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ACM Eleventh International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:Eleventh International Conference on Systems Documentation
Note:Getting In Touch -- Staying In Touch: Moving Online and Multimedia Systems Into The Workplace
Location:Kitchener, Canada
Dates:1993-Oct-05 to 1993-Oct-08
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-360-1; ACM Order Number 613930; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC93
  1. Speaker Paper
  2. Research Papers
  3. Solution Sessions Abstracts

Speaker Paper

Writing on the World: The Role of Symbolic Communication in Graphic Computer Environments BIBAPDF 1-9
  Jay David Bolter

Research Papers

PLEXUS: A Hypermedia Architecture for Large-Scale Digital Libraries BIBAKPDF 11-20
  Robert M. Akscyn; Donald L. McCracken
Multimedia Intelligent Documentation: Metadoc V BIBAKPDF 21-27
  Craig Boyle; Swee Hor Teh
An Object-Oriented Toolkit for ODA and HyperODA BIBAKPDF 29-41
  H. Brown; F. C. Cole; E. A. Oxborrow
Documents are Programs BIBAPDF 43-55
  Tony Cahill; Michael G. Hinchey; Liam Relihan
A Multimedia Server for Remote Training: STIM BIBAPDF 57-63
  P. Camps; M. Jacob; P. Bazex; C. Bouysset
Standards: How They Can Make or Break the Success of Your Electronic Documentation Project BIBAPDF 65-70
  Leonor Ciarlone
A Windows-Based Help, Tutorial and Documentation System BIBAPDF 71-81
  Jean-Marie Comeau; Peter R. Milton
Integrating Documentation and Training via Multimedia BIBAPDF 83-88
  Victoria A. Hailey
Learnability in Technical Communications BIBAPDF 89-94
  Kathy Haramundanis
Guidelines for Multimedia Usage BIBAPDF 95-106
  Roberta Hartley
OSI Communication Services Supporting CSCW Applications BIBAPDF 107-115
  Bernd Heinrichs; Kai Jakobs
Ready. Fire!! Aim??? Visualization, Manifesto, Scenarios, and Requirements for the Future of Document Engineering BIBAPDF 117-134
  Jeffrey K. Holtzman
An On-Line Communication Print Service for the Demanding Client BIBAPDF 135-139
  Carla House; Dennis Quon
An Integrated Solution BIBAPDF 141-147
  Michelle Hutchinson; Ann Rockley
Information Organization in Multimedia Resources BIBAPDF 149-162
  Rick Kazman; John Kominek
HyperRef -- Online Support for Research Literature Assessment and Documentation BIBAKPDF 163-175
  Rudolf K. Keller; Anurag Garg; Tao Tao
Online Documentation: Evolution Rather than Revolution BIBAPDF 177-183
  Marilyn Kirschen
Wide-Area Distribution Issues in Hypertext Systems BIBAPDF 185-197
  Cesare Maioli; Stefano Sola; Fabio Vitali
An Interactive Online Process for Developing and Producing Policy and Procedure Documentation BIBAPDF 199-207
  Elwin N., Jr. McKellar; Ginger Dwyer; Thomas LaJeunesse; Jeffrey Liimatta; Diana Risdon
Software Usability: Choosing Appropriate Methods for Evaluating Online Systems and Documentation BIBAKPDF 209-222
  Brad Mehlenbacher
One Proven Methodology for Designing Robust Online Help Systems BIBAPDF 223-232
  Angela Patrick; Andy McGurgan
GNU Info: A Decade of Hypertext Experience BIBAPDF 233-240
  Roland H. Pesch
Constructing Reality: A Comparative Analysis of Print Media Interpretations of Messages Regarding Technological Risk BIBAPDF 241-257
  Douglas A. Powell; Norman R. Ball; Mansel W. Griffiths
Formal Methods for Evaluating Information Retrieval in Hypertext Systems BIBAPDF 259-272
  Yuri Quintana; Mohamed Kamel; Rob McGeachy
Putting Large Documents Online BIBAPDF 273-281
  Ann Rockley
From Ground Zero to Multimedia Product Support: A Real World Example of a Phased Transition to Online Information BIBAPDF 283-292
  Mimi Saffer; Dee Stribling; Jesse Chavis
Practical Content Analysis Techniques for Text-Retrieval in Large, Un-Tagged Text-Bases BIBAPDF 293-299
  Ray Siemens
Document Structure Extraction for Interactive Document Retrieval Systems BIBAPDF 301-310
  Kazuo Sumita; Kenji Ono; Seiji Miike
Postcards: Hypermedia for the Travel Industry BIBAPDF 311-324
  T. Tejani; V. Konstantinou; P. Morse
Personalized Information Structures BIBAKPDF 325-337
  Scott R. Tilley; Michael J. Whitney; Hausi A. Muller; Margaret-Anne D. Storey
Hypertext Syllabi in Cognitive Science BIBAPDF 339-344
  Saul Traiger
HyperFrame: A Hypermedia Framework for Integration of Engineering Applications BIBAPDF 345-355
  Taiji Tsuchida; Hironobu Abe; Mikio Sasaki

Solution Sessions Abstracts

Information Sharing: Collaborating Across the Networks BIBAPDF 361-362
  Phyllis S. Galt; Susan B. Jones
The Eurobridge Service Platform -- An Approach to Integrated Multimedia BIBAPDF 363-365
  Bernd Heinrichs; Kai Jakobs
Examples: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and How to Identify Them at a Glance BIBAPDF 367-368
  Lori E. Kaplan
Working Alone: Finding Surrogate Coworkers on the Nets BIBAPDF 369
  Laura Praderio
Information Retrieval from Hypertext Documents BIBAPDF 371-372
  Yuri Quintana; Rob McGeachy; Mohamed Kamel
The Heartbreak of Online Documentation; What's a Technical Communicator to Do? BIBAPDF 373-374
  Leo Sell
The SIGDOC'93 Electronic Mail File Server BIBAPDF 375
  Sanjay Singh
Personalized Information Structures BIBAPDF 377-378
  Scott R. Tilley; Michael J. Whitney; Hausi A. Muller; Margaret-Anne D. Storey
Maintaining Document and Project Quality using Checklists BIBAPDF 379
  Gordon Varney
Multimedia: From Novice to Expert (Almost) BIBAPDF 381-382
  Carol Wiest; Dov Lungu