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ACM Tenth International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:Tenth International Conference on Systems Documentation
Note:Going Online: The New World of Multimedia Documentation
Location:Ottawa, Canada
Dates:1992-Oct-13 to 1992-Oct-16
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-532-1, 0-89791-533-X (ppk); ACM Order Number 613920; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC92
Electronic Documentation System: Using Automated Hypertext Techniques for Technical Support Services BIBAPDF 1-6
  V. Konstantinou; P. Morse
A Critical Assessment of the Minimalist Approach to Documentation BIBAPDF 7-17
  Hans van der Meij
Internationalizing Online Information BIBAPDF 19-25
  Carla Kary Merrill; Marjorie Shanoski
Developing Hypertext Documents for an International Audience BIBAPDF 27-34
  Elizabeth S. Spragins
Navigating Online Information: A Characterization of Extralinguistic Factors that Influence User Behavior BIBAKPDF 35-46
  Brad Mehlenbacher
Test Early, Test Often: A Formative Usability Kit for Writers BIBAPDF 47-55
  Sophie Kohn Kaminsky
A Multimedia and Multisource Document Editor of an Open Architecture BIBAKPDF 57-62
  Jin-Kun Lin
A Multiple Presentation Document Management System BIBAPDF 63-71
  Augusto Celentano; Silvano Pozzi; Donato Toppeta
Online Information and Reduced Interval in Publishing: Impact on the Information Developing Cycle BIBAPDF 73-77
  Peter Fournier
Seven (Plus or Minus Two) Things to Remember about Producing Multimedia Documentation BIBAPDF 79-86
  John Johnson; Catherine Titta
Converting to Online: A Case History BIBAPDF 87-95
  Anne Harrington
Online Help: Exploring Static Information or Constructing Personal and Collaborative Solutions Using Hypertext BIBAPDF 97-101
  Dickie Selfe; Stuart Selber; Dan McGavin; Johndan Johnson-Eilola; Carol Brown
Monitoring User Actions in the Hypertext System "HyperMan" BIBAPDF 103-113
  A. Myka; U. Guntzer; F. Sarre
CODEDOCs: Executable Documents for Documenters: The End of the Passive User Guide BIBAPDF 115-119
  Philip Buxton; Peter Fournier; Peter Sturgeon
User Information Processing Strategies and Online Visual Structure BIBAPDF 121-128
  Elizabeth Keyes; Robert Krull
Choosing a Medium for Your Message: What Determines the Choice of Delivery Media for Technical Documentation? BIBAPDF 129-133
  Harry J. Saddler; Lori E. Kaplan
A Method for Editing Visual Components of Multimedia Documentation BIBAPDF 135-143
  Kristin Dukay; Patricia Locke; Charles Tyrone
Standardization: Problems of Interchange and Delivery of Documentation Online BIBAPDF 145-147
  Dale Dougherty
Linking Object Oriented Database and Hypertext to Support Software Documentation BIBAPDF 149-156
  Bing Wang; Peter Hitchcock; Tony Holden
Graph-Based Retrieval of Information in Hypertext Systems BIBAPDF 157-168
  Yuri Quintana; Mohamed Kamel; Andrew Lo
Online Help: A Part of Documentation BIBAPDF 169-174
  Susan D. Goodall
Online Reading and Offline Tradition: Adapting Online Help Facilities to Offline Reading Strategies BIBAPDF 175-182
  Alfons Maes; Sandra Goutier; Erik-Jan van der Linden
Down-Sizing in DOS: Multi-Media as Inexpensive, Omnipresent and User-Based BIBAPDF 183-190
  Paul Beam
Prototyping: Tools and Techniques: Improving Software and Documentation Quality through Rapid Prototyping BIBAPDF 191-199
  Michael Thompson; Nina Wishbow
Technical Writers and the Business of Writing Design Documents for Complex, Reactive Systems BIBAPDF 201-210
  Don Cameron
Documenting Software Systems with Views BIBAKPDF 211-219
  Scott R. Tilley; Hausi A. Muller; Mehmet A. Orgun
To Link or Not to Link: An Empirical Comparison of Hypertext Linking Strategies BIBAPDF 221-231
  Craig Boyle; Swee Hor Teh
Helping Users Navigate in Multimedia Documents: The Affective Domain BIBAPDF 233-236
  Marcia Peoples Halio
Low-Cost Audio/Visual Presentation Enabler BIBAPDF 237-243
  Robert A. Pascoe
Variable Degrees of Multimedia Implementation and Their Impact on Network Elements BIBAPDF 245-252
  Richard Bence; Jody Fraser; Laura Linser
The Right Tool for the Job: A Quest for the Perfect Authoring Package BIBAPDF 253-258
  Jeffrey N. Agnew; George A. Palmer
The Use of Icons to Aid User Orientation in Windows Help Files BIBAPDF 259-264
  Rebecca C. Hall
Applying Object-Oriented Concepts to Documentation BIBAPDF 265-271
  Sky Matthews; Carl Grove
The Rhetoric of an Online Document Retrieval System BIBAPDF 273-280
  Carol M. L. Lee
Informal Usability Testing: A Strategy for User Involvement BIBAPDF 281-288
  Kathy Haramundanis
Prospects for Active Help in OnLine Documentation BIBAPDF 289-296
  Tom Carey; Blair Nonnecke; John Mitterer
Towards a Canonical Specification of Document Structures BIBPDF 297-307
  Michael G. Hinchey; Tony Cahill
Developing a Hypertext Productivity Tool from a Hardcopy Programmer's Reference BIBAPDF 309-312
  Victoria A. Hailey; Dov Lungu; Sheila Thompson
Beyond Hypertext: Knowledge Management for Technical Documentation BIBAPDF 313-321
  Timothy C. Lethbridge; Doug Skuce
Online with a Mainframe: Moving the Mountain to the Microcomputer BIBAPDF 323-327
  Julie S. McDuffee