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DUXU 2013: 2nd International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability, Part III: User Experience in Novel Technological Environments

Fullname:DUXU 2013: Second International Conference on Design, User Experience, and Usability, Part III: User Experience in Novel Technological Environments
Note:Volume 11 of HCI International 2013
Editors:Aaron Marcus
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada
Dates:2013-Jul-21 to 2013-Jul-26
Publisher:Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8014
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-39238-2 hcibib: DUXU13-3; ISBN: 978-3-642-39237-5 (print), 978-3-642-39238-2 (online)
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Webpage
  1. DUXU 2013-07-21 Volume 3
    1. Designing for Safe and Secure Environments
    2. Designing for Smart and Ambient Devices
    3. Designing for Virtual and Augmented Environments
    4. Emotional and Persuasion Design

DUXU 2013-07-21 Volume 3

Designing for Safe and Secure Environments

Rap Backs: Continuous Workforce Monitoring to Improve Patient Safety in Long-Term Care BIBAKFull-Text 3-9
  Fuad Abujarad; Sarah J. Swierenga; Toni A. Dennis; Lori A. Post
Join the Ride! User Requirements and Interface Design Guidelines for a Commuter Carpooling Platform BIBAKFull-Text 10-19
  Katrin Arning; Martina Ziefle; Heike Muehlhans
SustainDesign -- A Project with Young Creative People BIBAKFull-Text 20-29
  Roby Attisano
Using Virtual Reality to Examine Hazard Perception in Package Design BIBAKFull-Text 30-39
  Hande Ayanoglu; Francisco Rebelo; Emília Duarte; Paulo Noriega; Luís Teixeira
Multi-touch Based Standard UI Design of Car Navigation System for Providing Information of Surrounding Areas BIBAKFull-Text 40-48
  Jung-Min Choi
Designing Technology for Older People -- The Role of Technical Self-confidence in Usability of an Inclusive Heating Control BIBAKFull-Text 49-56
  Nicola Combe; David Harrison; Hua Dong
Effects of In-Car Navigation Systems on User Perception of the Spatial Environment BIBAKFull-Text 57-64
  Mehmet Göktürk; Ali Pakkan
Analysis and Evaluation of Wireless Ad Hoc Network Performance for a Disaster Communication Model and Scenarios BIBAKFull-Text 65-74
  Koichi Gyoda
Improving Management of Medical Equipment BIBAKFull-Text 75-84
  Yu Hao; Yida Gong; Young Mi (Christina) Choi
Safety of Natural Disasters BIBAKFull-Text 85-94
  Lamiaa F. Ibrahim; Reem Albatati; Samah Batweel; Rudainah Shilli; Mai Bakeer; Tsneem Abo Al Laban
Interaction Design Using a Child Behavior-Geometry Database BIBAKFull-Text 95-104
  Hiroyuki Kakara; Yoshifumi Nishida; Hiroshi Mizoguchi
Classifying Energy-Related Events Using Electromagnetic Field Signatures BIBAKFull-Text 105-111
  Anand S. Kulkarni; Karla Conn Welch
Department of Homeland Security Websites Uncoupled: An Evaluation of Online Counterterrorism and Security Information across Agencies BIBAKFull-Text 112-119
  Anna L. Langhorne
Development of an Unconventional Unmanned Coaxial Rotorcraft: GremLion BIBAFull-Text 120-129
  Feng Lin; Kevin Z. Y. Ang; Fei Wang; Ben M. Chen; Tong Heng Lee; Beiqing Yang; Miaobo Dong; Xiangxu Dong; Jinqiang Cui; Swee King Phang; Biao Wang; Delin Luo; Shiyu Zhao; Mingfeng Yin; Kun Li; Kemao Peng; Guowei Cai
Heuristic Evaluation of iCalamityGuide Application BIBAKFull-Text 130-139
  Aaron Marcus; Scott Abromowitz; Maysoon F. Abulkhair
The Driving Machine: Mobile UX Design That Combines Information Design with Persuasion Design BIBAKFull-Text 140-149
  Aaron Marcus; Scott Abromowitz
Human Error in Aviation: The Behavior of Pilots Facing the Modern Technology BIBAKFull-Text 150-159
  Isnard Thomas Martins; Edgard Thomas Martins; Marcelo Márcio Soares; Lia Giraldo da Silva Augusto
Breaking Technological Paradigms -- Sustainable Design in Air Transport Multi-mission BIBAKFull-Text 160-168
  Edgard Thomas Martins; Isnard Thomas Martins; Marcelo Márcio Soares
Ergonomics Aspects in Operators of the Electric Power Control and Operation Centers BIBAKFull-Text 169-178
  Miguel Melo; Luiz Bueno Silva; Ana Almeida; Francisco Rebelo
HALO the Winning Entry to the DARPA UAVForge Challenge 2012 BIBAKFull-Text 179-188
  Stephen D. Prior; Siu-Tsen Shen; Mehmet Ali Erbil; Mantas Brazinskas; Witold Mielniczek
Main Usability Issues in Using Virtual Environments for Older Population Warning Studies BIBAKFull-Text 189-198
  Lara Reis; Emília Duarte; Francisco Rebelo
Merging Two Worlds Together BIBAKFull-Text 199-204
  Alex Schieder
Are Emergency Egress Signs Strong Enough to Overlap the Influence of the Environmental Variables? BIBAKFull-Text 205-214
  Elisângela Vilar; Francisco Rebelo; Paulo Noriega; Luís Teixeira; Emília Duarte; Ernesto Filgueiras
Calculation of Areas of Permanence in Public Spaces, According to Solar Radiation Simulated Conditions BIBAKFull-Text 215-223
  Julie A. Waldron; Jorge H. Salazar

