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Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Fullname:Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Note:Crete University Press - Adjunct proceedings ISBN 9-6052-4166-8 - 304 pages
Editors:Constantine Stephanidis
Location:Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Dates:2003-Jun-22 to 2003-Jun-27
Publisher:Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Standard No:ISBN 0-8058-4933-5; hcibib: HCII03-4
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  1. HCII 2003-06-22 Volume 4
    1. Universal access in HCI : inclusive design in the information society

HCII 2003-06-22 Volume 4

Universal access in HCI : inclusive design in the information society

Teaching design for all in HCI BIB 3-7
  J. Abascal; N. Garay
CoU: Context of Use Model for User Interface Designing BIB 8-12
  R. Abi-Aad; D. Sinnig; T. Radhakrishnan; A. Seffah
SIMPLEX: a simple user check-model for Inclusive Design BIB 13-17
  R. Adams; P. Langdon
Universal Access Heuristics for Blind and Visually Impaired People Who Use ICT BIB 18-22
  R. Adams; G. Whitney; P. Langdon
The Synergies between Universal Design and User-Centred Design BIB 23-27
  G. Astbrink; J. Beekhuyzen
I2BN: Exemplified Best Practice for Access to Internet Resources for Handicapped User Groups BIB 28-32
  J. Baum
Task Modeling for Customization of Web Applications BIB 33-37
  B. Bomsdorf
Addressing Print Disabilities in Adult Foreign-language Acquisition BIB 38-42
  S. Brown; P. Robinson
Disability Participation to Design an Assistive Product for Cerebral Palsy Patient BIB 43-47
  C.-H. Chen; H.-T. Ke; F.-G. Wu
Stiftung Digitale Chancen - Digital Opportunities Foundation and Aktionsbundnis fur barrierefreie Informationstechnik - Alliance for barrier free Information Technology BIB 48-52
  J. Croll; C. Buhler
Design for All Key Knowledge and Skill Sets for Information and Communication Products, Services and Systems BIB 53-57
  J. Darzentas; J. Darzentas
Usability and Accessibility Investigation of E-Banking Registration Processes BIB 58-62
  J. Dodd; R. Stevens; P. Langdon
An Assessment of Braided Learning: An Including Educational Philosophy for IT-related Education BIB 63-67
  A. Donnelly; R. McGuirk; B. Holmes
The Emotional Hearing Aid: An Assistive Tool for Autism BIB 68-72
  R. El Kaliouby; P. Robinson
Teaching design for all: the needs and expectations of industry from a DfA curriculum BIB 73-77
  J. Engelen; C. Strobbe; J. Darzentas
Distributed Cognition: A Conceptual Framework for Design-for-All BIB 78-82
  G. Fischer
Interfacing Business Object and User Models with Action Models BIB 83-87
  P. Forbrig; A. Dittmar
A Framework to Ensure Continuous Accessibility, Acceptability and, Usability of Systems BIB 88-92
  E. Furtado; O. C. Junior
Multimedia Courses for Social Work Students - More than Reading a Book Online BIB 93-97
  S. Goll; J. Kruckeberg
Technology, Society and Mind BIB 98-102
  T. Ilmonen; J. Kontkanen
Goal-Oriented vs. Open-Ended Applications BIB 103-107
  T. Ilmonen; J. Kontkanen
Investigating Mobile Use for Wearable Product Concept Design BIB 108-112
  K. Karvonen; J. Parkkinen; L. Poropudas
Cognitive Capability Scales for Design for Participation BIB 113-117
  P. Langdon; R. Adams; P. J. Clarkson
A comparison between Universal design practical guidelines and participatory design BIB 118-122
  T. Matsunobe; T. Yamaoka; K. Adachi; C. Tanaka
A structured approach to the interaction in 3D BIB 123-127
  Z. Mikovec; P. Slavik
BIKA - Competence Center Barrier-Free Information and Communication Technologies for All BIB 128-132
  Y. Mohamad; H. Gappa; G. Nordbrock; D. Stegemann; C. Velasco
IDCnet - A thematic network for Inclusive Design Curricula: aims and objectives BIB 133-137
  Y. Mohamad; C. Velasco
Universal Design for Information Technology: Application to Research and Development BIB 138-142
  Y. Motomiya
Empathic Modelling in Teaching Design for All BIB 143-147
  C. Nicolle; M. Maguire
Current Status of Universal Design for Information Technology in Japan BIB 148-152
  C. Sekine; N. Sakakibara
Towards a framework for creating design support environments for adaptive systems BIB 153-157
  T. Spyrou; E. Vlachogiannis; A. Arnellos; J. Darzentas
Observation Threshold of Cellular Phone Represented Angles and Its Related Factors BIB 158-162
  F.-G. Wu; E. Chang; C.-H. Chen; R. Chen
A concept and method of proposed Universal Design Practical Guideline BIB 163-167
  T. Yamaoka; K. Yamazaki; A. Okada; S. Saitoh; M. Nomura; K. Yanagida
Proposal for design process and user segments table for universal practical guidelines BIB 168-172
  K. Yamazaki; A. Okada; S. Saitoh; K. Yanagida; T. Yamaoka; M. Nomura
