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ACM Ninth International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:Ninth International Conference on Systems Documentation
Location:Chicago, Illinois
Dates:1991-Oct-10 to 1991-Oct-12
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-452-X; ACM Order Number 613910; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC91
  1. Pre-Conference Workshop
  2. Usability and Literacies
  3. Online Tools to Solve Documentation Problems
  4. Documentation Complexities
  5. Hypertext: The First Chapter
  6. The Architecture of Information
  7. Technology into Text
  8. What to do With Interview Data
  9. Measurements and Metaphors
  10. Documentation Departments, Part II
  11. Practical Quality Measurement for Publications
  12. Hypertext: The Second Chapter
  13. Task Analysis

Pre-Conference Workshop

Teaching User Documentation by Modular Decomposition BIBAPDF 1-2
  John R. Talburt; W. Steve Anderson

Usability and Literacies

Helping the User Retrieve Data from a CD-ROM BIBAPDF 3-4
  Susan Feinberg
An Experiment in Teaching Online Searching to College Students BIBAPDF 5-11
  Eva M. Thury

Online Tools to Solve Documentation Problems

OLH: An On-Line Help Facility for Managing Multiple Document Types in their Native Formats in a Distributed Environment BIBAPDF 12-20
  Kevin M. Cunningham
Online Help in the Real World BIBAPDF 21-29
  Susan D. Goodall
INFO: A Simple Documentation Annotation Facility BIBAKPDF 30-36
  Scott Tilley; Hausi Muller

Documentation Complexities

Preparing for the Inevitable: Localizing Computer Documentation BIBAPDF 37-43
  Nancy Hoft
SUPER: Documentation and Training BIBAPDF 44-48
  Ivan Maffezzini; Sylvie Dumas; Bernard Weber
Procedure Writing Across Domains: Nuclear Power Plant Procedures and Computer Documentation BIBAPDF 49-58
  Douglas R. Wieringa; David K. Farkas

Hypertext: The First Chapter

Important Issues in Hypertext Documentation Usability BIBAPDF 59-66
  Flerence M. Fillion; Craig D. B. Boyle
Hardcopy to Hypertext: Putting a Technical Manual Online BIBAPDF 67-72
  Vicki Coleman

The Architecture of Information

A System for Classification and Control of Information in the Computer Aided Cooperative Workplace BIBAPDF 73-77
  M. Carl Drott
The Hidden Path: Indexing in Information Management BIBAPDF 78-82
  Chris Hallgren

Technology into Text

Documenting a Scientific Visualization Tool BIBPDF 83-87
  Neal W. Johnston
The First IBM Computer Operations Manual and IBM's 1953 Entry into Electronic Digital Computers BIBAPDF 88
  R. John Brockmann

What to do With Interview Data

The Challenge of Translating User Data into Workable Documents BIBAPDF 89-94
  Jennie Dautermann

Measurements and Metaphors

A Metric for Hypertext Usability BIBAKPDF 95-104
  Elmamoun M. Babiker; Hiroko Fujihara; Craig D. B. Boyle
A Homunculus in the Computer? BIBAPDF 105
  R. John Brockmann
Multiple Methods and the Usability of Interface Prototypes: The Complementarity of Laboratory Observation and Focus Groups BIBAPDF 106-112
  Patricia Sullivan

Documentation Departments, Part II

TechWriters: The Next Generation: Distributed Systems and the Changing Roles of Technical Communicators BIBAPDF 113-118
  Phyllis S. Galt; Susan B. Jones
Documentation: Dispersed? or Centralized? BIBAPDF 119-124
  Ronald S. Iseri; Katherine Stevens
Quality is Relative: Quality as a Function of Historical Paradigm BIBAPDF 125
  R. John Brockmann

Practical Quality Measurement for Publications

Reader Opinion Cards as a Measure of Customer Satisfaction BIBAPDF 126-134
  Carol Tyler
Ten Steps to Usability Testing BIBAPDF 135-139
  Marion Hansen

Hypertext: The Second Chapter

Text in Context: Writing Online Documentation for the Workplace BIBAPDF 140-148
  Roger D. Theodos

Task Analysis

Using Task Analysis in Documentation Field Research BIBAPDF 149-153
  Kent Sullivan
Comparing MIS and User Views about Task Needs BIBAPDF 154-158
  Barbara Mirel
Case Study of Phone Survey for Customer Satisfaction BIBAPDF 159-167
  Connie Brown