Designing for Smart and Ambient Devices

Design Methodology for Body Tracking Based Applications -- A Kinect Case Study BIBAKFull-Text 227-236
  Felipe Breyer; Bernardo Reis; Luis Arthur Vasconcelos; Aline Cavalcanti; João Marcelo Teixeira; Judith Kelner
Empowering Electronic Divas through Beauty Technology BIBAKFull-Text 237-245
  Katia Fabiola Canepa Vega; Hugo Fuks
An Empirical Study of the Characteristics of Interactive Projection Systems in Multi-media Exhibits BIBAKFull-Text 246-254
  Ting-Han Chen; Shiau-Yuan Du
Evaluation of Effects of Textures Attached to Mobile Devices on Pointing Accuracy BIBAKFull-Text 255-263
  Yoshitomo Fukatsu; Tatsuhito Oe; Yuki Kuno; Buntarou Shizuki; Jiro Tanaka
A Proposal for Optimization Method of Vibration Pattern of Mobile Device with Interactive Genetic Algorithm BIBAKFull-Text 264-269
  Makoto Fukumoto; Takafumi Ienaga
NUI-Based Floor Navigation -- A Case Study BIBAFull-Text 270-279
  Ulrich Furbach; Markus Maron
Capturing Nursing Interactions from Mobile Sensor Data and In-Room Sensors BIBAKFull-Text 280-289
  Sozo Inoue; Kousuke Hayashida; Masato Nakamura; Yasunobu Nohara; Naoki Nakashima
Creating Instantly Disappearing Prints Using Thermochromic Paint and Thermal Printer in an Interactive Art Installation BIBAKFull-Text 290-295
  Miu-Ling Lam
Fashioning Embodied Interfaces: Open Wearables Crafting BIBAKFull-Text 296-305
  Valérie Lamontagne
InTouch: Crossing Social Interaction with Perception BIBAKFull-Text 306-315
  Rung-Huei Liang; Wei-Ming Chung; Hsin-Liu Kao; Tsen-Ying Lin
A Pilot Study of the Intuitiveness of Smartphone Camera Interface for Elderly Users BIBAKFull-Text 316-323
  Hyunju Shin; DaeSung Ahn; Junghyun Han

Designing for Virtual and Augmented Environments

Sharing Kinetic Interactions for Mobile Devices BIBAKFull-Text 327-336
  Bashar Altakrouri; Darren Carlson; Andreas Schrader
Virtual Reality Immersion: An Important Tool for Diagnostic Analysis and Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities BIBAKFull-Text 337-344
  Helda O. Barros; Marcelo Márcio Soares; Epitácio L. Rolim Filho; Walter Correia; Fábio Campos
Virtual Reality Applied to the Study of the Interaction between the User and the Built Space: A Literature Review BIBAKFull-Text 345-351
  Alexana Vilar Soares Calado; Marcelo Márcio Soares; Fabio Campos; Walter Correia
Gestural, Emergent and Expressive: Three Research Themes for Haptic Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 352-361
  Jared Donovan; Gavin Sade; Jennifer Seevinck
Sense of Presence in a VR-Based Study on Behavioral Compliance with Warnings BIBAKFull-Text 362-371
  Emília Duarte; Francisco Rebelo; Luís Teixeira; Elisângela Vilar; Júlia Teles; Paulo Noriega
Interactive Shopping Experience through Immersive Store Environments BIBAKFull-Text 372-382
  Kunal Mankodiya; Rolando Martins; Jonathan Francis; Elmer Garduno; Rajeev Gandhi; Priya Narasimhan
Minimal Yet Integral -- Designing a Gestural Interface BIBAKFull-Text 383-392
  Martin Osen
Efficient Information Representation Method for Driver-Centered AR-HUD System BIBAKFull-Text 393-400
  Hyesun Park; Kyong-ho Kim
Towards Medical Cyber-Physical Systems: Multimodal Augmented Reality for Doctors and Knowledge Discovery about Patients BIBAFull-Text 401-410
  Daniel Sonntag; Sonja Zillner; Christian Schulz; Markus Weber; Takumi Toyama
Border Crosser BIBAKFull-Text 411-418
  Anke Tallig; Wolfram Hardt; Maximilian Eibl
Strategy for the Development of a Walk-In-Place Interface for Virtual Reality BIBAKFull-Text 419-426
  Luís Teixeira; Elisângela Vilar; Emília Duarte; Paulo Noriega; Francisco Rebelo; Fernando Moreira da Silva