Using the UD matrix to extract problems of an application form BIB 173-180
  H. Yoshioka; T. Matsunobe; T. Yamaoka
Automated Vocabulary Collection to Allow Topical Conversation for Non-Speaking People BIB 181-185
  S. Ashraf; I. Ricketts
Accessibility of web applications: different approaches for different fields BIB 186-190
  L. Burzagli; P. Graziani
Technology in the Workplace: Implications for Older Workers BIB 191-195
  S. Czaja
Will the interfaces be more human in the future? BIB 196-200
  J. Ekberg
Evaluating the Usability of Joystick Control of a Screen Magnifier with Visually Impaired Users BIB 201-205
  G. Evans; H. Kurniawan; A. King; P. Blenkhorn
Eye tracking approach for gerontechnology BIB 206-210
  R. Fukuda; H. Bubb
A Sign Language Interface for Web-Based Bilingual / Bicultural Education of Deaf Children BIB 211-215
  V. Hanson
Non-Manual Signals in Japanese Sign Language BIB 216-220
  K. Kanda; A. Ichikawa; Y. Nagashima; M. Terauchi; D. Hara
Intelligent Wheelchair Looking at Pedestrians and the Caregiver BIB 221-225
  Y. Kuno
A Web Browser for People with Quadrip legia BIB 226-230
  H. Larson; J. Gips
Distance Training for the Inclusion of Low-incidence Groups BIB 231-235
  L. Moniz-Pereira; C. Espadinha; E. Saragoca
An Investigation into the performance of a Virtual Mirror Box for the treatment of Phantom Limb Pain in Amputees using Augmented Reality Technology BIB 236-240
  K. O'Neill; A. de Paor; M. MacLachlan; G. McDarby
Problems in Healthcare Website Designs: Implications for Usability and Comprehension in the Elderly BIB 241-245
  R. Ownby; S. Czaja; J. T. Gray; C. N. Carmin
Technology -based Caregiver Intervention Research BIB 246-250
  R. Schulz
Enabling Access to the Graphical User Interface for People with Vision Impairments BIB 251-255
  R. Sinclair
Issues in Human Computer Interaction seen from an Assistive Technology perspective BIB 256-260
  M. Soede
A Research on JSL Conversation Process BIB 261-265
  M. Terauchi; Y. Nagashima; K. Kanda
Better accessibility to promote human-computer interaction for all BIB 266-270
  C. Tjader
Design for Older People: Standardization vs. Personal Fit BIB 271-275
  H. Umemuro; H. Ogi
e-AAC: Making Internet-based Interpersonal Communication and WWW Content Accessible for AAC Symbol Users BIB 276-280
  C. Viglas; G. Kouroupetroglou
A Proposal for a Communication Device with a Finger and a Palm for the Deaf-blind BIB 281-288
  C. Wada; Y. Wada
Mobile interfaces for people with severe motor restrictions BIB 289-293
  J. Abascal; D. Cagigas; N. Garay; L. Gardeazabal
Service Adaptation and Personalisation in the PALIO Project BIB 294-298
  A. Andreadis; P. Fedele; G. Giambene; J. Santoro
Traveling Narrative and Mediated Instruments BIB 299-303
  A. Bationo; F. Decortis; J. Kahn
User-friendly interaction/interface control of intelligent home for movement-disabled people BIB 304-308
  Z. Z. Bien; J.-H. Do; J.-B. Kim; D. Stefanov; K.-H. Park
"In the pocket": an Empirical Study of Multimodal Devices for Mobile Activities BIB 309-313
  G. Calvet; J. Kahn; P. Salembier; M. Zouinar
Technology for people localization in smart homes BIB 314-318
  R. Casas; J. Falco; J. I. Artigas; J. Falco; A. Gallego
Supporting Access to Museum Information for Mobile Visitors BIB 319-323
  C. Ciavarella; F. Paterno
Standard Buses for Domotics: Technology & Convergence BIB 324-328
  A. Civit; G. Jimenez; J. L. Sevillano; S. Vicente; F. Diaz
Cultural Probes: Eliciting Requirements for Dependable Ubiquitous Computing in the Home BIB 329-333
  K. Clarke; K. Cheverst; G. Dewsbury; D. Fitton; J. Hughes; M. Rouncefield; I. Sommerville; T. Hemmings; T. Rodden
Components for a ubiquitous learning environment BIB 334-338
  D. Cuartielles; L. Malmborg; P. Schlaucher
A user evaluation study of a multi-modal mobile navigation aid BIB 339-343
  J. de Heer; M. Eisenhauer; V. Siochos
3D audio news presentations modeling for mobile environment BIB 344-348
  S. Djennane; S. Goose
Accessible User Interfaces for Smart Homes BIB 349-353
  D. Eguzkiza; N. Garay; L. Gardeazabal
Mobile information systems for all BIB 354-358
  M. Eisenhauer; R. Oppermann; B. Schmidt-Belz
Real World Object Annotation for See-Through Displays BIB 359-363
  A. Ferscha; M. Keller
Intelligent User Interface for Integrated Alert System in Tele-homecare BIB 364-368
  E. Fugger; M. Asslaber; A. Hochgatterer; B. Prazak
Evaluating the Double-Deck Desk BIB 369-373
  W. Gaver; A. Boucher; H. Martin
Ubiquitous Access to Documents: Using Storytelling to Alleviate Cognitive Problems BIB 374-378
  D. Goncalves; J. Jorge
Mobile 3D Visualization and Interaction in an Industrial Environment BIB 379-383
  S. Goose; S. Guven; X. Zhang; S. Sudarsky; N. Navab
