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ACM Sixth International Conference on Systems Documentation

Fullname:Sixth International Conference on Systems Documentation
Location:Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dates:1988-Oct-16 to 1988-Oct-18
Standard No:ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: DOC88; ISBN 0-89791-336-1; ACM Order Number 613880
Ban the Book? Interactive Documentation and the Writer's Responsibility for the Human/Machine Interface BIBA 5-12
  Liora Alschuler; Debra Schneider
Bridging the Moat: Helping Training and Documentation to Work Together BIBA 13-18
  R. Dennis Walters
Case Study: Reorganizing the Document Production Unit BIBA 19-24
  Gerald McCartney
Communicating with Icons as Computer Commands BIBA 25-33
  Philip Rubens; Robert Krull
Documentation Project Management (from Both Sides) BIBA 35-39
  Alice Powers McElhone
Documentation -- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly BIBA 41-46
  John Minor Ross
Expectations and Experiences with Hypercard: A Pilot Study BIBA 47-56
  Ted Smith; Steve Bernhardt
Guesswork and Common Sense: The Alphabetic Reference Design Process for Microsoft Works BIBA 57-61
  Rick Grimm
An Integrated Approach to Documentation Retrieval Using a SPIRES Database BIBA 63-68
  Suzanne Schluederberg
Is Universal Document Exchange in Our Future? BIBA 69-73
  Louis M. Gomez; Donald F. Pratt; Mark R. Buckley
Justifying the Cost of New Computers for Documentation BIBA 75-79
  Donald F. Pratt
Letting Software Engineers Do Software Engineering or Freeing Software Engineers from the Shackles of Documentation BIBA 81-91
  Benson H. Scheff; Tom Georgon
Managing Economics with Desktop Publishing BIBA 93-100
  Lisa Ruffolo; Susan Smith
The Novice User Enters the Discourse Community: Implications for Technical Writers BIBA 101-110
  Karla Saari Kitalong
SYMPLE, An Icon-Based Computer Language BIBA 111-119
  Erwind Earl Blount
Textual and Visual Access to a Computer by People Who Know Nothing About It BIBA 121-133
  Patricia Baggett; Andnrzej Ehrenfeucht
Twentieth-Century American Poetry: Proposal for a HyperCourse BIBA 135-143
  John M. Slatin
Writing Computer Documentation in English for International Users BIBA 145-151
  Jo-Anne Tanenbaum