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ACM Twelfth International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:Twelfth International Conference on Systems Documentation
Note:Technical Communications at the Great Divide: From Computing to Information Technology
Location:Banff, Canada
Dates:1994-Oct-02 to 1994-Oct-05
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-681-6; ACM Order Number 613940; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC94
An Introduction to Mosaic and the World Wide Web for Technical Communicators BIBAPDF 1
  Kevin M. Cunningham
We Will Write No Online Before Its Time: Timing the Development of a Quality Online Help System to Minimize Panic and Save Costs BIBAPDF 2-5
  Bruce W. Knorr; Ann Zabriskie Norton
Reassessing the Documentation Paradigm: Writing for Print and Online BIBAPDF 6-9
  Karl L. Smart; Matthew E. Whiting
A Combined Project Planning Model for Documentation/Training at BNR BIBAPDF 10-16
  Glenn C. Russell
Untangling the World-Wide Web BIBAPDF 17-24
  Liam Relihan; Tony Cahill; Michael G. Hinchey
Implementing an Interface to Networked Services BIBAPDF 25-33
  Abdul Hanan Abdullah; Brian Gay
Object Help for GUIs BIBAPDF 34-38
  David Freeman
Joining the GUI Design Team: A Case Study BIBAPDF 39-43
  Leslie A. Johnson
Interoperability: Rethinking the Documentation Paradigm BIBAPDF 44-48
  Robbi Bean Killpack; Jaelynn Williams
Benefits of Implementing On-Line Methods and Procedures BIBAPDF 49-55
  Kenneth R. Ohnemus; Diana F. Mallin
Leading the Design Team -- The Evolution of the Technical Writer from a Support Role to a Design Role BIBAPDF 56-60
  Daniel K. Cunningham; Steven J. Reilly
Multimedia: Towards an Electronic Performance Support System BIBAPDF 61-65
  Ann Rockley
Telecommunicators and Telecommuters: Making Multiple-Site Documentation Projects Work BIBAPDF 66-75
  Katherine E. Drew
A Future for Professional Communicators in Software Engineering BIBAPDF 76-87
  John K. Horberg
Creating a CD-ROM from Scratch: A Case Study BIBAPDF 88-95
  Brian J. Thomas
Learners as Authors: Helping ESL Employees in a Canadian Bank Prepare Customer Relations and Documentation Material BIBAPDF 96-104
  Paul Beam; Diane Burke
Hands Drawing Each Other: CAL Help Tools as the Base for CAL Instruction BIBAPDF 105-114
  Paul Beam
Integrating Online Help, Documentation, and Training BIBAPDF 115-118
  R. Stanley Dicks
Zen and the Art of Learning Support: Combining Documentation, Training, and Online Help Functions for a Unique Organizational Approach to Information Development BIBAPDF 119-125
  Karen E. Goeller
A Development Process for Large Multimedia Titles BIBAPDF 126-138
  Mark Ryan; Rich Helms
Multi-Level Documentation of Organizational Architectures and Processes BIBAKPDF 139-144
  Rudolf K. Keller; Anurag Garg; Amin Noaman; Tao Tao
A Theory of Organization BIBAPDF 145-155
  Joseph I. B. Gonzales
Groupware Concept Mapping Techniques BIBAPDFHTML 156-165
  Rob Kremer; Brian R. Gaines
Active Documents Combining Multimedia and Expert Systems BIBAPDF 166-175
  Mildred L. G. Shaw; Brian R. Gaines
A Unified Approach to Indexing and Retrieval of Information BIBAPDF 176-181
  Kevin Cox
The Fate of Indexes in an Online World BIBAPDF 182-189
  Mary Jane Northrop
Building an Internet Resource for a Specialized Online Community BIBAPDF 190-197
  Rich Donnelly; Rick Hermann
Issues and Guidelines for Authoring a WWW Project: The SAS Experience BIBAPDF 198-199
  Lauren A. Bednarcyk; Curtis A. Yeo
Technical Communicators and System Developers Collaborating in Usability-Oriented Systems Development: A Case Study BIBAPDF 200-207
  Par Carlshamre
Bridging the Communication Gap in the Workplace with Usability Engineering BIBAPDF 208-212
  Desiree Sy
Multi-User Domains and Virtual Campuses: Implications for Computer-Mediated Collaboration and Technical Communication BIBAKPDF 213-219
  Brad Mehlenbacher; Beth Hardin; Chris Barrett; Jim Clagett
Information Ecologies and System Design: A Developmental Perspective on Mass Multimedia Networks BIBAPDF 220-226
  Menahem Blondheim
The Changing Roles of Educators: Using E-Mail, CD-ROM, and Online Documentation in the Technical Writing Classroom BIBAPDF 227-233
  Lynnette R. Porter
Developing a Hypertext Help System: A Cooperative Effort Between a Software Developer and a Technical Writer BIBAPDF 234-245
  Phil Herold; Carla Merrill
Traversing the Divide: Documentation Challenges of the 90s BIBAPDF 246-250
  Karl Smart; Matt Whiting; Freda Husic; Lisa Moore; Peter Orbeton