A new approach to Interoperability of Distributed Devices BIB 384-388
  J. Gutknecht
Building the Brief: Action and Audience in Augmented Reality BIB 389-393
  M. Halkia; G. Local
Facing the future: Including elderly users when considering universal access BIB 394-398
  V. Hanson
Sentinel: Universal Access to Ambient Devices BIB 399-403
  S. Harper; C. Goble; S. Pettitt
Universal Design for Mobile Electronic Health Records BIB 404-408
  E. Hofvenschiold; F. Heidmann; S. Eiblmaier
Service Challenges of Wireless Composite Networks BIB 409-413
  D. Ikonomou
Re-appearing interfaces of objects BIB 414-418
  A. Kameas; I. Mavrommati
Architectures for Multimodal Interactive Assistant Systems BIB 419-423
  T. Kirste; S. Rapp
A Reference Framework for Multi-Surface Interaction BIB 424-428
  C. Lachenal; J. Coutaz
Discovery in a Dynamically Composable Personal System BIB 429-433
  S. Lalis
Decreasing the Annoyance of Your Mobile Device A Case Study in Context Awareness BIB 434-438
  T. Lashina; F. Vignoli; V. Buil; S. van de Wijdeven; J. Hoonhout; G. Hollemans
Designing for older and inexperienced mobile phone users BIB 439-443
  M. Maguire; Z. Osman
Ubiquitous-computing enabled wireless devices BIB 444-448
  D. Majoe
Levels of design: from usability to experience BIB 449-453
  P. Marti; A. Rizzo
Adaptive Brain Interfaces for Communication and Control BIB 454-458
  J. del RMillan
A conceptual model to support device-independent and accessible authoring and publishing by a next generation Web Publishing Framework BIB 459-463
  Y. Mohamad; C. Velasco
Human-smart environment interaction in case of severe disability BIB 464-468
  M. Mokhtari; M. A. Feki; B. Abdulrazak
The Ubiquitous Interactor - Universal Access to Mobile Services BIB 469-473
  S. Nylander; M. Bylund
Moving Target: Designing for Evolving Practice BIB 474-478
  B. Papantoniou; D. Nathanael; N. Marmaras
Ubiquitous Computing and the Elderly BIB 479-483
  J. Riekki; J. Roning
Conceptual Architecture for Mobility Context BIB 484-488
  E. Rubegni; M. Caporali
Dynamic environment-adapted mobile interfaces: the Voyager Toolkit BIB 489-493
  A. Savidis; C. Stephanidis
Needs of the Active Elderly for Mobile Phones BIB 494-498
  K. Tuomainen; S. Haapanen
A Standard for Controlling Ubiquitous Computing and Environmental Resources from Any Personal Device BIB 499-506
  G. C. Vanderheiden; G. Zimmermann; S. Trewin
Animated Chatting -Universal access by Converting Text Information into Animation,Symbols, and Background Pictures BIB 507-511
  H. Ando; S. Hori; J. Matsuda
Learning Affective Behavior BIB 512-516
  E. Andre; M. Mueller
Applying Logic Inference Techniques for Gaining Flexibility and Adaptivity in Tutoring Systems BIB 517-521
  M. Baldoni; C. Baroglio; V. Patti
Improving Web Interaction through Personalization BIB 522-526
  P. Buono; M. F. Costabile; S. P. Guida; R. Lanzilotti; A. Piccinno
Network Shared Knowledge, Veridiction and Support to Trusted Network Relationships in an Interpretative-Semiotics Framework BIB 527-531
  P. Bussotti; M. C. Pettenati
Domain-Expert Users and their Needs of Software Development BIB 532-536
  M. F. Costabile; D. Fogli; C. Letondal; P. Mussio; A. Piccinno
Dynamic Adaptation of Navigation Models in Hypermedia: Project Tirsus, a case of Study BIB 537-541
  A. De la Puente Salan; J. R. Perez; S. O. Barriales; M. G. Rodriguez
Challenges for End-User Development in CE devices BIB 542-546
  B. De Ruyter
PALIO as an enabling platform for disabled and elderly people BIB 547-551
  P. L. Emiliani; A. Paramythis; L. Burzagli; C. Stephanidis
Addressing User Interaction Requirements in Real Time using Adaptive Interactive Dialogs BIB 552-556
  M. G. Rodriguez; M. del Puerto Paule Ruiz; J. R. P. Perez; S. O. Barriales
User Modeling with Sequential Data BIB 557-561
  N. Jacobs; H. Blockeel
Shared initiative:Cross-fertilisation between system adaptivity and adaptability BIB 562-566
  M. Klann; M. Eisenhauer; R. Oppermann; V. Wulf
Ontology Switching as Interaction Technique for the Semantic Web BIB 567-571
  T. Mandl; C. Womser-Hacker
Building Adaptive Training and Therapeutic Systems by Considering the User's Affective States BIB 572-576
  Y. Mohamad; C. Velasco; H. Tebarth; T. Berlage
User-Centered Point of View to End-User Development BIB 577-581
  P. Palanque; R. Bastide
Personalisable, Context-aware Services: The PALIO approach BIB 582-586
  A. Paramythis; C. Alexandraki; I. Segkos; N. Maou; C. Stephanidis
The PALIO Framework for Hypermedia Adaptations BIB 587-591
  A. Paramythis; C. Alexandraki; I. Segkos; N. Maou; C. Stephanidis
From Model-based to Natural Development BIB 592-596
  F. Paterno
An Intelligent Agent-Based Personalized Information System BIB 597-601