Emotional and Persuasion Design

Exhibiting Emotion: Capturing Visitors' Emotional Responses to Museum Artefacts BIBAKFull-Text 429-438
  Genevieve Alelis; Ania Bobrowicz; Chee Siang Ang
Blinklifier: A Case Study for Prototyping Wearable Computers in Technology and Visual Arts BIBAKFull-Text 439-445
  Katia Fabiola Canepa Vega; Patricia J. Flanagan; Hugo Fuks
Emotional Experience and Interactive Design in the Workplace BIBAKFull-Text 446-454
  Kuo-Pin Chen; Wen-Huei Chou
A Study on Time Differences between Actual Advertisement Viewing and Retrospective Perception BIBAKFull-Text 455-464
  Miao-Hsien Chuang; Chiwu Huang
Semiotic Analysis for Gestural and Emotional Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKFull-Text 465-474
  Roman Danylak
Evaluating Emotional Responses to the Interior Design of a Hospital Room: A Study Using Virtual Reality BIBAKFull-Text 475-483
  Susana Dinis; Emília Duarte; Paulo Noriega; Luís Teixeira; Elisângela Vilar; Francisco Rebelo
Changing Eating Behaviors through a Cooking-Based Website for the Whole Family BIBAKFull-Text 484-493
  Marc Fabri; Andrew Wall; Pip Trevorrow
Design for Relaxation during Milk Expression Using Biofeedback BIBAKFull-Text 494-503
  Loe Feijs; Jeanine Kierkels; Nicolle H. van Schijndel; Marjolein van Lieshout
Designing Ludic Engagement in an Interactive Virtual Dressing Room System -- A Comparative Study BIBAKFull-Text 504-512
  Yi Gao; Eva Petersson Brooks
Humor Illustration Design, a Summary of Illustrations, Designs, and Projects BIBAKFull-Text 513-519
  Jochen Gasser
Increasing Trust in Personal Informatics Tools BIBAKFull-Text 520-529
  Luis G. Jaimes; Tylar Murray; Andrew Raij
Feed-In Tariff Personal Carbon Allowance: A Case Study of Psychological Change BIBAKFull-Text 530-539
  Takayoshi Kitamura; Asao Takamatsu; Hirotake Ishii; Hiroshi Shimoda
Positive Design: New Challenges, Opportunities, and Responsibilities for Design BIBAKFull-Text 540-547
  Anna Elisabeth Pohlmeyer
Tassophonics: Nanotechnology as the Magical Unknown BIBAKFull-Text 548-557
  Audrey Samson; Kristina Andersen
Engineering Awareness™: An e-Service Design Approach for Behavioral Change in Healthcare and Well-Being BIBAKFull-Text 558-567
  Alberto Sanna; Sauro Vicini; Sara Bellini; Ilaria Baroni; Alice Rosi
Designing a Product Satisfaction Model Using Customer Segmentation and Information Consolidation BIBAKFull-Text 568-577
  Meng-Dar Shieh
Design Matters: Mid-Term Results from a Multi-Design Fuel Economy Feedback Experiment BIBAKFull-Text 578-584
  Tai Stillwater; Kenneth S. Kurani
Running to Behavior Change BIBAKFull-Text 585-593
  Pip Trevorrow; Marc Fabri
Well-Being on the Go: An IoT Vending Machine Service for the Promotion of Healthy Behaviors and Lifestyles BIBAFull-Text 594-603
  Sauro Vicini; Sara Bellini; Alice Rosi; Alberto Sanna