosking; Andrew Luxton-Reilly; Beryl Plimmer
User and System Cross-Learning of Gesture Commands on Pen-Based Devices BIBAKFull-Text 337-355
  PeiYu Li; Manuel Bouillon; Eric Anquetil; Grégoire Richard

Health/Medical Devices

Adoption and Appropriation: A Design Process from HCI Research at a Brazilian Neurological Hospital BIBAKFull-Text 356-363
  Junia Anacleto; Sidney Fels
Chronicles: Supporting Conversational Narrative in Alternative and Augmentative Communication BIBAKFull-Text 364-371
  Annalu Waller; Rachel Menzies; Daniel Herron; Suzanne Prior; Rolf Black; Thilo Kroll
Development of Novel eHealth Services for Citizen Use -- Current System Engineering vs. Best Practice in HCI BIBAKFull-Text 372-379
  Isabella Scandurra; Jesper Holgersson; Thomas Lind; Gunilla Myreteg
Increasing Accuracy by Decreasing Presentation Quality in Transcription Tasks BIBAKFull-Text 380-394
  Frank Soboczenski; Paul Cairns; Anna L. Cox
You Can't Touch This: Potential Perils of Patient Interaction with Clinical Medical Devices BIBAKFull-Text 395-402
  Paul Noble; Ann Blandford

Humans and Robots

A Dog Tail for Utility Robots: Exploring Affective Properties of Tail Movement BIBAKFull-Text 403-419
  Ashish Singh; James E. Young
Pebbles: User-Configurable Device Network for Robot Navigation BIBAKFull-Text 420-436
  Kentaro Ishii; Haipeng Mi; Lei Ma; Natsuda Laokulrat; Masahiko Inami; Takeo Igarashi
Robots for Real: Developing a Participatory Design Framework for Implementing Educational Robots in Real-World Learning Environments BIBAKFull-Text 437-444
  Lykke Brogaard Bertel; Dorte Malig Rasmussen; Ellen Christiansen

Human-Work Interaction Design

Computer-Supported Work in Partially Distributed and Co-located Teams: The Influence of Mood Feedback BIBAKFull-Text 445-460
  Andreas Sonderegger; Denis Lalanne; Luisa Bergholz; Fabien Ringeval; Juergen Sauer
Do Usability Professionals Think about User Experience in the Same Way as Users and Developers Do? BIBAKFull-Text 461-478
  Torkil Clemmensen; Morten Hertzum; Jiaoyan Yang; Yanan Chen
Here or There? How Configuration of Transnational Teams Impacts Social Capital BIBAKFull-Text 479-496
  Julia Katherine Haines; Judith S. Olson; Gary M. Olson

Interface Layout and Data Entry

A Comparison of List vs. Hierarchical UIs on Mobile Phones for Non-literate Users BIBAKFull-Text 497-504
  Indrani Medhi; Kentaro Toyama; Anirudha Joshi; Uday Athavankar; Edward Cutrell
A User Study with GUIs Tailored for Smartphones BIBAKFull-Text 505-512
  David Raneburger; David Alonso-Ríos; Roman Popp; Hermann Kaindl; Jürgen Falb
Evaluating Direct Manipulation Operations for Constraint-Based Layout BIBAKFull-Text 513-529
  Clemens Zeidler; Christof Lutteroth; Wolfgang Stuerzlinger; Gerald Weber
KLM Form Analyzer: Automated Evaluation of Web Form Filling Tasks Using Human Performance Models BIBAKFull-Text 530-537
  Christos Katsanos; Nikos Karousos; Nikolaos Tselios; Michalis Xenos; Nikolaos Avouris
The Evolution of Number Entry: A Case Study of the Telephone BIBAKFull-Text 538-545
  Parisa Eslambolchilar; Julie Webster; Gerrit Niezen

Learning and Knowledge-Sharing

Informing the Design of an Authoring Tool for Developing Social Stories BIBAKFull-Text 546-553
  Aurora Constantin; Helen Pain; Annalu Waller
Introducing New Perspectives in the Use of Social Technologies in Learning: Social Constructionism BIBAKFull-Text 554-570
  Antigoni Parmaxi; Panayiotis Zaphiris; Eleni Michailidou; Salomi Papadima-Sophocleous; Andri Ioannou
Usability Specialists as Boundary Spanners -- An Appraisal of Usability Specialists' Work in Multiparty Distributed Open Source Software Development Effort BIBAKFull-Text 571-588
  Netta Iivari
Vimprint: Exploring Alternative Learning through Low-End Mobiles BIBAKFull-Text 589-596
  Sheetal K. Agarwal; Jyoti Grover; Anupam Jain; Arun Kumar

Learning Tools, Learning Contexts

Improving Evaluation Honesty and User Experience in E-learning by Increasing Evaluation Cost and Social Presence BIBAKFull-Text 597-615
  Juha Leino; Tomi Heimonen
Interacting with Augmented Reality: How Does Location-Based AR Enhance Learning? BIBAKFull-Text 616-623
  Ruobing Li; Bo Zhang; S. Shyam Sundar; Henry Been-Lirn Duh
The ReflecTable: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice in Design Education BIBAKFull-Text 624-641
  Jonathan Hook; Thomas Hjermitslev; Ole Sejer Iversen; Patrick Olivier

Managing the UX

Evaluating User Experience for Interactive Television: Towards the Development of a Domain-Specific User Experience Questionnaire BIBAKFull-Text 642-659
  Regina Bernhaupt; Michael Pirker
Managing User Experience -- Managing Change BIBAKFull-Text 660-677
  Job Mashapa; Edna Chelule; Darelle Van Greunen; Alida Veldsman
What Do You See in the Cloud? Understanding the Cloud-Based User Experience through Practices BIBAKFull-Text 678-695
  John C. Tang; Jed R. Brubaker; Catherine C. Marshall

Mobile Interaction Design

Awareness, Transience and Temporality: Design Opportunities from Rah Island BIBAKFull-Text 696-713
  Pedro Ferreira; Pedro Sanches; Alexandra Weilenmann
Comparison of Phone-Based Distal Pointing Techniques for Point-Select Tasks BIBAKFull-Text 714-721
  Mohit Jain; Andy Cockburn; Sriganesh Madhvanath
Extending Mobile Interfaces with External Screens BIBAKFull-Text 722-729
  Julian Seifert; Dennis Schneider; Enrico Rukzio

Mobile Phone Applications

Communicating in a Ubicomp World: Interaction Rules for Guiding Design of Mobile Interfaces BIBAKFull-Text 730-747
  S. Shyam Sundar; Xue Dou; Sangmee Lee
Flow Specification Patterns of End-User Programmers: Lessons Learnt from a Health Mobile Application Authoring Environment Design BIBAKFull-Text 748-755
  Filipe Fernandes; Luís Duarte; Luís Carriço
MoCoShoP: Supporting Mobile and Collaborative Shopping and Planning of Interiors BIBAKFull-Text 756-763
  Julian Seifert; Dennis Schneider; Enrico Rukzio
Usability and Utility Needs of Mobile Applications for Business Management among MSEs: A Case of Myshop in Uganda BIBAKFull-Text 764-773
  Rehema Baguma; Marko Myllyluoma; Nancy Mwakaba; Bridget Nakajubi
Using Video Prototypes for Evaluating Design Concepts with Users: A Comparison to Usability Testing BIBAKFull-Text 774-781
  Matthijs Zwinderman; Rinze Leenheer; Azadeh Shirzad; Nikolay Chupriyanov; Glenn Veugen; Biyong Zhang; Panos Markopoulos