  C. Petit-Roze; E. G.-L. Strugeon; G. Uster; C. Kolski
Pipelined Filter Combination in Product Personalization BIB 602-606
  V. Renneberg; U. M. Borghoff
Towards a Next Generation of Embodied Conversational Characters - Making them Learn BIB 607-611
  T. Rist
Plastic ML and its toolkit BIB 612-616
  J. Rouillard
Exploiting supervised learning techniques to model user preferences: personalized e-salespersons for personalized e-stores BIB 617-621
  G. Semeraro; M. Degemmis; P. Lops
Contributions, Costs and Prospects for End-User Development BIB 622-626
  A. Sutcliffe; D. Lee; N. Mehandjiev
RepairML: Linking Tools for Web Accessibility BIB 627-631
  H. Takagi; K. Fukuda; C. Asakawa
Extensions to the Method of Using Conceptual Graphs for User Modeling BIB 632-636
  A. Tzanavari; P. Paulson
An Approach for Personalisation and Content Adaptation for Accessible Internet Services Based on User and Device Profiles BIB 637-641
  N. Viorres; P. Koutsabasis; A. Arnellos; J. Darzentas; C. Velasco; Y. Mohamad; T. Spyrou; J. Darzentas
Services and Methods for Personalized Customer Interaction BIB 642-646
  J. Vlachakis; H. Beckmann
How game- like tests can be used in the development of a user model for a Universal Access interface BIB 647-651
  L. White; J. Jerrams-Smith; D. Heathcote
Can a web page layout be optimized? BIB 652-656
  M. M. Yenisey
An Influence Diagrams-Based Approach to Location Aware Mobile Computing BIB 657-664
  V. Zarikas; C. Stephanidis
Towards an Informatics System enabling Disabled people universal access to information and assistance services BIB 665-669
  A. Amditis; I. Karaseitanidis; M. F. Gabrera; E. Bekiaris; J. Machate; J. C. Naranjo
Paralle Coordinates for Interactive Exploration of Association Rules BIB 670-674
  D. Bruzzese; C. Davino; D. Vistocco
Analysing Association Rules with an Interactive Graph-Based Technique BIB 675-679
  P. Buono
Spoken Books: Multimodal Interaction and Information Repurposing BIB 680-684
  L. Carrico; N. Guimaraes; C. Duarte; T. Chambel; H. Simoes
Robust Semantic Analysis for Adaptive Speech Interfaces BIB 685-689
  M. Cheadle; B. Gamback
Distributed Multimedia Content with P2P JXTA Technology BIB 690-694
  P. Contreras; S. Johnstone; F. Murtagh; K. Englmeier
NLP-based knowledge markup BIB 695-699
  T. Declerck; P. Buitelaar
Setting the scene for context-aware information providing BIB 700-704
  K. Englmeier
Language Independent Querying for Information Discovery (LIQUID) BIB 705-709
  J. Esteban; A. S. Valderrabanos
Visual User Interaction in Three Dimensional Environments BIB 710-714
  M. Farid; F. Murtagh
Modeling the information contained in an organizational memory to facilitate its access BIB 715-719
  J.-Y. Fortier; G. Kassel
Towards a General Theory for Information Supply BIB 720-724
  B. Gils; E. Proper; P. van Bommel
New Perspectives on Accessible Information for Visually Impaired People BIB 725-729
  K. Gladstone; C. Rundle; S. King
Natural Interaction in Spoken Dialogue Systems BIB 730-734
  K. Jokinen
Visual Data Mining: An Experience with the Users BIB 735-739
  S. Kimani; T. Catarci; G. Santucci
Abductive retrieval for multimedia information seeking BIB 740-744
  M. Lalmas; T. Rolleke; I. Ruthven
Technology Survey on Knowledge Based Multilinguality BIB 745-749
  A. Leger; M. Boualem
Intelligent Human Language Query Processing in Mkbeem BIB 750-754
  A. Lehtola; J. Heinecke; C. Bounsaythip
A Component-Based Architecture Supporting Visual Data Mining Applications BIB 755-759
  M. Leissler; G. Jaeschke; M. Hemmje
The Usability and Content Accessibility of the E-government in the UK BIB 760-764
  T. H.-Y. Ma; P. Zaphiris
Information mining and information retrieval: methods and applications BIB 765-769
  J. Mothe; C. Chrisment
An automatic system to build resource databases for researchers BIB 770-774
  C. Orasan; R. Evans; R. Mitkov
Collaborative Filtering of User Profiles using MPEG-7/MPEG-21 BIB 775-779
  M. Parmar; D. Knight; M. Angelides
Multimedia Content Personalisation using MPEG-7/MPEG-21 BIB 780-784
  M. Parmar; D. Knight; M. Angelides
Ontology integration in a multilingual e-retail system BIB 785-789
  M. T. Pazienza; A. Stellato; M. Vindigni; A. Valarakos; V. Karkaletsis
Helping users get started with visual interfaces: multi-layered interfaces, integrated initial guidance and video demonstrations BIB 790-794
  C. Plaisant; H. Kang; B. Shneiderman
Supporting Population Centered Medical Decision Making: Design Recommendations and Preliminary Assessment BIB 795-799
  G. Potamias; L. Koumakis; G. Charissis; V. Moustakis; M. Tsiknakis; S. Orphanoudakis
Television and Visual Impairment: Prospects for the Accessibility of Interactive Television BIB 800-804
  M. Rice
