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ACM 15th International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:15th International Conference on Systems Documentation
Note:Crossroads in Communication
Location:Salt Lake City, Utah
Dates:1997-Oct-19 to 1997-Oct-22
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-861-4; ACM Order Number 613970; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC97
Cognitive Strain as a Factor in Effective Document Design BIBAPDF 1-6
  Michael J. Albers
From Document Design to Information Design BIBAPDF 7-10
  Mark Baker; Carol Miksik
Moving Document Control Systems to the Corporate Intranet: One Company's Strategy BIBAPDF 11-16
  Bill Burns
CogentHelp: A Tool for Authoring Dynamically Generated Help for Java GUIs BIBAPDF 17-22
  David E. Caldwell; Michael White
Mobile Computing -- Beyond Laptops BIBAPDF 23-26
  Laura Cappelletti
Reconstructing Minimalism BIBAPDF 27-34
  John M. Carroll
Managing Hardcopy Documentation in a Multiplatform Environment BIBAPDF 35-37
  James E. Curtis
Using Productivity Metrics to Manage Documentation Projects BIBAPDF 39-44
  Glenn M. D'Amore
From Documenting Design to Design By Documenting BIBAKPDF 45-54
  Alberto Faro; Daniela Giordano
Defining the Roles of a Technical Communicator BIBAPDF 55-62
  Julie Fisher
Mobile Computing: A Fact in Your Future BIBPDF 63-67
  Larry Francis
Using User Centered Design Methods to Create and Design Usable Web Sites BIBAPDF 69-77
  Jeanette Fuccella
The Mythical Dream Interface: A Mythical Metaphoric Method for Redesigning an Interface BIBAPDF 79-91
  Malcolm Graham
Web Review: A Web-Based Documentation Review Tool BIBAPDF 93-98
  Robin Green
Online Documentation: The Next Generation BIBPDF 99-104
  JoAnn T. Hackos
Building Usability in from the Beginning: Analyzing Users and their Tasks BIBPDF 105-130
  JoAnn Hackos; Janice (Ginny) Redish
Managing Virtual Documents: Correctness by Design BIBAPDF 131-135
  Stephen L. Harris
From the Real Toward the Ideal: A Case Study in Virtual Document Development BIBAKPDF 137-144
  Jim Ingram
Familiar Contexts, New Technologies: Adapting Online Help to Simulate an Expert System BIBAPDF 145-151
  Hilari Kleine Jones
Usability Studies of WWW Sites: Heuristic Evaluation vs. Laboratory Testing BIBAPDF 153-160
  Laurie Kantner; Stephanie Rosenbaum
Inspection of Software Requirements Specification Documents: A Pilot Study BIBAKPDF 161-171
  Tereza G. Kirner; Janaina C. Abib
Designing Intentional Learning Environments BIBAPDF 173-180
  Margaret Martinez
User Centered Design in Action: Developing an Intelligent Agent Application BIBAPDF 181-188
  Jeanne Murray; David Schell; Cari Willis
Web Style Guides: Who, What, Where BIBAKPDF 189-197
  Kenneth R. Ohnemus
Order and Chaos: A Sociological Profile of TECHWR-L BIBAPDF 199-206
  Bruce A. Overby
Active Documentation: Wizards as a Medium for Meeting User Needs BIBAPDF 207-210
  Lori Phelps
How Electronic Outlining Can Help You Create Online Materials BIBPDF 211-221
  Jonathan Price
Navigation Issues in Hypertext: Documenting Complex Hierarchies with HTML Frames BIBAPDF 223-235
  Michael Priestley
Hypertext to Hypermedia and Beyond -- The Evolution Continues BIBAPDF 237-241
  Jeffrey Rowe
A Large-Scale Contents Publishing Architecture Based on Reliable Multicast BIBAPDF 243-247
  Teruji Shiroshita; Osamu Takahashi; Shizuo Shiokawa
Seven Graphic Sins BIBAPDF 249-254
  Ronald Shook
Add One Egg, A Cup of Milk, and Stir: Single Source Documentation for Today BIBAPDF 255-262
  Carl Stieren
TaskGuides: Instant Wizards on the Web BIBAPDF 263-272
  Doug Tidwell; Jeanette Fuccella
Designing Documentation for the Online Environment BIBAPDF 273-281
  Susan Topol; Frances Mueller Roach; Will Rhee
Declarative Information in Software Manuals: What's The Use? BIBAPDF 283-296
  Nicole Ummelen
Beyond the Rogue Writer: A Collaborative Model for Technical Documentation Production BIBPDF 297-300
  Melissa Whitney; Lisa Barnett
Extension of a Hypermedia System Using the External Anchor Management Method BIBAPDF 301-308
  Jun-ichi Yokosato; Satoshi Takeda; Yasuhiro Suzuki; Taiji Tsuchida
Applying Tufte's Principles of Information Design to Creating Effective Web Sites BIBAKPDF 309-317
  Beverly B. Zimmerman