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ACM 13th International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:13th International Conference on Systems Documentation
Note:Emerging from Chaos: Solutions for the Growing Complexity of Our Jobs
Location:Savannah, Georgia
Dates:1995-Oct-02 to 1995-Oct-04
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-713-8; ACM Order Number 613950; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC95
Performance Support: Online, Integrated Documentation and Training BIBAPDF 1-10
  William R. Bezanson
Technical Communicators' Current Views on Usability and Collaboration BIBAPDF 11-19
  Par Carlshamre; Joanna L. Tumminello
Publishing Online, A Commercial (Ad)Venture BIBAPDF 20-25
  Nancy Cooke; David McAllister
Creating an Elegant, Intuitive, User Interface BIBAPDF 26-33
  Mary Margaret Couse
Logistics of Integrating Online Help, Documentation, and Training: A Practical Example BIBAPDF 34-38
  R. Stanley Dicks; Scott Lind
Development of the AT&T PersonaLink Services Online Documentation System BIBAPDF 39-48
  Ronald L. Enfield
Contractor Management for the 90s and Beyond BIBAPDF 49-57
  Hugh J. Findlay
Webbed Documents BIBAPDF 58-62
  Malcolm Graham; Andrew Surray
Documentation Project Management: Some Problems and Solutions BIBAPDF 63-70
  Katherine Haramundanis
Real Information, Virtual Documents BIBAPDF 71-76
  Stephen L. Harris; James H. Ingram
Using the Internet to Send & Receive Documents & Automate the Office BIBAPDF 77-83
  Julie Jensen; Gregg Woodfin
Delivering a Large Information Database BIBAPDF 84-93
  Christina L. Klein
Integration of Information Development with Product Development BIBAPDF 94-100
  Brian Larmour; Roy MacLean
Developing Hardcopy and Online Information for OS/2 and Windows...and Other Impossibilities BIBAPDF 101-105
  Michelle Corbin Nichols; Chuck Jaynes; Randy Eckhoff
Implementing a Large Scale Windows Help System: Critical Success Factors and Lessons Learned BIBAPDF 106-115
  Kenneth R. Ohnemus
Hyperintelligence -- A Total Work Support Tool BIBAPDF 116-123
  Hironao Ozu; Taiji Tsuchida; Mikio Sasaki
On-Line Design for a Single-Sourced Document: Maintaining a Single Source for Online and Hardcopy Without Sacrificing Online Usability BIBAPDF 124-129
  Michael Priestley
The VisualAge C++ for OS/2 User's Guide: A Multi-Writer, Single-Sourcing Challenge BIBAPDF 130-137
  Michael Priestley; Laura Rintjema
The System is a Mirror: Turbulence and Information Technology BIBPDF 138-147
  Stuart Robbins
Preparing for ISO 9000 Registration: The Role of the Technical Communicator BIBAPDF 148-154
  Katie Schuler
Documentation Design Decisions: Accounting for Customer Preferences BIBAPDF 155-156
  Karl L. Smart; Kristen Bell DeTienne; Matthew E. Whitting
Towards a New Generation of Authoring Tools BIBAPDF 157-161
  Rick Sobiesak
The Electronic RFP: Changing the Way BIBAPDF 162-170
  Gail Thornburg
Personalized Information Structures II: Hyperstructure Hotlists BIBAKPDF 171-180
  Scott R. Tilley; Walter M. Lamia
Where Campus Meets the Internet: A Universally Accessible Online Documentation System BIBAPDF 181-188
  Susan Topol; Mark Smith; Suzanne Schluederberg
Creating Custom SGML DTDs for Documentation Products BIBAPDF 189-196
  Bradley C. Watson; Keith Shafer
Knowledge Acquisition and Representation Techniques in Scholarly Communication BIBAPDF 197-206
  Brian R. Gaines; Mildred L. G. Shaw