Interactive Retrieval and Visualization of Semantically Complex Data in Domain-Specific Information Systems BIB 805-809
  M. Stempfhuber
Rapid Serial Visual Presentation Techniques for Visualizing a 3rd Data Dimension BIB 810-816
  K. Wittenburg; T. Lanning; C. Forlines; A. Esenther
Usability for those with cognitive Impairments: A Case Study and Preliminary Experimental Findings with dysphasic Subjects BIB 817-821
  S. Abbott; C. Davies; M. Mourtzoukos
How Age Can Inform the Future Design of the Mobile Phone Experience BIB 822-826
  J. Brodie; J. Chattratichart; M. Perry; R. Scane
Domesticating technology - In-home requirements gathering with frail older people BIB 827-831
  A. Dickinson; J. Goodman; A. Syme; R. Eisma; L. Tiwari; O. Mival; A. Newell
Primary school pupils with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms working with ICT: the role of educational software, learning activities, and collaborative work BIB 832-836
  F. Garagouni-Areou; C. Solomonidou
Identifying the Needs and Expectations of Users with Learning Disabilities BIB 837-841
  L. Hall; G. Mallalieu
The VISTA project: universal access to Electronic Programme Guides for digital TV BIB 842-846
  F. Hamilton; H. Petrie; A. Carmichael
Speech Based Subtitles for Live Performance BIB 847-851
  J. Hewitt; C. Lyon; R. Ahmed; A. Lambourne
The Design of Kiosks for Providing Access to E-Information for Older Adults BIB 852-856
  S. Keates; J. Clarkeson; P. Robinson
Age-Related Differences in Subjective Ratings of Hierarchical Information BIB 857-861
  H. Kurniawan; P. Zaphiris; R. D. Ellis
Older Adults' Comprehension of Speech as Interactive Domestic Alarm System Output: A Field Study BIB 862-866
  L. Lines; K. Hone
User needs for Digital TV services among older users BIB 867-871
  M. Maguire
The Web accessible for all: guidelines for seniors BIB 872-876
  G. Michel; U. Benoit
Designing for Older Adults - Are they a Special Group? BIB 877-881
  J. Noyes; M. Sheard
Usability Evaluation Techniques for Interactive Television BIB 882-886
  L. Pemberton; R. N. Griffiths
Studying the Usability of a web site focused on children BIB 887-891
  F. P. Sapina; T. G. Saltiveri; M. Gonzalez
Adapting the Web for Older Users BIB 892-896
  J. Richards; V. Hanson; S. Trewin
The Development of Control Devices for Virtual Environments for Use by People with Intellectual Disabilities BIB 897-901
  P. Standen; D. Brown; N. Anderton; S. Battersby
A memory aid with remote communication for elderly and memory-impaired users BIB 902-906
  A. Szymkowiak; K. Morrison; E. Inglis; P. Gregor; P. Shah; J. Evans; B. Wilson
Investigating Digital TV design issues: A usability test of Interactive Advertising BIB 907-911
  K. Vassilopoulou; G. Lekakos
Voice XML: a New Opportunity for Older Adults BIB 912-916
  M. Zajicek; A. Lee; R. Wales
Mathematical Formulation of Age Related Differences in Mouse Movement Tasks BIB 917-924
  P. Zaphiris; H. Kurniawan; R. D. Ellis
A Web Service for Automatic Accessibility Analysis of Web Pages Based on the Use of XML Structures BIB 925-929
  J. Abascal; M. Arrue; N. Garay; J. Tomas
Application of Barrier free Internet in German Legislation BIB 930-934
  C. Buhler
How will mobile devices contribute to an accessible ubiquitous iTV scenario BIB 935-939
  A. C. Roibas; R. Sala; S. Simola; A. Hill
Table of Heuristic Evaluation for Communication of the Multimedia Systems BIB 940-944
  F. C. Ficarra
Use of Card Sorting for Cultural Web-Preferences Data Elicitation: The Case of Egyptian Internet Users BIB 945-949
  G. El Said; K. Hone
Towards a Cognitive Accessibility Guideline based on Empirical Evidences of Deaf Users Web Interaction BIB 950-954
  I. Fajardo; J. Canas; L. Salmeron; J. Abascal
On the application of W3C Guidelines in Website Design from scratch BIB 955-959
  D. Freitas; H. Ferreira
An assist method for realizing a Web page structure for blind people BIB 960-964
  K. Fukuda; H. Takagi; J. Maeda; C. Asakawa
Usability Engineering Process Model. Integration with Software Engineering BIB 965-969
  T. Granollers; J. Lores; F. Perdrix
Multimedia Clip Type: Quality of Perception Impact on Users With and Without Hearing Loss BIB 970-974
  S. R. Gulliver; G. Ghinea
Specifying Usability Requirements for e-Government Portals: Processes and Target Groups as Key Criteria BIB 975-979
  U. Holler; M. A. Wimmer
An investigation to the searching strategies for the information on foreign web sites BIB 980-984
  K.-H. Huang
On Expert-Based Interface Evaluation of Web Resources Regarding Accessibility Issues: A Preliminary Investigation BIB 985-989
  A. Karoulis; A. Polyxenidou; A. Pombortsis
Detour Ahead: Current Roadblocks to Web Accessibility BIB 990-994
  J. Lazar; C. Schroeder-Thomas; A. Jones; K. Greenidge; P. Beere; J. Clements
Extension of W3C Standards for Real Web Accessibility BIB 995-999
  F. Maurel; M. Raynal; B. Oriola; N. Vigouroux
Evaluating the Accessibility of Course Design Software and Online Learning Portals BIB 1000-1004
  G. Meiselwitz; J. Lazar; J. Clements
Evaluating User Interfaces for Accommodation of Individual Differences in Spatial Abilities and Way-Finding Strategies BIB 1005-1009
  E. D. Murphy; S. M. Nusser
A Study of Web Accessibility for the Hearing Impaired BIB 1010-1014
  M. Namatame; M. Kobayashi; A. Harada
High Quality Scenarios for Raising Web Content Accessibility Awareness BIB 1015-1019
  L. Nevile; O. Burmeister; C. McCathieNevile
Aphasiahelp: Developing an Accessible Website for People with Communication Disabilities BIB 1020-1024
  J. Newbery; S. Parr; B. Moss; B. Petheram; S. Byng
Prospectives of the Benefits of Agent and Semantic Web-Based Wireless Applications for the Elderly User BIB 1025-1029
  T. A. O'Connell; J. L. Burgett; C. M. Jonker; K. Silz
A User-Centered Quality Model for Web Applications BIB 1030-1034
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Enhancing Usability Testing Skills of Novice Testers:A Longitudinal Study BIB 1035-1039
  M. Skov; J. Stage
Automatic Accessibility Guideline Validation of XML Documents Based on a Specification Language BIB 1040-1044
  Y. Takata; T. Nakamura; H. Seki
The computerized method for heuristic aiding of ergonomic design process BIB 1045-1049
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Computer Aiding Method of Decision Making for Ergonomic Design of Man-Machine Systems BIB 1050-1054
  E. Tytyk; K. Ragin-Skorecka; K. Siemieniak
Universal Interface Sockets and Virtual AT as Access Approaches for People with Severe, Extreme, and Multiple Disabilities BIB 1055-1062
  G. C. Vanderheiden
A Validated Code of Practice for Universal Access in Health Telematics BIB 1063-1067
  D. Akoumianakis; C. Stephanidis
MIAU - Supporting Group Decisions in E-Commerce Applications BIB 1068-1072
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Universal Design for Learning: Accessing the Curriculum through Digitized Text BIB 1073-1077
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W3C-WAI Content Guidelines: application in a health scenario BIB 1078-1082
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Mayo Clinic/IBM Computational Biology Collaboration: A Simple User Interface for Complex Queries BIB 1083-1087
  P. C. de Groen; R. Dettinger; P. Johnson
TeleTendo: a New Multimedia and Web Based Interface for e-Learning and e-Testing in Medical Imaging BIB 1088-1092
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Considerations on Universal Access and Universal Design as concerns Educational Software BIB 1093-1097
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Lessons Learned from Multilingual Collaboration in Global Virtual Teams BIB 1098-1102
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Providing ICT/IST professionals with access to resources in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and vice versa - a European network approach BIB 1103-1107
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Universal Access to Groupware with Multimodal Interfaces BIB 1108-1112
  T. Gross
Collaborative Virtual Environments Based on Real Work Spaces BIB 1113-1117
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The teaching wheel: an agent for site viewing and subsite building BIB 1118-1122
  M.-C. Haton
Accessibility and Usability of Learning Environments for Disabled: an Example BIB 1123-1127
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Using Cultural Differences in Educational Program Design and Approaches to Computers for Adaptation Concepts of Multimedia Learning BIB 1128-1132
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Libraries as Social Spaces BIB 1133-1137
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Building Adaptive Learning Material with Distinct Authors BIB 1138-1142
  J. Kurhila
Facilitating VR Museums Web Presence BIB 1143-1147
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Video-based Interaction for a Mixed Reality Kiosk System BIB 1148-1152
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ECDL PD: Access to a Standard Certificate Based on Universal Access to HCI BIB 1153-1157
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AmbieSense - interactive information channels in the surroundings of the mobile user BIB 1158-1162
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Open Source Software Development with Your Mother Language: Intercultural Collaboration Experiment 2002 BIB 1163-1167
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The Integrated Electronic Health Record: Accessibility, Usability and Security Issues BIB 1168-1172
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TransSMS: A Multi-Lingual SMS Tool BIB 1173-1177
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Electronic Behavior Settings in Distributed Cooperation BIB 1178-1182
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Evolving Multimedia Systems in Education BIB 1183-1187
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Focus on Content: helping Irish teachers to access, identify and customize educational software for classroom use BIB 1188-1192
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Nonresponse Bias of Non-Native Speakers in Web-Based Research BIB 1193-1197
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Towards the design of an advanced cooperative system: Adaptive Cruise Control BIB 1198-1202
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3D Interactive Augmented Reality in Early Stages of Product Design BIB 1203-1207
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Model-Based Role-Adapted Interaction - A Health-Care Case BIB 1208-1212
  C. Stary
Participatory Approaches towards Universal Access - Results of a Case Study in the Healthcare Domain BIB 1213-1217
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Group Storytelling to Support Tacit Knowledge Externalization BIB 1218-1222
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Realizing Human Centered Systems via Socially Deliberating Agents BIB 1223-1227
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ICT enabling access to the curriculum: UK initiatives BIB 1228-1237
  T. Waller
Tools for Second Language Support BIB 1238-1244
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INSIGHT: A Comprehensive System for Converting Braille based Mathematical Documents to Latex BIB 1245-1249
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A Proposal for a Dial-based Interface for Voice Output Based on Blind Users' Cognitive Listening Abilities BIB 1250-1254
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Towards an improvement of the accessibility of Brazilian Federal Government websites to people with low vision BIB 1255-1259
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Parser for the Marburg Mathematical Braille Notation NIDRR Project: Universal Math Converter BIB 1260-1264
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Ergonomic evaluation of computer games for visually impaired children BIB 1265-1269
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TACTOS: A Special Computer Interface for the Reading and Writing of 2D Forms in Blind People BIB 1270-1274
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Neural Implants for Artificially Generated Sensation and Feedback Control BIB 1275-1279
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Accessibility, Usability and Cognitive Considerations in Evaluating Systems with Users who are Blind BIB 1280-1284
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GUI Objects Represented by New Localized Sounds using HRTF BIB 1285-1289
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How Well Can We Read Equations to Blind Mathematics Students: Some Answers from Psychology BIB 1290-1294
  A. I. Karshmer; D. Gillan
Evaluating the Usability of a Screen Reader with Blind Users BIB 1295-1299
  H. Kurniawan; A. Sutcliffe
A Haptics Experiment in Assistive Technology for Undergraduate HCI Students BIB 1300-1304
  B. Liffick
A Shared Interface Model for Services Dedicated to Visual Impaired Pupils BIB 1305-1309
  C. Moulin; C. Lai; A. Pintus
Interaction of Visually Impaired Users in Virtual Environment with Spatial Sound Enhancement BIB 1310-1314
  V. Nemec; A. J. Sporka; P. Slavik
Mental-Map Creation Support System for Blind Person-Fusion of Verbal Message and Somesthetic Sense- BIB 1315-1319
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Experiments in Translating and Navigating Digital Formats for Mathematics (A Progress Report) BIB 1320-1324
  B. Palmer; E. Pontelli
Access to Mathematical Expressions in MathML for the Blind BIB 1325-1329
  M. Rotard; K. Bosse; W. Schweikhardt; T. Ertl
Haptic help for orientation in unknown environments BIB 1330-1334
  P. Sodren; S. Semwal
Automatic translator for mathematical Braille BIB 1335-1339
  M. Victor; D. Archambault
The Use of Design for All to Support Elderly Blind and Partially Sighted Users to Retain their Independence BIB 1340-1346
  G. Whitney
A Framework for Speech and Multimodal Interaction on Mobile Devices BIB 1347-1351
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Embodied Conversational Agents Research Questions and Applications BIB 1352-1356
  G. Bente; N. Kramer; H. Blens
Counting Fingers in Real Time: A Webcam-Based Human-Computer Interface with Game Applications BIB 1357-1361
  S. Crampton; M. Betke
Experiences with and lessons learned from working with a modular natural language dialogue architecture BIB 1362-1366
  N. Dahlback; A. Jonsson
A Virtual Showcase with Intuitive Hands-Free View Control BIB 1367-1371
  H. Dohi; M. Ishizuka
Emotionally-rich Man-machine Interaction Based on Ges-ture Analysis BIB 1372-1376
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Talking Tactile Diagrams BIB 1377-1381
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Multimodal Control Interface of a Nanohandling Robot in a Scanning Electron Microscope BIB 1382-1386
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Investigations into a Dual Modality P300 Based Brain-Computer Interface BIB 1387-1391
  C. Finucane; D. Burke; A. de Paor
Designing Systems that Make Use of Analogous Communication:a Distributed Cognition Perspective BIB 1392-1396
  D. Giordano
Artificial Intelligence to Enhance a Brain Computer Interface BIB 1397-1401
  P. Gnanayutham; C. Bloor; G. Cockton
Multimodal Interactions on Mobile Devices and Users' Behavioral and Attitudinal Preferences BIB 1402-1406
  L. Gong
Towards a Probabilistic Framework for Analogous Multi-Modal Human-Computer Interaction BIB 1407-1411
  O.-C. Granmo; V. Oleshchuk; M. Snaprud
Evaluation of User Responses to Partial Success of Multimodal Natural Language Interaction for Mobile Enterprise Applications BIB 1412-1416
  D. Grenville; C. Lu; A. Wichansky
Wearable Finger-Braille Interface for Navigation of Deaf-Blind in Ubiquitous Barrier-Free Space BIB 1417-1421
  M. Hirose; T. Amemiya
Iterative Statistical Language Model Generation for Use with an Agent-Oriented Natural Language Interface BIB 1422-1426
  B. Hodjat; H. Franco; H. Bratt; K. Precoda; A. Stolcke; A. Venkataraman; D. Vergyri; J. Zheng
What are the benefits of analogous communication in human computer interaction? BIB 1427-1431
  G. Kempter; K.-H. Weidmann; P. Roux
Facial expression analysis and synthesis: A survey BIB 1432-1436
  S. Krinidis; I. Buciu; I. Pitas
Information theoretic bit-rate optimization for average trial protocol Brain-Computer Interfaces BIB 1437-1441
  J. Kronegg; T. Alecu; T. Pun
Adaptation of Multimedia eBooks BIB 1442-1446
  I. Langer
Effects of grouping thumbnail images in visual search BIB 1447-1451
  H. Masuda; K. Go; A. Imamiya
Gaze-Based Interaction for Anyone, Anytime BIB 1452-1456
  T. Ohno; N. Mukawa
Navigation in multimedia documents for print disabled readers BIB 1457-1461
  H. Petrie; W. Fisher; A.-M. O'Neill; Y. di Segni; K. Gladstone; C. Rundle; L. Pyfers; O. van den Eijnde; G. Weber
Brain Computer Interface Cursor Measures for Motion-impaired and Able-bodied Users BIB 1462-1466
  A. Pino; E. Kalogeros; E. Salemis; G. Kouroupetroglou
Acceptable Download Times in the Mobile Internet BIB 1467-1471
  V. Roto; A. Kaikkonen
Immersive VR System "D-vision" for Universal Design BIB 1472-1476
  M. Sato; J. Ryu; H. Maruta; K. Akahane; M. Iwashita; N. Hashimoto; S. Hasegawa
Design Issues of Relief Maps for Haptic Displays BIB 1477-1481
  C. Springsguth; G. Weber
Using a Bicycle Interface for Interaction and Games BIB 1482-1486
  H. Thomas; R. White
Modeling Users with Special Reading Needs BIB 1487-1491
  K. Weimann
Instructing an Assembly Robot in Situated Natural Language and Gestures BIB 1492-1498
  J. Zhang; T. Baier; M. Huser
A software engineering workbench for modeling groupware activities BIB 1499-1503
  E. Adam; C. Kolski; R. Mandiau; E. Vergison
KWARESMI - Knowledge-based Web Automated Evaluation Tool with Reconfigurable Guidelines Optimization BIB 1504-1508
  A. Beirekdar; J. Vanderdonckt; M. Noirhomme-Fraiture
User Interface Reverse Engineering BIB 1509-1513
  L. Bouillon; J. Vanderdonckt
Euterpe revised BIB 1514-1518
  C. Chisalita; G. van der Veer; A. Malchanau; V. Braeckman
Moments of Significance - the meanings of event: enablement, initiation, completion BIB 1519-1523
  A. Dix; C. Chisalita; G. van der Veer
A Pattern-based Approach to User Interface Development BIB 1524-1528
  C. Pribeanu; J. Vanderdonckt
Localization Issues in Automated Usability Engineering BIB 1529-1533
  P. Rejmer; J. Vanderdonckt
A-Prompt: Promoting the Habituation of Accessible Web Authoring BIB 1534-1538
  C. Ridpath; J. Treviranus
Integration of Human-Computer Interaction in a Software Development Process BIB 1539-1543
  K. Sousa; E. Furtado
The impact of internationalisation on guidelines contents and usage BIB 1544-1548
  J. Vanderdonckt; A. Beirekdar
Who does what with whom in Web Development? BIB 1549-1554
  M. Winckler; P. Palanque; C. Farenc; M. S. Pimenta